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  1. He had tried the same thing a few minutes earlier clearly seeing the keeper off the line
  2. Loved Steve Bushell but I’d love to know what he’s doing now. Part of me thinks he’s the bloke from Manchester on Gogglebox!
  3. Barrow just started a really tough run of games and had started dropping the points. They wouldn’t have won the league and they won’t if it completes. I’m confident of that. Notts County or Boreham Wood would have.
  4. The FA should announce all contracts finishing in April will be valid until the completion of the season. Next Season can start a little later but with no Replays in the FA Cup and No FA Trophy/Vase at all for 1 season. No need for a long pre season as players are all resting up from playing and doing their own training programmes right now, managers can look at potential targets for next season right now too.
  5. When we start up again we have a 9 game season to play. Win that and we won’t be far from the football league.
  6. Clubs should be speaking to players asking them to sign a contract until the season completes. After all, every club is in the same boat. No income streams now but a shed load in June/July/August when games complete and season tickets are on sale. Or...launch season tickets now to help the income during these next couple of months. If we stay in this league, it’s 46 matches same as if we get promoted. Early bird offer for the next 4 weeks and get some income in.
  7. Some companies aren’t even looking at vaccines because by the time all the testing has been done, Coronavirus won’t be as prevalent as It is now and therefore it is not worth looking at in terms of a business model because there’s no money in it. Calderdale Hospital currently has 5 people being treated in the dedicated ward all with underlying health issues. Let’s hope they make a full recovery. The main staff shortages aren’t due to people being overwhelmed by patients but by staff who are at home self isolating. The key issue they are facing is people walking in to the hospital with the symptoms who aren’t at risk of any serious implications. They are sent home to isolate but in turn have been in the hospital and could give more fragile patients already in there the virus.
  8. Finish the season in July/August. Players will be training at home, some premier league teams are still training and having behind closed doors friendlies. No need for a 6 week off season and next season can start in September. No domestic cups apart from the FA Cup and no replays from qualifying onwards. This means less fixtures and then next season will finish on time. Simples.
  9. Not that lives don’t matter but perspective in the common flu may have caused the same fate.
  10. Certainly some are in serious trouble not because of the virus but their serious overspending in the gamble that is promotion.
  11. A temporary morgue for the few that will die in Calderdale who already has underlying health issues. It won’t be needed and there will matches back there by the time that 3 months is up. Why does everyone seem to think we are all going to die? Media hysteria of the highest order it really is. At its current rate it will take 2000 years for the so called 200,000 to die!
  12. I’m pretty sure he will know the dead wood by now as he didn’t sign over half this team. He’s had a good look at what the National League is about and what’s needed to get out of it. It will all depend on his budget, what league we are in ( not often we get to say that at this time of year without looking over our shoulder) and what impact the next few weeks has on the club.
  13. Positives! the break might do us some good and we might come back and get enough points on the board to reach the play offs Duckys season might not be over The pitch will be lovely again and we can try and play that fast 1 touch football like we did at the start we are still 3 points within the playoffs with games in hand. When I said maybe our season would extend into May I suppose I was right but not how I imagined!
  14. Is it time for The Shay driving range to reopen to get some well needed funds. Get some mate laid out on top of the North Stand but 2m apart of course!
  15. Times like this will be when having very astute owners who won’t spend outside their means comes to the fore. There will be many clubs at this level and those above that will be thousands and thousands in debt once the season starts again.
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