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  1. Bring back Flea TV again, couldn't beat that Gateshead match
  2. They've given other people including myself a refund for the quality of the stream, so they've admitted liability. Use this as a point and they've no choice but to refund you else you can take legal action. A bit over the top for £12 but you're within your rights. When I read through the T&C's it says if 80% of the stream is of poor quality you can receive a refund. However it does not state what defines "poor quality" but maybe they can use the Woking stream as an example
  3. I'm awaiting the announcement to see whats happening with season tickets... to be honest I think I'll be asking for my £300 back.
  4. I can understand the business model behind the business that sells the streaming, as it's literally a matter of installing the cameras and letting it run. No idea for human intervention, except for probably starting and stopping which may not even be needed. For the cost of this system I think its probably a lot cheaper than the alternative that would be a full on broadcast facility. Having said that human intervention would probably be necessary for some parts of the game, which could flag when it detects no movement and then commentator or someone else can control camera manually until ball
  5. Some are asking though and I agree with you
  6. Noticed some saying they're going to ask for a refund for a season ticket. Personally I'm not going to because rather the club have the £26.10 remaining from the season ticket anyway. Just interested to know other supporters thoughts. Got to the £26.10 mark by: 23 home games ÷ £200 = £8.70 3 home games remaining × £8.70 = £26.10
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