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  1. Like hoddie I worked for HMRC and despite what people say a lot of self employed / Company directors live through their businesses and as such pay a lot less into the system than anyone on PAYE. I examined tax returns for over twenty years and the amounts some people lived on compared to their lifestyle was pure fiction. The government's relief measures will bite them back ie someone making say £24000 but only showing £12000 profit on his tax return would only £800 pm instead of £16000 pm if been honest, but think of all the Tax/NIC they've saved in all the years of underdeclaring
  2. Had a mate who lived in southowram used to watch northern floodlite league games at the shay from the top of beacon hill through binoculars whilst eating stolen mars bars from the co op
  3. Personally I would scrap the season. Barrow would go up anyway as the football league are a team short. promote the team with the best record from National north and south.
  4. The flu jab actually killed my father. He was 97 bed ridden and very weak unbeknown to myself and his carers the practice nurse called and gave the flu jab he was dead within 48 hours
  5. Things is most young people vote labour I did until the ripe old age of 58. I then realised all the labour party had done in my lifetime was spend other peoples money. Up till my 50s I hadn't any so it didn't matter . Now I have so I vote tory. Its an age thing
  6. Already scuppered my trip to borehamwood if it was on. Was getting a lift with my son he was going down there for a meeting. His firm has now banned all travel between depots so he can't go
  7. According to my mate whos daughter work aviva, private medical care is no use. Private hospitals won't touch anyone with corona virus with a barge pole
  8. When we won the conference in 1998 I remember we beat rushden and diamonds at home 2 0. Sir George had watched them and worked out every thing came through their left back so his tactic was to make sure he didn't get the ball. Their spare was then the right back his distribution was awful and we continually got the ball back. Woking did same to us stopped staunton having time on the ball making sure Clarke or brown was the spare man and guess what they got the ball back.
  9. Why can't we have 2 or even 3 systems if Dowson watched us Tuesday he knew exactly what to expect. Change them regularly and then the opposition will have no idea how your going to play. Only downside is will your own player know what there supposed to play..
  10. Can we all get over this we've lost a football match. Our players are human beings not robots an can have an off day. How you perform depends how many of your team have a bad day at the office if its 2/3 you get away with it unfortunately yesterday it was more like 7/8 so we lost. I expected it anyway in the 5 home games against Woking since we reformed we have managed 1 point in a goaless draw last season . The others we were alway well beaten, even before we reformed we generally lost anyone remember the 4 0 defeat when we ended up with 9 men and at the end one of our disabled fans attacked the referee with his crutch.
  11. Interestingly we've played woking 5 times at home since the club reformed and managed 1 draw and 4 defeats. Talk about bogie sides
  12. And leeds has population of about 600,000
  13. You cannot make a comparison with stockport chesterfield or any other town with one professional club we have two as do Barrow and Rochdale. Look at Barrow and their gates are similar to ours and there top of the league.
  14. I was Terry Shanahan who scored the hatrick that night. the only person who has ever played league football who was born on the same day as me
  15. Think you will find it was 70/71. 72/73 we just avoided relegation on goal average and crowds down to average 2500/3000 lowest crowd was 970 on a tuesday night against Brentford. Back if were at least mid table crowds will be about 2500/3000 home plus away. I should imagine an average of about 3000
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