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  1. If it doesn't work out for them they will get paid off and other clubs will be after them
  2. He would have brought in Lenighan to cover the injured Maher
  3. Before your time, that's the funniest joke you've ever come out with
  4. It's a good offer and Oldham are away at Plymouth so hope a few will pop over the border to see PW
  5. Get some posters put up in pubs in the town centre like we did for season tickets
  6. Are you looking towards bradford or hudds
  7. Huddersfield only got 16 points last season
  8. eddie


    Bolton take over has fallen through ,not looking good for them
  9. eddie


    Think we do on match days
  10. Just glad that we now get updates on the players
  11. eddie


    Bury ex chairman offer has been turned down by the current chairman, he's looking for a better deal.
  12. eddie


    Give them some credit,it will have sidecar for the 3 of them although 1 is a town fan
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