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  1. Ash

    Never Say Die

    Win the games in hand and we are 7 points behind the mighty Hartlepool! Put a run together and strange things could happen!
  2. Ash

    Never Say Die

    It’s the fittest team I’ve seen for years. Pete really addressed that pre season. I’d love to see where we would be with Hyde, Summerfield and Clarke available all season!
  3. Do you always get out of the wrong side of the bed?
  4. Johnson King Byrne Bradbury Senior Maher Woods Green Earing Hyde Chadwick
  5. What a dumb post. I fully believe we go out every year to not have a cup run! We also have to realise they all had Covid for this years game.
  6. We are already near the bottom of the pile in terms of budget
  7. I budget to build a squad of quality though sadly
  8. Myfootballclub! I’m sure we were on the shortlist for there
  9. Absolutely 2 points dropped against the most solid unit I’ve seen all season in both games. 4 points away at top of the league and at home to 3rd is an absolute disgrace booooooooo!
  10. Dovers results being expunged will mean we are 3 points closer to quite a few teams.
  11. 30 points could quite easily have been 50 points if we hadn’t had so many injuries in key areas
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