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  1. Unless we get drawn at home in the F A Trophy
  2. Certainly not tuesday night that was a saturday game
  3. Well I'm not well off and I'm voting tory. Why well I remember the 70's 3 day week had to have the office party in the afternoon cause we couldn't have the lights on after 5. Rampant inflation had some work done took builder 6 weeks he had to increase his estimate twice. The lean times we have had since 2010 were due to labours reckless spending from 2001. Same thing happened through the 80s when we were recovering from the 70s. Labour spend it troys pay it off. Politics need to change otherwise the same 20 year groundhog cycle will go on for ever.
  4. They only printed 1000 adult season tickets so whoever came up with the 3000 figure is telling porkies.
  5. 1I note the figures re labour go up to 2001. Up to 2001 they followed the fiscal plan of the previous tory government. When they won 2001 election they turned the taps on. I also get fed up of the bleating over NHS. Alot of the current problems are due to what they pay for pfi. Its like furnishing your house from perfect home you have a lovely house but the payments account for all your income and youve nothing left to live on
  6. Think Hanson was unlucky he actually slipped and sort of fell into their player. He couldn't believe his luck and fell over. It was a penalty but pitch had a lot to do with it been given away.
  7. Hoddie Child tax credit did not replace family allowance that still exists and has been called child benefit since the 70's anyone can claim for the first 2 or 3 children if the main earner earns less than £50000 pa. Working family tax credit was a stop gap benefit introduced in 2001 it was replaced by tax credits in 2003. What I actually said was wages would have been higher if tax credits had never been introduced as employers would have to have paid decent wages as their employees would not have been subsidised by the government. Incidently new labour ran the country very well until the 2001 election as from 1997 to 2001 they followed the previous troy governments fiscal policies.After that labour thought they were invincible and started spending money like water.
  8. Seeing as we've only score 2 headed goal out of 25 height shouldn't be a problem
  9. The only good thing Gordon Brown was keep us out the euro. His last act as chancellor was to reduce the basic rate of income tax by 2p. He paid for this by scrapping the lower 10p rate of tax. Problem was alot of lower paid only paid the lower rate. At a stroke the money they were taxed on they paid 20p and not 10p in the pound. He doubled the lower paids tax burden. When this was pointed out to him his reply was they can claim tax credits. Problem was most people affected were the young and you can't claim tax credits till your 25. If thats not economic illiteracy I don't know what. How do I know up till 2014 I worked for hmrc heavily involved in both tax credits and personal tax.
  10. Today I watched Richard Burgon on tv bleating on about tory cuts but although these did go too far too fast they don't seem to realise why they had to happen. Basically most of the woes of the working man are down to one person the economically illiterate Gordon Brown. Apart from robbing us of the best pension system in the western world he introduced tax credits. Now at first glance tax credits is a brilliant idea but is it. First of it subsides employers wages costs if the government pays part of your wages you can pay your staff less. I know there's the minimum wage but that is an hourly rate not a weekly wage. Its cheaper to employ two people for 20 hours than one for forty. Twenty hours at minimum wage means less if any employer national insurance. The employee then claims tax credits to make up their income. The employee thinks this is ok because he can work less a guy I worked with always refused overtime because the double time meant he lost more in tax credits. Problem came with 2008 crash country could no longer afford the tax credit system if it ever could but when the benefits were cut it had depressed wages so much you have working people at food banks. If tax credits had never existed we would have a higher wage economy.
  11. Didn't bromley come unstuck at yeovil keeper injured no sub keeper then shipped 3 goals. Thats why we have 5 subs on the bench. Bromley only had one goalkeeper at that time. Anyway if you think keepers are a waste of money why not play goalie when needed.
  12. The Ossett game was rearranged from Boxing day, my mate had been the associate sponsor but on the night the main sponsor couldn't make it so we were asked to do the honours. I remember commenting to the referee when were in the centre circle before the start of the game about the linesman wearing glasses only time I've ever seen that. During the second half we were asked to pick the man the match every time we agreed one he got subbed in the end we chose Simon Garner mainly because he was still on the pitch. Varyds name was never even mentioned.
  13. Trouble with wrexham is there run by a committee they all pull in different directions you are only successful if your all singing of the same hymn sheet. Its been like this for a few years.
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