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  1. You could start by visiting the Shay, it would be cheaper
  2. Why didn't you mark him,
  3. eddie


    It's a 2 year course at college
  4. Black boots only, either adidas world cup or puma king
  5. How does that stop us from conceding from set pieces
  6. Only 1 of those players was signed by Wild, like he said 85% of budget was used by previous manager
  7. Think injuries have stopped us from playing the 4 players you have mentioned
  8. Every time you watch a game with your mate, it ends in a defeat
  9. eddie

    Jonny Edwards

    Was that like Matty B and Shaykehands when signing do a AFC Halifax
  10. Think you need new mates
  11. You need to get a job or a life
  12. Could be Kit he's got silver hair
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