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  1. Yeah no worries mate - Will keep you updated.
  2. My mate who does that half time draw has done a few flags before for us lads in the South Stand - Can ask him about it? I know he was looking at a massive one to go partly across the Skircoat for Sinnott.
  3. I know Tom who does all the highlights VERY well. He single handedly does all the editing for all of our videos. Doesn't leave the ground until 7 - 7:30 on a matchday to ensure that we all get the interviews as soon as we can. He's probably been there until 7pm tonight. I know we pay for these but he has moved house at the start of January and still has no internet, so he's struggling with uploading things at the moment. I don't doubt that he will have things back to normal soon. Plus, he works full time during the week. Does this in his spare time. If it carries on i'll give him a belt around the head. Don't worry
  4. I understand the whole yellow step rule and people trying to come up the stairs getting blocked etc and having to walk around but the drum usually is put up just before kick off when most are already in the stand. Our stewards can't make their mind up whether their happy with the drum or not. If there has "always been an issue with where it is" as one steward told me, then they should have told us before hand to move it, first home game of the season, not now.
  5. I'm away for weekend so won't be there tomorrow but will try get everyone back at the top mate
  6. We spoke to the club a while a go about this and the decision straight away was a giant no. Couple of reasons, health and safety been one and increased rewarding costs (I use that term while confused) been another.
  7. Drum is fine now! Has been fine anyway it's just that the skin come off at one side so ripped it all off and were now using the other side! Fantastic from PW to offer to fund repair costs though! We also have another drum in the reception area of the skircoat that apparently had been there ages which we haven't used before so gonna see what that is like!
  8. It was on my Snapchat, don't know what your expecting Mr Stats
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