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  1. Now transferred payment for Phil McCarthy direct to AFC account under red HunsworthH
  2. Phil McCarthy please if poss my all time favourite Shayman. Please pm the bank dets
  3. Where does boris get it from government strategy for local outbreaks is to " whack a mole " whatever that means
  4. Just read this morning that in May Barnstaple council started a campaign to reduce the amount of dog poo in the town. It was called dog poo matters. Guess what somebody has objected and saying it insults the Black lives matter campaign even though it started a full month earlier. The council have now withdrawn the campaign and apologised for their insensitivity. Why the world has gone mad.
  5. This were behind everybody else etc to me is a bit of a red herring. we are for the next few weeks at least a functioning football club be it without paying fans, it more than anybody else is apart from our play off rivals. Nobody knows when next season will start how can you offer anyone a contract when you have no date when the new season will start. I read a piece by the Hartlepool manager he hasn't a clue whats going and when he can start recruiting players I'm sure most of them are exactly the same. Our only problem is which division we will be in and the way the National League are organised I'm sure that will be sorted long before the new season start date is announced.
  6. I don't blame Rodney for leaving us his parent club have released him and in these uncertain times who can blame him for taking up a firm offer, I know if I were him I'd do the same.
  7. I have visited the training ground I helped Jamie Fullarton set it up. Its not ideal it being in Leeds but comparable facilities do not exist in Calderdale, anyway how many of the players are actually based in Calderdale as far as I know just Nathan Clarke. It based at the Brownlee Centre in Leeds this is new facility on the Leeds ring road and it belongs to Leeds University. It a triathlon facility with first class changing facilities even a cafeteria. Its mainly a cycling centre and as such has a large amount of land in the centre of the cycling track this has been made into several sports pitches. Town lease two these and have a large portakabin which they own. It has the managers office, a small gym and a treatment room in the portakabin. The pitches are maintained by the University. Similar facilities do not exist locally and it also has the advantage of being almost exclusively used by town during the week the pitches they lease are theirs exclusively. Also we rent two houses in Leeds for the players this also works to ouradvantage as I'm sure accommodation in Leeds is more attractive to players than being in Halifax
  8. Hoddie the book I read was the State of Africa by Martin Meredith it was written in 2005 and covers Africa from each states independence up to about 2000. It is really interesting and available on Amazon. Re the minority thing Nigeria and Zimbabwe spring to mind the Biafran Civil war and Mugabe's massacre of the Matabele tribe or the Tutsi Hutu thing in Rwanda. We weren't perfect far from it although the majority of africans shipped to America were the captives from the constant trible wars in West Africa. Europeans never physically captured the slaves themselves. Up to the slave trade they were usually killed but then the Europeans provided a market meaning they were worth something alive. One of the reasons the British colonised West Africa was to stop the slave trade.
  9. If people take the trouble to read history there are a lot of facts that come out about the British Empire on the whole our involvement in most countries was generally for the good especially when we left on our terms and were not forced out before we wanted to go. A number of years ago I read a book called "The State of Africa" and it was most enlightening. When I was a child most atlases had large area's of Africa coloured red as they were still part of the British Empire. In the early sixties we gave most of them independence usually leaving them with a British model of Parliamentary Democracy. In most cases within a few years they had become one state Dictatorships (ask the ordinary people of Zimbabwe if they have British rule back and they'd jump at the chance) . We never intended to give independence to most of the African countries until the 1990's this was because by then there would have been at least two generations of government officials who would have been loyal to their country and able to implement fair government. What actually happened was the Americans put pressure on us to get rid of the Empire as they didn't like colonialism. At that time we were heavily in debt to the USA and they threatened to turn the tap off. Most Africans who can remember know that all though not independent their lives were far safer under British rule. If we are the ogres protesters say we are why does most of the world want to come and live here. Before anyone jumps down my throat yes we made mistakes and there were some awful people who were involved in our Empire building but I stand by my original statement .
  10. Just heard on LBC the BLM lot want to change the name of Downing Street as the bloke who gave it to the nation in the 18th Century had some connection to the slave trade. When will it end pull down Stonehenge as no doubt our ancient ancestors must have had some slaves didn't everybody back then. Slavery is evil but there is no race on earth that does not have it somewhere in its past. Even the current protesters if they look far enough back in history will find they have some connection to owning slaves.
  11. Think you'll find Steve it was Austria not Australia restraunts there only allowed to be open while 11pm. He was at a table outside with his wifea and 2 friends and they didn't realise it was past 11. Police saw them and spoke to them and they left peacefully. He subsequently apologised profusely.
  12. I am I the only one who is sick and tired of the media frenzy over Dominic Cummins. Yes the guy shouldn't have done what he did and I can't stand him but aren't there more important things than whether or not someone should have driven to Durham. Perhaps the media should concentrate on somthing the government really have ballsed up like Dentistry. There are thousands in the country in agony with toothache and the guidelines are we can't help you unless its a threat to life. One dentist even told a woman to fill her childs tooth with the wax rapper off a Baby Bell cheese. Were not a third world country it needs sorting.
  13. hunsworthhound


    They weren't a big club back in the 60's when we used to play them its only since they were in the premiership and then kept hold of the fans by bribing them with ludicrously cheap season tickets. I imagine there season ticket income will only be the same as say Grimsby/Lincoln. Also they don't make anything from the ground thats why there always crying the poor tale. Anyway they might sell 14000 season tickets but how many actually turn up.
  14. hunsworthhound


    According to Lee Power Swindon chairman unless they get some help 30 to 40% of League 1 and 2 won't survive to kick off again. I think that the power in the EFL has gone from the players to the clubs and a lot of players are seriously going to have to think of cutting their income if they want to remain professional footballers.
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