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  1. Was that the one shown on Yorkshire tv sunday afternoon 2 2 wasn't Keith Brierly scored I think
  2. By the way anybody with a smart tv and a laptop HDMI lead between the two and hey presto you can watch on your large screen tele
  3. I'm starting to think mothballing the season tickets is a good idea. Less bother for Louisa do they know everybodies email text no to send out codes Lets all pay a tenner a game hopefully the household thing will be set off by increased away fans streaming. Home club should definitely keep all the money otherwise it increases further the budgets of better supported clubs. Bet you can't wait Steve the chance to see all 46 games live
  4. I agree only way I would try and get money back would be if the club under and that would be from Barclaycard.
  5. First tuesday night home game is Yeovil how many would they bring 50, but how many would stream 750/1000 think we won't lose that much on the actual gate.
  6. Actually Tommy you would. I pay for most things with my credit card because under section 75 if any part of an item or service costing over £100 is paid for with a credit card and you don't get the item or receive the service its the credit card company who are liable. They then refund you and try and get the money off the service provider. This protection lasts for six years after the item is bought. Obviously if town had gone bankrupt I would get my money back and the bank would lose out.
  7. Yes I paid by credit card too. Thing is if we survive then ok £300 is the small price to pay for the survival of what is in effect my best friend. If they go bust then Under section whatever I will get my money back.
  8. People might go as families or groups of mates etc but our current covid restrictions mean you can't go to somebody else's house so you will have to watch it on your own. 5 of us watched the borehamwood game at mine under current rules we would have watch it in 3 different houses.
  9. Can remember the go ahead game, they were called Go Ahead Deventer and had a very tall goalkeeper called Nico Van Zogel I think.
  10. We won't be allowed to have any crowds anyway due to the local lockdown which as far as I know has been inforce around the Shay since the 31st July.
  11. Block G is the south stand end some where near that patio thing
  12. Viking the seats are numbered 1 to about 170/180 and the rows from the front are a to x assuming seat 90 is the half way line you can work roughly where you are. No 1 is the north stand end
  13. Never saw him play for Town but in the mid 60's my dad dragged me along to watch Rhyl and New Brighton in the Old Cheshire league and Roy was playing for New Brighton
  14. Spot hoddie guy got pulled of an easy jet flight in Jersey he had some sort of letter but captain wouldn't accept it. Captain was actually in the wrong and easy jet have now apologised. Other passagers on the flight cheered when he was taken off they obviously captain was right.
  15. This standing apart. I went yesterday with both my sons ones a social bubble with his brother and my 2 grandsons who are 21 and 16 both live at home we'd been in car together for an hour to get there and stood together. Were we breaking the rules I don't know.
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