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  1. Mine arrived today, top quality.
  2. Hi, has anyone had a similar experience, I ordered my Yeovil £4.00 online programme on Saturday the 10 th October, thinking it would arrive on Tuesday 13 October the match day of Yeovil , thinking its a cost of last seasons price of £3.00, so paying 1st class signed for delivery) yet yesterday Friday the 16th October I receive an email to say it has been dispatched,could anyone who as purchased one previously say this is the normal waiting time for one to arrive. thanks
  3. I’ve no smart tv, but have an Amazon fire stick, that I downloaded Amazon Silk to, all perfect last Tuesday.
  4. Very good quality picture,but is the camera able to zoom in or not
  5. Buffered for me also on a top virgin package, wouldn’t work on my laptop on safari, but good on my 2 iPads , one being quite new and one pretty old, did a quick google chrome to update on laptop and then all good on big tv , very impressed with everything tonight, good performance
  6. I purchased 2 season tickets and got 2 codes on Saturday
  7. I’ve got 2 streaming codes i paid for 2 season tickets to watch the games in the ground as I have done for 14 years, I don’t want to stream , I want the match day experience of meeting my my Shaymen friends before and after the game, I think this is a very important for our match day fans
  8. If I have purchased a season ticket, to attend home games, and want to stream, will I receive a season ticket refund and be able to purchase a season stream ticket,
  9. Sorry if I have missed something, will streaming be on the shaymen player or on You Tube
  10. pen21

    No fans

    2 adult season tickets bought from one household is a lot of money lost, if we were to watch the same stream
  11. Is the luck winner still ongoing for every 50 or was it 100 tickets sold
  12. Yes, I agree, most people on the coach do attend in a pair of two , but cost of travel is the second alternative to safety
  13. If we are allowed entrance to away games, would the coach run
  14. Not one for watching morning tv, but if you can find the, ,This Morning ITV Programme from this Tuesday 8 September ,fast forward to the Allan Sugar bit, he’s got his opinion, ??!
  15. pen21


    Any idea were to get a condensed printable version, one on website 4 pages long
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