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  1. I can’t believe this massive over reaction after 2 defeats against 2 well fancied sides. Was always going to be difficult these next few games without Brown, Staunton and Maher, 3 players who are vital to making the expansive football work. These players who were brilliant just over a week ago are now finished and no better than last year. Such a fickle fickle bunch who don’t deserve a decent team to watch
  2. We won’t play Notts County away every week either
  3. Honeymoon over sitting 2 points behind top! Hilarious! Btw if we lose 1 in 3 we will average 2 points a game. Notts will make the play offs and Yeovil will be in the top 5 too. 2 home games now to make amends and everyone can talk about promotion again!
  4. Its only the upper tier that is open for away fans. The first 10 rows or so are not available as can be seen on the link below when Wrexham took 1600. https://prideofnottingham.co.uk/gallery/image/1927-dsc_0989jpg/
  5. Still a few spaces left if anyone’s interested?
  6. The only block available which is Y2
  7. 550 probably but would love it to be 700+. Not many tickets sold yet
  8. Liverpool do the same but counter attack at pace. We've already scored several goals on the counter attack this season.
  9. Still seats available if anyone is interested?
  10. Just watched the highlights. End to end game, 2 good sides. They took their chances and we didn’t. We have nothing to fear at Notts County on Saturday
  11. The supporters team AFC Halifax have seats available on their coach to Notts County on Saturday 14th September. The price is £15 and will set off at 7am as the supporters team will be playing Port Vale en route. Please DM if interested and you are more than welcome to bring your boots if you wish.
  12. Yeovil one of my tips before the season, a very experienced spine of the team. The next month will be tough without Browny and your 2 main players in the DM roles. Pick as many points up as we can and then push on when we are back to a full compliment of players.
  13. Ash

    Chesterfield today

    I saw him on more than one occasion waving all the players up the pitch trying to get them out
  14. Ash


    Stood out last pre season as the only one who could play football, backed this up in his first few games and got binned off. The more he plays, the more foolish he makes Fullerton look. Get him on a 3 year deal.
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