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  1. Ash

    Brian Redfearn

    Worked at Firth’s Carpets I believe
  2. Big difference between Vardy and Rodney is we paid a small 5 figure sum and wages of 200quid a week. We’d probably have to pay something similar for Rodney at least plus he would be on 5 times that a week
  3. It gets you higher up the pitch, it brings others in to play, it keeps possession. It brings a lot of things into play and it’s what we’ve been missing on many occasions!
  4. The club need to say bugger all! It’s a non story. Move on
  5. Hardly a sackable offence is it? No news, some ‘fans’ trying to give it the big I am by goading an ex player in to an argument and then videoing it. The world we live in sadly
  6. For me as soon as Josh MacDonald is fit he gets games. He’s no worse than any other wingers playing at the moment
  7. Some journalists seriously need their hands chopping off so they can’t type or write. Dont judge me but I watched the Jade Goody documentary and the journalist who wrote the god awful headlines and stories about her was laughing at the fact his publicly humiliated an ordinary human being! They do write and do some awful stuff. There are however some decent journos out there.
  8. 300+ I think. Get a result tonight and I might start to think this side could do something this year!
  9. We are also looking for players for the supporters team playing at Wimbledon before the Town game at Aldershot. Please pm me if interested as we could be able to provide transport also.
  10. Ash


    Think we have to go for it on Tuesday and nothing makes me think we won’t. We will certainly lose matches this season and have games we don’t play well but Pete Wild has been a breath of fresh air!
  11. Ash


    I think people need to be realistic here! The last 2 games we have looked knackered the last half an hour and ridden our luck somewhat. There are teams that have far more resources than we do but our team works hard for each other, are solid at the back and attack with purpose. i think nobody should get carried away with anything until April! Then we can see where we are.
  12. This should be the case, if it hits the official it’s a contested drop ball.
  13. Nothing wrong with Maher and Staunton, they hold back and protect the defence also giving king loads of pockets of space to find. 7 goals scored and 1 conceded suggests they are doing just fine
  14. Ash

    Stoke City

    You could build a championship team from Aspins signings!
  15. We play Port Vale away before heading to Notts County in the afternoon. The game will be an official coach trip with a 33 seater booked and the price is a maximum of £15. Please post your availability below. Cass JB Big Al Mr Fox Andy L Bish A Probe Callum Wrighty Hembers? Sam B (not playing)
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