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  1. How many more times its not generally accepted, just admit you was wrong and get over it
  2. But not generally accepted, especially at zoom quiz night
  3. Generally accepted within the club
  4. They will have to put youth keeper on bench, rules are rules and if they don't like then give it to us
  5. The government have agreed with the FA that from the 4th of July Huddersfield Town can visit other teams penalty areas if they feel safe to do so
  6. Exeter to go up, be a nice trip for Huddersfield next season
  7. Wouldn't wish that on anyone
  8. Speak for yourself
  9. Will let you know Friday and hopefully 1 of the group will have stopped sulking, but don't think he will have stopped drinking his m&s wine
  10. Glad you wasn't in our zoom quiz, it was bad enough with just 1 person not accepting the answer
  11. Least he's got hair to wash baldy baldy
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