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  1. I would extend his contract , great player who can pass with both feet
  2. You missed a great day and well done to Johnny Meynell and all the people involved ,the players were great and to complete the day got photo taken with Paul Hendrie and my mates,
  3. Hope you get well and have a speedy recovery from myself and my boring mates
  4. eddie


    Can he ride a push bike
  5. eddie

    Home run

    Not if your sat next to Chadders
  6. Think it was against Eastleigh when he got back and made a great tackle only for the clown of a ref to give a penalty, he always worked hard with who was playing right back ,
  7. Last seen in Costa in the Trinity centre, Leeds
  8. I don't think 1 Liverpool fan would have been peed off with what they saw,
  9. Played great football in a massive game,
  10. Yes and one of them is now a city fan
  11. Remember getting to the Shay early with my mum and sister to get our usual seats , great day and the pitch was in perfect condition
  12. Did you think he got pulled back and it should have been a penalty or you didn't you go to the game
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