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  1. Thought he was superb at the start of the season and he had a good record for us overall. Became invisible in the majority of games leading up to his departure, but that said i'd still have him back if the finances were right
  2. I watched Morgan closely last night when he came on. He's without doubt our best striker. We looked a completely different team with him on the pitch. Unfortunately he won't score many goals for us playing in this team. He made mulpile intelligent runs which were either not seen by our other players or just completely ignored. Very frustrating to watch as twice he would have had a decent shooting opportunity if the pass had come his way. As for the rest of the team. Defence is pretty good. Cliff had a good game too. Midfield is weak however and lacks any sort of creativity. Needs improving. Heath will just about keep us up this season in my opinion. I just think that while he's in charge and with this brand of football, we will always be looking at a relegation battle.
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