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  1. I agree we have only lost by small margins this season. I made the same point a few weeks ago prior our upturn in fortunes. That's why I said we were average rather than crap. Average is middle of the table - which is where we are right now (albeit with us playing four more games than other teams in this division). We would be better than average had our strikers remained fit and the born again Jeff King sorted his disciplinary issues. There are loads of positives in our bang average side, however, with Summerfield being the biggest.
  2. Folk like me who were daft enough not to notice last night KO time and missed the match might want to watch the highlights which are already up on the National League website. https://www.thenationalleague.org.uk/match-info/match-centre/1-6505454 If the link doesn't work (like it didn't last time I posted a link to this site) then I guess folks can find it via the match info tab at the top of the website. Great third goal!
  3. We're bang average. We've lost as many as we've won. We've played as many games as anyone, including four more than yesterday's opponents Eastleigh and we sit only 11th in the table. Yes we've played some decent stuff this season but let's not get carried away! :)
  4. Damn! Just about to log in but noticed it was a 7.00pm kick off! Snooze you lose I guess! :(
  5. Yes, just been up on Savile Park Moor kicking a ball about with my son. It's a bit more exposed up there than the Shay crucible but it was impossible to kick against the wind. Felt sorry for the Saturday league lads on the next pitch!
  6. You only have to look at ex-pros' cauliflower ears to see that rugby is a brutal sport. The trouble is that fans arrogantly revel in the brutality and are dismissive other sports as being 'soft'. I was on my boring old man's Facebook page the other day and one rugby fan was calling football 'wendyball' and American football 'cindyball' just because these sports are not as tough as his favoured sport.
  7. He's used the word 'transitions' at least twice now.
  8. Thanks. But many of us managed to watch the match on telly. They could at least acknowledge the great performance somehow! Sounds like the The Courier have cut their nose off to spite their face by stubbornly not printing a report or even a post match interview. Speaking more broadly, there have been several news stories regarding our town that have appeared in The Huddersfield Examiner before they appeared in The Courier.
  9. Don't know if it's mentioned earlier in this thread of 17 pages and counting but as far as I can see there is still no Weymouth match report on The Courier Website. Is it hidden away somewhere? Apologies if I'm incorrect.
  10. We all need to be really careful with our behaviour in this current climate. One reason given by the government for the decision to keep open air grounds closed is that they didn't trust the fans to behave responsibly. And then this happens. Many older fans remember the members only proposals at football grounds in the mid-eighties due to the frequent occurrences of football hooliganism. Surely we don't want to be forced to go down that road.
  11. He won't be a popular fellow. I'm guessing he's one of those village idiot types.
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