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  1. Gone for a Pint of Cider
  2. Just be aware when purchasing tickets for away games, even though you can pick your seat, most grounds don’t adhere to you sitting in the seat number you purchased,and allow anyone to sit anywhere, so if you get in late you may have a poor view seat.
  3. No I didn’t get my money back on the remainder of the games left
  4. If anyone who has had a face mask delivered, could they share the cost of the postage stamp on the envelope, postage is postage , nothing to do with the product price.
  5. 2nd class signed for £1.95 Royal Mail up to 100grams, 3 day delivery
  6. Hi, re Track & trace, if anyone wants to avoid this, how many people have 2 mobile phones , I think many will, but also what about the few with old Nokia’s with no Apps
  7. Hi, could someone give a simple explanation of how this works please
  8. I think 5 monthly payments, gives the suggestion the season ticket will be £250.00
  9. Does anyone know how much these are selling for and we’re have they been previously
  10. pen21

    Ron Thrower

    Mary Mclerg, lived in a bungalow, just off Ovenden Way, she was very outspoken, but very friendly when I worked in her property
  11. pen21

    Gary Wilby

    Try Lee Wilby on Facebook
  12. pen21


    I think the shirt orders are held until they get a bulk amount to order from Adidas, witch I think is totally wrong, if you order on the 1st of the month, and 14 day delivery, (that you are paying for, )you should have it delivered by the 15/ 16 at the latest, correct me if I am wrong
  13. Danny lives at the top of ploughcroft, just along swalesmoor road, the big farm house with the large hanger for his helicopter
  14. Danny from the mink farm, I believe he buys farmhouses from around the uk, can often be seen coming home in his helicopter around 5 o clock ish most days
  15. Jerry Conroy owned the queen vic in northowram in the 80s@ early 90, anybody remember him
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