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    Well see it worked out well for him leaving the Shay since we was holding him back so much. Probably score for Alty against us but his gone backwards compared to where he was with us 12 months ago.
  2. So did Kingsley James, does not really mean anything 2/3 years down the line.
  3. Josh Kelly left Maidenhead, scored against us a couple of times if I remember rightly, wouldn't mind him to replace King
  4. Bang on, plenty of actual Midfield players who could play that role much better.
  5. Don’t get the hysteria on Twitter about him going. Came as a CB too weak to play there and plenty of better actual Midfield players to play that role. Hardworking but very little else he offered, brushed off like a paper bag for BW winning goal.
  6. I agree regarding Sho Silva & Cooper but the fact even they are turning down our contracts when I can’t see them walking into another team in the league has me worried. Is Pete Wild asking far too much with the training schedule for the wages we pay? Pete said himself he did not want to rip the squad up and start again but it looks like his going to have to. I count a squad of 11 players if the remaining accept our offer and 2 of them are transfer listed and 1 being Jay Benn who has come through the youth team. It will either be a masterstroke with the number of players getti
  7. Was Matty Brown who gave that penalty away with another ridiculous challenge, I think he had already given away 2/3 other penalties by that point as well, no surprise he said in the interview the other day he didn’t get on with Aspin!
  8. Deluded Darren blaming the training schedule He changed for a part time club for players to be coming in during the day, who knew that wouldn't work? Not surprised the players don’t mind him being told they couldn’t fault them when we was walloped by Grimsby 7-1.
  9. Find it unbelievable someone can have that opinion, he had worked miracles to get us out of it so that’s now his fault.
  10. Totally agree about Hanson, we all know how good a player he can be, which is why the club forked out to sign him, he shows more composure on the ball than most of our Midfield. The RWB would suit him down the ground as his also capable of going forward, he had a game at home Torquay I think where he wasn't great and gave away a penalty, but he had literally not played in months.
  11. If Pete Wild honestly believes in some of the things his saying in his interviews and I think he does, then we are in big trouble. “Created chance after chance” just wtf was he watching, have we come from behind to win a game all season? Everyone with a pair of eyes watching that game knew if we didn’t try Something else we would lose, so what did we do? The exact same thing for 90 minutes, made subs far too late, and the manager stood with his arms folded saying nothing and accepted defeat. The team was a sorry reflection of the manager today, no urgency, no fight, no passion,
  12. Really poor today other than the Rodney Header we created FA. really strange tactic to try hoofing the ball for 90 mins to what must be the worlds tallest centre half partnership of Woking. Woking won’t of had an easier game all season, and Wild did nothing to change it, nobody comes out with any credit today, including the manager.
  13. My memory was a game against Torquay at home, he stood and watched a mis hit cross from a full back float into the far post, it was in the air that long he could of walked to the post and simply caught it, if he had bothered to move. Someone told him to F*cking retire as he eventually picked the ball out the net and he bit back.
  14. Glennon overall was a fairly solid keeper for us, but that season he was abysmal, maybe didn’t like hearing the criticism?
  15. Sutton have always been a bunch of Shithouses, blocked By their twitter for pointing it out a few seasons ago. Maher knew what the Sutton players were going to do as soon as the penalty was awarded he just stood on the penalty spot and the Sutton players saw that as a chance to once again show their sportsmanship.
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