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  1. Whilst on holiday in Kirkcudbright in 2008 Queen and Prince Philip turned up for a visit they were looking at the fishing boats in the harbour. Some sort of shell fish oyster or Scallop was on the ground next to Prince Philip he saw it bent down picked it up and put it in his jacket pocket very strange. Other thing about that day it peed it down all day until about 10 minutes before the Royal arrived. Sun came out beautiful weather. Ten minutes after they left the heavens opened for the rest of the day. Talk about divine intervention.
  2. Bill Carter was the sports editor at the Courier 60's and early 70's if you think the current commentators are biased read Bills reports. Town never played a bad game according to him even the 8 0 defeat to Fulham we were unlucky although in that game I would tend to agree with him. Bill lost his sight in later life he was a shareholder and at the AGM I used to find him in the Shay carpark and have to escort him into the meeting. What he didn't know about us wasn't worth knowing a great bloke. What would be good would be a book about the Shaymen based on the reports and articles
  3. Only missed 4 games that season Gillingham Swansea Torquay and Plymouth away. Firdt one no coach and last 3 were Tuesday night games. Remember Brighton away Sheards coachs 52 went 47 came back and 5 of those weren't on the coach going down. Those were the days. Oh we all got in with complementary tickets, had it in their half of the field twice and won 2 0.
  4. The pink was the T and A . In the late 60s a few teams kicked at 3.15 on a Saturday there was only a report to half time and the final result was in the stop press column printed just as the paper went to print. One Saturday Town were at Crewe and it was a 3.15 KO. The score was 1 1 at halftime and the Sporting pink headline was "Shaymen shine at Crewe" in the stop press was the final score Crewe 5 Halifax 1. It was quite a remarkable effort really games finished 4.40 and the pink and green were on sale usually by about 5.30. Paper shops had crowds of men outside waiting f
  5. What I can't understand is how much better the hilights are on Shaymen player. Appears to be a different camera altogether.
  6. Didn't realise he'd died just seen comment about funeral on Altrincham forum.
  7. Just gone to 7 never realised how bad they were
  8. Yesterday the streaming was bad but this was more to do with the sun and the Shays position tha anything else. Even when your there live when its sunny the view from the East stand is difficult. The Camera would be better in the Skircoat it won't be affected by the sun there. Some times the commentators irritate me but yesterday I don't think they could see much more than we could.
  9. Does tge camera need oiling it doesn't like the left hand corner
  10. Just seen who the referee is Paul Marsden
  11. What about Stockport aren't they above us
  12. No it was against Walsall we won 5 2 Norris 3 Juryeff 2. Theyd scored 2 each and we got penalty one them picked up bit of turf and asked other which hand was it in. Norris won and took the penalty. We also beat Blakpool 5 3 that season after veing 3 1 down.
  13. Does anybody think this Knee thing would be going on if there were crowds in the stadiums. I know there was the Millwall thing but I can think of a lot more places where the gesture would have been given short shrift. Lyle Taylor and Zaha are right these movements have been hijacked by people with ulterior motives.
  14. Judging by what other fans we are pretty good team. We have won 5 drawn 2 and lost 1 of our last 8 games in that time we have had numerous injuries. The best thing is we have played 4 of the top 6 and not lost to one them. The Sutton fan is right if we finish in the top 7 I'm sure we will be the ones nobody wants to play.
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