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  1. pen21

    club shop

    will the shop at the ground be open on saturday
  2. pen21


    Please, ( sorry if being a pain) please can we have the whole of the south stand open, its time to remove the plastic barriers, it’s getting crammed behind goal area , fans must agree, and exiting at the end of the game, is so slow , what if there is a fire drill, so , let’s all agree, and anybody’s knowledge of getting this implicated, via the council or Mr Bosomeorth could help
  3. pen21


    It’s about time, the south stand could be fully opened, and not all penned in, in the middle
  4. As I have previously stated in another thread, Calderdale council met with the club this morning, now 12 hours have passed and the result of the meeting was that FC Halifax Town would give the result as ASAP , with no news, it’s likely there will be no home friendly on Saturday
  5. Announcement Salford home calderdale council had a meeting this morning with FC Halifax Town and it is now up to Town to give the result of it a
  6. pen21


    Does anyone have info about car parking, it’s been a while, since my last visit, and there was a big car park, but wondered if anyone new, weather it was now permit along the Newlands, the road leading to the ground, as it was being developed for new housing, on my last visit
  7. Not really relevant to the thread, but regarding shop, does anyone know how to get the 10% discount on shirts, by becoming a supporters club member
  8. Anyone got any pictures of the back of the shirt
  9. Great looking shirt,, anyone know how to get the discount off it, from becoming a supporters club member when ordering online or at Harvey’s
  10. Can the supporters club membership number, be entered to receive the 10% discount at the checkout
  11. pen21

    Pitch Partners

    Is the hospitality for 10 people all season, or just for 10 people for 10 matches
  12. remember going to rhyl on the supporters coach, great banter all the way, some young lads had the mick taken out of them, with the threat of them not having there passport , to enter Wales, plus, Kit putting his blow up sheep on the pitch at half time, happy days,
  13. Not too sure, but aren’t 2 more teams to be added to the north and south leagues
  14. Wouldn’t get to excited about the scarf, it will probably be a plain unbranded blue & white bar type
  15. What do you have to do, to win the season ticket
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