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  1. Ash


    Also 2 VAR checks for Brighton overturned for penalties after the striker got in front of the defender and got bundled over. Both incorrectly overturned in my opinion.
  2. Ash


    West Ham played on as their manager and 2 of the starting XI got their results back positive. There is your answer.
  3. Love the optimism! I'd be far happier paying a tenner to help the club and put the game on in the background or on the tablet in the warmth of my house rather than sit freezing cold for an evening.
  4. I can't see this going on all the way until May. The good thing for us is we have some very good games at home towards the end of the season when people might be desperate to get out to a game. There are new opportunities in streaming if we get it right, more advertising, more chances for fans to get involved etc.
  5. I will spend more streaming games than I would have attending the Shay this year. Just personal circumstances and only 1 example. Away followings will be the key to clubs survivals this season or until fans can come in.
  6. I think there is a split between National League and the North and South. The National League is mainly full time, the 2 feeders aren't but i honestly don't know why we can't have 30% capacity crowds at both our league and those below. If a vote is agreed that the National League won't go ahead, you may as well kiss goodbye to 70% of the clubs. The 30% that do survive might end up in the football league replacing those that will go bust trying to survive with no fans.
  7. Ash

    No fans

    The big stop gap will be away fans buying to stream the game at The Shay. Likewise how many Town fans would travel to Woking to watch us play against potentially streaming online - Woking will be better off as will we when far more Woking fans pay to stream the game at the shay against how many would pay on the gate. For it to work, Home teams must take all streaming earnings. So when we stream Torquay away, they get the money just as we will when Torquay fans stream the game at the Shay.
  8. I’m sure the club will have things in place to refund any game that doesn’t go ahead or will subsidies against any streaming fees. ill be amazed if it’s £20 a game to stream
  9. It’s not about how many you take to away games. People can tune in from home now so the games changed. Weymouth might bring 20 to the Shay but might have 300 paying to stream it online. Notts County might only bring 400 to the Shay but 2000 of them might pay to stream it online.
  10. Because we will benefit financially the other way around.
  11. I would expect more would pay to stream online than pay to attend the game. For example if it was the other way around you might have 1000 Halifax fans purchasing the game to watch online against 250 paying on the gate to watch. For this to work I feel all home teams take the streaming fees so when we play at home we get all streaming fees from home and away fans, for away games we get nothing and the home team gets it.
  12. Ash

    New signing

    Only one i in Niall Byrne and no Ts, what took so long!
  13. Ash

    No fans

    It’s a load of crap and if people don’t believe it’s real, got yourselves scrubbed up and on the ICU at Calderdale Royal, then tell us it isn’t real.
  14. Ash

    No fans

    There have been fit healthy young people who have died or have been in intensive care too.
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