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    Yep, if we carry on with the same form and continue to better each result from last season we will be in for a good season.
  2. Ash

    FA Cup

    They lost 1-0 to Matlock yesterday
  3. Under Fullerton I was bored, the play was awful and I didn’t want to watch us. I’ve really enjoyed watching us so far this season and if we’d have got these results against the 5 teams tipped for relegation I’d be concerned. As it happens our first 6 games are against 5 of the favourites for the league and Woking who were 4th before today.
  4. You can tell Hoddie hasn’t seen much National League football. this team will get play offs minimum if they carry on they way they’ve started. Start converting some chances and have luck with injuries then I wouldn’t be that surprised if they won the league.
  5. Not when you look at who we’ve had to play with our 2 main strikers we got in the summer out injured. A win against County and it’s a very solid foundation to build the season on.
  6. I'd be starting Stenson and Hyde when all fully fit.
  7. I'd start Gold and Hyde when both available. Allen can be used around the 60/70mark to stretch the game and get us up the pitch like he did a few times in the previous games.
  8. The Supporters team AFC Halifax are in IFA League action again this weekend as they host Rochdale (Lightcliffe Academy 10:30) Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions spectators are still not permitted but the last meeting was an entertaining hard fought 3-3 draw. Winter Training begins on Tuesday evening 7-8 at Bradford Park Avenues 1st team 4g pitch so if you would like to get involved or come along to training, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
  9. Hyde will start I'm certain. We have no game midweek and no league game next Saturday. He would be on 2 or 3 goals already if he had started the last few games. Hyde for Gold and Earing for Green would be the only changes I would make. We aren't playing badly, We've had a very tough start and you could argue on another day we could be sat top with maximum points.
  10. He’s scored in every game he’s played this season so far
  11. Jake Hyde is back on Saturday. He will lap these crosses up for fun.
  12. Ash

    FA Cup

    It can just be rearrange later in the season like it would be for say a frozen pitch
  13. Paul Bracewells assistant
  14. 3 points here would mark a very good return at the start of the season for the teams we have played against.
  15. Totally agree. Everywhere else I’ve been in the country albeit not recently had track and trace, restaurants had strict measures in terms of throw away menus, digital menus and all staff wearing visors. They had people on the door of every shop and if you didn’t wear a mask you didn’t come in. These places weren’t in local lockdown. As soon as you come home pubs, restaurants and shops are making a half arsed attempt and we wonder why we are in local lockdown!
  16. Another nail in the coffin of football. As it is, the English pyramid is the best in the world even if the rich are getting richer at the top. Sort out the issues like VAR and introduce salary caps at the top of the pyramid first.
  17. Exactly what I’m seeing. With luck, this team could win the league or not be far off if they carry on playing as they have started. I wouldn’t judge this team after 7 or 8 games as those teams are pretty much the top 7 or 8 tipped for promotion! A tough start and if we are within 6/7 points of top after them I’d be confident.
  18. Superb keeper and the best and most reliable I’ve known for quite some time. Wouldn’t swap him for anyone in the league. People talk about Ashmore being the best in the league but last season at Ebbsfleet last year, in our game alone he spilled a tame shot from King into the net and got lobbed from 70 yards. He got away with a spill yesterday too although his save in the first half was superb. In our game at Dover last year they were waxing lyrical about their keeper being the best In the league. He then made a mistake for our first goal and got lobbed from 40 yards! Keepers as
  19. Which you can’t argue with. Not overwhelmingly but certainly edged it.
  20. You can tell you don’t live in the UK and watch Town often. The energy, high pressing and passing is miles better than the past few seasons. 3 of the favourites for the league played so far and 4 points on the board. Playing like this and with Jake Hyde back, we will be scoring 4s and 5s against some teams.
  21. Another tough game out of the way and another point on the board. Other than scoring, we’ve played well again.
  22. By far holding their own and had the best goal scoring opportunities. Just not taken them.
  23. Jake Hyde must be itching to get back in this team? 20+ goals coming his way
  24. These first 5 or 6 games is a case of taking as many points as possible. If we have around 6/7 points after these first games it’s a good foundation to build on after playing the tipped teams for promotion and welcoming back our main striker who will be perfect to convert these chances we are creating.
  25. With a couple of players coming back from injury, would anyone make any changes? I’m not sure I would. The only one I would make when he is fit is put Hyde straight upfront. He will be on the end of these chances we will create.
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