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  1. Except all those fans who attend with their respective immediate families. Looking around the East Stand, that accounts for a significant proportion. Dads and children et cetera.
  2. I think many will but a proportion of these fans won't pay the £8 as they will be watching with other people on the same device (smart TV, computer, tablet).
  3. Yes, at what point can the ref not award a penalty after the final whistle? When they've left the field of play? When they're left the dressing room? When they're back home? After the end of the season? After they've retired?! The whistle had gone...the game was over!
  4. Plus, rather than everybody from a family paying an admission fee at the gate, only one person will pay for the streaming with several people in the household watching it on smart TV or a desktop. Just to add that when games have been televised before, I've found them quite boring and, personally, I'm not sure I'd stream every game. Not sure giving free streaming to those who have already bought a season ticket will please everybody. Some of these fans either don't have access to or can't use digital streaming sites or possibly, like me, are indifferent about watching football on a compu
  5. Although one stabbed him in the back. Judas!
  6. A fan I was speaking to said they've budgeted for a break even figure of 1400 fans for the coming season. If correct, then a maximum of 1000 is not disastrous. It's still squeaky bum time for fans like me who are risking not buying a season ticket!
  7. Yes, I'm a Heathen too. Surprised we didn't know about this as I'm guessing some of our teachers would have taught him.
  8. Good point, well made.
  9. TommyH72 makes some great points. With a family to support, I'd struggle to buy a season ticket at this year's price but with all the uncertainty resulting from the COVID pandemic, I definitely won't be buying one. If that means I miss matches then so be it. It's the same with booking a holiday - it's just not worth the gamble right now.
  10. With obscured views in the first few rows behind it. Also it's a relatively shallow rake compared to other stands built at the same time. Although it's infinitely better than the stand it replaced!
  11. Not only that, there's also the players signed on the back of a promotional showreel video hawked out by player's agents. I reckon one of those could even make me look good - although it would need some serious editing as well as CGI.
  12. Back in the mid-eighties all clubs were told to followed Luton Town's lead and go members only with each fan needing an identity card. I seem to remember only 600 or so Town fans at the time applied for one. I got mine but thankfully the government did a U-turn and they weren't required (they're good at U turns!). Did I dream all this or did it really happen?
  13. He didn't even make them! These guys made them for him! https://sportcareersagency.com/case_study.php?id=91
  14. I'll just say this - the catering round the back of the Skircoat is not as good as the old burger van.
  15. Darren Kelly would have a PowerPoint.
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