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  1. Bridge over troubled water with all the WWII bombs dumped down there.
  2. When we all went off to our respective universities in the late eighties, my mate went to Trent partly because he was led to believe that women outnumbered men 4:1. He was sadly mistaken. Reminds me of that scene in Gregory's Girl.
  3. We have got to hope that southwell will add to what we've already got or else there is no point keeping him.
  4. There's a few rational posts on the three pages.
  5. Comments on the FGR forum seem to indicate we have signed a decent player for this level of football... http://forum.fgrfc.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=106682&start=20
  6. You can have a row to yourself in some parts of the stand!
  7. I'd suggest PW and his assistant spend less time talking to the fourth official and direct his energies to the team! What good does it do?
  8. Better still, hide under the cover of mid-table mediocrity until the last game of the season and then launch a last minute title assault. With a pincer manoeuvre.
  9. And he asked the if he thought those boos were for him or the officials. If they were for him, he said he would go home and cry. Luckily, footballers aren't snowflakes!
  10. Yesterday was a bit of a reality check. Still not sure if benching our top scorer was a good idea as he had little impact when he came on second half. TSS had no joy up front and maybe we should have adapted our style of play with more balls to his feet rather than his head.
  11. Yeovil were better than us in every area of the pitch and deserved winners. Can't win them all. Hopefully there were lots of scouts in attendance today!
  12. Plus a few armchair fans may remain in the armchairs to watch the England game instead.
  13. There was certainly a kit/steward clash at Chesterfield.
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