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  1. nw3casc1 had a team that would have lost
  2. Is this paying fans and not including volunteers and pitch forkers
  3. No but it’s a good excuse to go in shed with radio and flask
  4. That’s what I told wife and garden gate is a project and in its 3rd year I can’t decide what sort of wood to use.
  5. You will be oldest coach in the league
  6. Clarke would have cleared it unlike Stones
  7. Shelf has 1 with big green bank to sit on
  8. eddie


    Won’t we need 2 extra to make it 24 again not sure what’s happening with Macc
  9. Mo Salah is left footed and plays on the right. Can’t believe I compare you with Salah
  10. eddie

    Micah Obiero

    Is that to stop you drinking too much at home
  11. Try get that into a song
  12. To me it looked like we went 5 at back and lost midfield battle
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