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  1. Yes but 2 are make shift and we're already picking up knocks and season hasn't started, would also like another striker
  2. Who are the 5 I see Benn has a full back ,think he played that when on loan last season,Maher a midfielder
  3. When Brown was injured last season our form dropped because we didn't have cover and had to put midfielder in his place
  4. It's called Netflix and treats , that's what I told nurse when she said my colestrol was high.
  5. Some season ticket holders might not have a laptop to watch the game on or don't want to do it, going to the Shay is about meeting people as well as watching the game, we should be given a choice . Some fans might need their money back so they can pay for streaming games , some fans won't have stopped working a wiil have a normal wage, others will have been on furlough and have lost 20% of their wage and unfortunately some might have lost their jobs.
  6. We don't know what will happen but I don't want to use season ticket for streaming games I would rather pay . We don't know when we will be allowed to the Shay but if it's for half the games then the club can work out next seasons ticket prices with a discount for the games we were unable to attend.
  7. eddie


    We're hard up north
  8. If you place your order with Mr C don't expect a pint every game he doesn't turn up himself half the time (# part time charles)
  9. I would rather put £10 in the pot and watch it in pub, not sure if I would pay to watch it at home
  10. Who's going to order your pint at half time
  11. Where can you get BT sports for £7 a month?
  12. eddie


    No good if injured, and last season we needed another to push Brown and Clarke and cover when injured or suspended
  13. eddie


    Brown missed a lot of games last season
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