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  1. The ball went backwards, can't be offside
  2. Ball was getting pulled back if you look carefully and came off Wrexham defender so can't be offside.
  3. Bugger off, get back down to league one and bother your dogs
  4. Didn't have 100% record when we played Wrexham last year, we'd lost to Salford before them.
  5. He's still waiting for Jake Lawlor to sign
  6. £60-£80k a year? Is that a typo?
  7. Only saw him once last season, looked a good player and handful for Conf North. Not sure he'd do as well in Conf.
  8. Looks like Brighouse have a really slim chance of going up, even if they do win the play offs.
  9. Thinking of travelling over from Stockport to watch this one and might take in Alty vs Blyth on Wednesday too.
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