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  1. Once again, thank you to everyone who bought a team on the big scratch card, a donation of £1600 will be going to the playoff fund for FC Halifax Town. Also a big thank you to those who contributed prizes too. If you would like to watch the draw, this will take place live on the AFC Halifax Facebook page at 7pm tonight and details of the winners will be posted on here shortly after.
  2. Just 3 teams left now. Thank you for all those who have contributed so far
  3. Superb, still a donation from AFC Halifax to come and hopefully some more virtual tickets if we can beat Boreham Wood
  4. Ash


    There are many white people who will say their lives don’t matter too.
  5. Ash


    Black lives matter white lives matter What is the difference in those statements if we are all wanting equality?
  6. 20k by the end of the week
  7. Ash

    Our Squad

    Correct Tommy.
  8. They are, has been on Twitter today
  9. Ash

    Our Squad

    Boreham Wood have also had to convince players released to come back and play. Players eligible for play off teams had to be registered with the club on the 15th March. The play offs will go to the team that wants it the most, form will be pretty much out of the window
  10. I think we will raise the 20k before the first ball is kicked to be honest. People won't have donated and i know there are other fundraising events going on too.
  11. So Rodneys picked being a squad player in the National League to starting potentially in League 2. Hope he enjoys his loan spell with us in the 2020/21 Season!
  12. Ash


    I wouldn’t have him back. This team is better than that and his attitude is appalling.
  13. Well done Flea. I’ve made my donation already as a ‘what would I spent’ basis but a cracking idea.
  14. If Town can get promoted and all i can do is watch it on TV i will be thrilled to bits and will await the open top bus parade in Town instead to celebrate with fellow supporters once social distancing allows. Get those Nationwide banners at the ready!
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