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  1. They have done several time on social media, BT held on to the tapes longer than they normally do.
  2. Another reason, have a look at how many of the top 10 we have left to play compared to the rest...
  3. Ash


    Totally agree and the time we were going through a bad spell we had an uninterested McAllinden and an unfit Redshaw so the options weren’t really available to replace him.
  4. Ash


    They aren’t. Just because he runs faster? Tobi has more goals than Allan, Tobi has more assists than Allan. Time to find another target now everyone has their dream partnership up front.
  5. Ash


    So if Rodney or Redshaw get assists they shouldn’t be considered either? The fact people are happy to see our second top scorer cleaning boots is actually quite stupid just because there are better players now at the club. If we get to Wembley or promoted he is just as responsible as anyone else who has played a key part in the squad
  6. Ash


    I’d like someone to look through all the goals we’ve scored this season and see how many TTS has been involved in. You might all be surprised.
  7. Ash


    So you are taking the fact a fellas parent at work saw he was at training to decide they have a blinking good player? I’d say from the 20 games he played for us he’s a decent player.
  8. hopefully and let them stand right on the pitch and not 2 yards away from the tunnel where nobody can see them!
  9. Look at their record when they play together! All you need in this league is 2 big dominant centre halves that will head and tackle anything around them.
  10. Browns still one of the best defenders in the league. Wins the majority of his headers, gets tackles in and puts his body on the line. Clarke and Brown are good enough to be a league winning partnership and if they’d have been clear of injury/suspension all season we wouldn’t be far off Barrow.
  11. He’s alert an on his toes like strikers should be
  12. Great instinctive finish. Watch his movement in what is a good patient build up from us.
  13. Oh dear! Some people not be happy. Playing in to the wind and getting in at 0-0 is a great defensive display from us in the first half. Need to make the wind count and take our chances in the second now
  14. It is allowed to go long sometimes and a windy day like this might cause issues with their back line
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