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  1. eddie

    Martial Law

    Expensive chocolate for people with money ,
  2. eddie


    Wash your hands before and after touching or any other parts of your body that might come into contact with the objects
  3. Why didn't anyone report the party, I read the other day that police broke up a karaoke party at a house with 25 people there
  4. eddie

    Old threads

    Didnt think they make friers that big
  5. According to wiki she lives in London, but I thought that she was down hebden
  6. eddie


    Wish he would invest 35m with the shaymen
  7. Don't have a Grandad unfortunately he passed away many years ago
  8. I go to footy ,wife goes shopping and it's worked for 28 years
  9. Always enjoyed watching a good crash
  10. You must have got your letter from the Queen if yours 20 years older than Chadders
  11. You will be ok in supermarket
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