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  1. Former England U18 international TSS is sitting by the phone awaiting a full England call up!
  2. Same reason there are no hightlights. The (high)lights are on but no one's at home!
  3. He's not a genius, he's a very naughty boy! Now piss off!
  4. Like how Rodney took himself off the pitch at the Skircoat side to enjoy a victory lap.
  5. Joining the Monty Python reunion in the sky along with Graham Chapman and Neil Innes. :(
  6. Kane's becoming an Anderton sicknote. I'm hopeful him and Rashford will both be ready for the Euros rested and rejuvenated after their respective spells on the sidelines rather than knackered after completing a full season.
  7. Think they were saving the best until last (er, like on MOTD). They did show Cooper's goal again. Notice the Courier gave Rodney the goal yet the BBC still has it as an OG. Wonder what the offical verdict is?
  8. Maybe they're not but to be fair to the rest of the Premier League, as results have proved, this Liverpool team are pretty much the best team in the world right now. The Premier League is pretty much a two tier division with the haves at the top and the have nots very much at the bottom. Great to see Sheffield United mounting a plucky resistance.
  9. https://youtu.be/znrChXHHveA
  10. We're coming back, on the attack.
  11. They're on the BT Sport website. It's match day 31 I think. Just type in National League in the website's search box. You don't need to log in.
  12. Although the introduction of right back Michael Duckworth had more of an impact up front.
  13. Given the choice, most of us would much rather we had Rodney than McAlinden. Having written that - Stockport have got themselves a decent player. It just depends where they play him and whether he can motivate himself.
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