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  1. Not much else the club could do about it.
  2. ‪https://www.thenationalleague.org.uk/match-info/match-centre/1-4941270‬ by the looks of this, Quigley must of thought he had his Halifax shirt on!
  3. wrighty130


    Unless I am missing something why does it cost so much? How much are these stewards getting paid for 3 hours work?
  4. A test of confidence, who do we want to win? Barrow to take points off a team hunting down a play off spot, making our cushion to falling out better? or Dover to see if we can hunt down the title favorites? For me Barrow can still be caught, they have both us and Harrogate to play and plenty of other tricky games.
  5. Luke Coulson, looked decent down at their place and was one of the better players at Ebbsfleet previous season.
  6. Woking at Home and Torquay away have very much been bogey teams/ games for us previous seasons.
  7. Also produced a very similar good cross for Redshaw at Barnet.
  8. Would start a fight with his own shadow that lad.
  9. Excellent win last night, Dover simply couldn’t handle the pace of our forward line and I have no doubt before new year that game would of been One we ended up losing. Plenty of Twist and turns left in the season but as long as keep within touching distance of these play offs then it will purely down to us, Big game Saturday the away game at Bromley still rankles with me a bit, real sense of big time Charlies at Bromley when we was left in the Pissing down rain to watch our team capitulate.
  10. You can’t of seen many of his bookings, last nights I thought was a tad harsh, but they have generally all been for petulant things, he was booked at Chorley for knocking the ball out of the throwers hand and booked against Maidenhead for gobbling off at the ref after their goal from a free kick that he gave away.
  11. Well the national media are wrong with that as well, can’t see how comments like yours help trying to spark an issue where they isn’t one with the club. Was many reports reporting the same thing, id seen it reported at Chorley before the club tweeted anything..
  12. 4pts would be an excellent return from the next 2 games, as long as keep plugging away now keeping in touch then the games left will dwindle away.
  13. Was a big critic of Josh during our bad run, and will be a good marker when we play Bromley again as at the away fixture he was simply dreadful and bullied. However he was been playing really well and been a vital part of the team, for me need to keep him there and bring in suitable cover at centre half especially if Browny is out with any more injuries.
  14. He literally couldn’t run when he played for us.
  15. That similar to contract law? It’s not how football contracts work anyway, the whole business of football transfers clearly takes agreement between all 3 parties, The player will have to agree on his new contract, he might want some of his contract paying up to agree the move but again that’s all part of the negotiation, pretty obvious we wouldn’t let Southwell go for free then be paying him his 6 month wages he would get anyway.
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