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  1. The police should go and have a word with the supermarkets then and not the consumers. It's the supermarkets who have filled their shelves with hundreds of Easter eggs.
  2. Che Bentos


    Yes, Xin Ying on North Bridge has closed too. The only Chinese in Halifax with a five star food hygiene rating. Had to order fish and chips from Just Eat instead. They were nice though!
  3. I'm currently in a loooooong queue trying to cancel my BT Sport on Sky. Wonder why this cannot be done online? I only got it to watch Halifax matches. The last Halifax match was the final straw! My package was quite reasonably priced to begin with but now it's doubled!
  4. Tragically underused over the years no more so than now!
  5. I agree. Saul is a bit one dimensional in Breaking Bad but really good in this.
  6. Not sure if it was the first time the North Stand (without cover) was opened but the Southport game was the first time I stood on it. It looked enormous at the time!
  7. On Thursday 9th of April there is a brand new feature length episode of Red Dwarf. Until then, I'm making my way through five series of Better Call Saul.
  8. No promotion or relegation below the National Leagues. Don't know when our remaining matches will be played!
  9. Thanks. We've been put on a rota enabling me to work from home alternative weeks. It's my partner I'm more worried about. She's a front line carer and they are giving her more and more hours as other staff call in sick. Our sports radio show was cancelled yesterday. A shame as I'd done two hours prep prior to Boris' announcement last night. What will our listener do now?
  10. Sadly, I agree. I'm afraid football is not important right now. I don't want a rebate on my season ticket either. Good luck to all the fans out there who, like me, are heading off to work this morning. Stay safe.
  11. Carbon emissions will be reduced generally. Looking at Italy on the https://planefinder.net/ at this moment there are only three planes in Italian airspace. There are hundreds over Britain right now.
  12. Here are all the planes in the sky right now... https://planefinder.net/ After this crisis, I wonder if countries will enforce much more stringent measures regarding foreign travel. Animals have health checks and quarantine and we have nothing. Immigrants arriving to Ellis Island a century ago by boat were vetted upon arrival. It's no coincidence that most cases are found in countries with lots of airports. And don't even get me started on Richard bleeding Branson. To think, he was once mooted as an alternative figurehead should be abolish the monarchy. This crisis could mark the end of easy and affordable foreign travel.
  13. I was at your store yesterday and made sure I showed my gratitude to the staff who assisted me. Keep up the great work.
  14. And as a key worker, I'd sooner stay indoors and look after my family but I recognise there are more vulnerable people out there who need supporting too. Sometimes I think I'll wake up and this has all been a bad dream. :(
  15. And if you believe the Chinese whispers around town, portable refrigeration units to follow. Somebody said it's like a morgue down there the best of times. Sickening to think about it.
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