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  1. Still raging at that performance we rolled over and had our bellies tickled. first 3 goals all free headers in and around our 6 yard box, before Staunton did his best to them set up their 4th. Referee was typical southern biast who could not wait to book our players for exactly the same thing he had let go for Bromley on more than 1 occasion including Booking JBW for kicking the ball at the hoarding. Linesman was even worse never wanted to get involved unless telling JBW to come back for thrown ins, 3rd goal looked miles offside id be shocked if that was on, and 4th also questionable. No excuse for our performance, few players really need to look at themselves, Staunton’s performance was one of the worst i have seen in a town shirt for a very long time.
  2. Really frustrating game again yesterday and Pete Wild is not without his share of the blame in my view, 3 home games on the bounce without ever looking like we would score. They is no reason at all why we could not play with 2 strikers in any of them games. Problem for me is the 2 defensive mids far too deep and not actually moving enough to get the ball off team mates looking for a pass how many times did the full backs have the ball and have no option to pass to? You have them dropping deep to come get the ball of Staunton who was playing in that position so why?? Nolan offers absolutely nothing when its on us to attack, the games we lost against 10 men he went into hiding and I thought he did that again today shows no effort to get the ball off teammates or win it back from the opposition, Maher put more effort and challenges in after 2 minutes of being on.
  3. Can be easily forgotten how bad he was when he 1st signed, playing with Hamza Bencheriff, both looked slow and unfit. Browny looked a completely different player when Aspin left.
  4. Scroll down abit on the clubs twitter if u have it.
  5. Was quite simply a disgrace and felt we was playing against him as well as Solihull, who managed to somehow escape a booking all game despite 2 of the most blatant bookings i think i have seen in Football. summed it up near the end when the linesmen had to give the obvious foul just outside the area, we then proceed to take it to the corner before he gave a foul against Silva for F All.
  6. How do you know Staunton has literally had no game time in his more natural CB position?
  7. A half fit Cameron King is still 4x the footballer Simon Lenighan is and thats who was keeping him out the team.
  8. Very strange measure of success
  9. Really? I thought she was pretty poor given she did not have any big decisions to make, also add to the fact she completely ignored the new rules regarding subs going off at the nearest point and never stopped play when the ball hit her on 2 occasions. Also some of the most blatant fouls went unpunished, even for us when J King just dragged their player down to the ground on the wing when they could of broke away.
  10. DB will be wanting to keep that on the hush since he gave the last complete novice manager a 2.5 year deal.
  11. Hastily arranged friendly with Oldham just a coincidence as well?
  12. Another strange tweet that hints at Wild being the manager? Ticks all of Bosomworth’s boxes, no experience and failed at Oldham after a very short spell, Darren Kelly 2.0
  13. Anyone else find it more than just a coincidence that more interviews with players are appearing on the website now JF has gone as well?
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