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  1. Ash

    This season

    We will be nearer the play offs than relegation and if we aren’t I’ll buy everyone on Shaymen.net a pint at th first game or next season!
  2. Getting Clarke our could be your most ridiculous post yet!
  3. Harry Kane was unavailable I think.
  4. I don’t have Shay we glasses at all. I see the game for what it is. After playing the game I don’t just see what Halifax do, I watch the opposition, I watch the tactics. Halifax don’t just lose because the opposition are rubbish, we also don’t just lose because we are rubbish. Some on here never see in play tactical changes unless they are so obvious. Did anyone notice a few games ago that he changed from 2 holding midfielders to 1 mid game? No I didn’t think so. Just because results aren’t great at the moment doesn’t mean sacking the manager is the answer. Football fans have a very
  5. Unbelievable! The solution to poor results is not to sack the manager. He will come good and so will our results. Some people are just too narrow minded to see that.
  6. The absolute disrespect given to Pete Wild on the thread is disgusting! Because he hasn’t played the game he can’t be a good coach? He knows more than this forum put together and has done no worse and certainly better than most managers we’ve had in the past 20 years! It’s been a tough start and a frustrating start. If we could put the ball in the back on the net we’d be 10 points better off probably. He certainly has a big future in the game and I hope that’s with us. I just hope we put some chances away and get the points we deserve. If Bradburys free header had gone
  7. Correct, he does the simple things well. Wins the ball and gets us moving again.
  8. Kings distribution is much better than the others.
  9. Seniors distribution into the box wasn’t great on Tuesday.
  10. Ash


    It’s 2020, the new badge is absolutely fine In my opinion.
  11. We are due a win.
  12. He is the most open and honest manager we have had in a long long time
  13. Apart from Perhaps Wealdstone, we have matched or bettered every result from last season so far. Torquay at home next, another game we lost last year.
  14. Come on people. Your main strikers getting injured in pre season with 1 Now just getting fully match fit and one unfortunately injured again isn’t the best of luck is it. I will judge the goals tally after I’ve seen Jake Hyde play 4 or 5 games as I believe we are doing everything else right. Once again many are over reacting and I am happy with how we are playing in 2/3s of the pitch. If that final third clicks we will be absolutely fine.
  15. It will be good to see you back again when we win a game
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