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  1. To be honest I'm in cleckheaton and the rain has not been as bad as I thought it would be
  2. Looking at his goals reminds me of Devante wasn't he a failure everywhere he went till he got to us
  3. Ended up being the main Sponsor for this game trouble was every time we picked somebody to be man of the match they got subbed. We picked Simon Garner as he was only one of our suort list left on the field.
  4. No it wasn't Birmingham was in the same tier as us only games where we've had fans are South Shields, Weymouth and Aldershot.
  5. My dad wouldn't let me have a paper round, he used to be a newsagent and said he wasn't having his own son exploited. Interestingly in Brighouse in the 60's you couldn't buy a Sunday paper unless you had it delivered. All the newsagents were shut except one and he ran a network of paperboys but didn't sell papers i the shop very strange.
  6. Called Hartlepools as they represented Hartlepool and West Hartlepool think they dropped the pools when West Hartlepools 15 aside egg chasers became better known and the Town didn't want to be associated with slum areas down the road.
  7. Most embarrassing I ever saw was Paul Merson when we played Tamworth away. He played complete with very pronounced beer gut and a shirt that was two sizes too small. We won and I think hevkicked the ball about twice.
  8. Thing this morning I went to the tip although it felt warm in the sun all the time I was out ice warning was on in the car. At 9 o'clock this morning the sun would have been shining on the area in front of the South stand once the sun goes round to the south and west it doesn't hence the freezing. I suspect it has never really thawed out from last week. Playing on a even part frozen pitch is dangerous. I was at Peterborough on the 14th December 1968. 7 minutes gone and on an allegedly playable pitch our left Back Mick Buxton slipped not a man near him a broken leg finished his care
  9. Last 2 from Sheff Utd Sam Graham and David Brooks hope this ones half as good
  10. Remember going to listen to Colin Bell and Tony Book speak at Dean Clough about 15 years ago. It was organised by the Halifax branch of the Manchester City supporters club they only had 50 members but needed 70 to make it worthwhile. Lad I knew then asked me and my mate to go to make up the numbers. I won the raffle and Colin Bell presented me with a tool box which I still use now. We'd been there about half an hour and the language on our table was pretty racist to say the least, but then my mate pointed out we were sat with the Sowerby Bridge branch of combat 18, never realised t
  11. If Mr Marsden has only refereed 2 games this season he has sent off a total of 4 players speaks for itself.
  12. We might be full time but we have now played 8 games in the last 4 weeks winning 6 and losing 2. That is some effort by anybodies standards no wonder they were tired today. Some of them have played every minute in every game.
  13. Just looking at Stockport forum its in meltdown some rumor about 4 players putting in transfer requests. Geoff Horsfields opinion of Jim Gannon probably somewhere near the truth.
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