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  1. He toe pokes the ball away. The club should appeal
  2. Brown back in defence with Staunton and Maher in front and we keep a clean sheet. Now we have Allen, MacAllinden and Redshaw missing through injury and call ups plus now Clarke missing. I think Staunton next to Brown will be better but we do need luck with injuries. Get our attacking options back and we will be fine. Another game down and still only a point off the top.
  3. Like I’ve said, he does a job the general fan won’t understand
  4. Woking have struggled with injuries too which has contributed to their slump. Depends how many players they are getting back but sounds to me we will have a pretty much full squad to choose from.
  5. Ash


    We are trying to use technology for subjective decisions! It’s ludicrous
  6. Ash


    I’ve been to 3 games this season where VAR has been in use Its been useless in all 3. Just bite the bullet and get rid of it! Seriously.
  7. Hanson can run fast so people on here think he’s brilliant. Technically and positionally he is lacking and that’s why he’s not been seen in the team for a long time.
  8. We need more height and strength. Lets put Duckworth in midfield! Let’s just see how we do when we get our key players back shall we!
  9. They have tried to sign at least 1. A deal was agreed with their club but the player (League 2) turned us down.
  10. We were as stunned as anyone! We sponsored the game that day, it somehow worked out at about £40 a head with a meal! We were asked a bit about us (as sponsors) to put in the programme and the first we know of the error is when we open the programme. We are stunned, the programme lady of Newcastle Blue Star was almost in tears and Bosomworth had a face like thunder! Not the first time the opposition didn’t know who they were playing! AFC Halifax, AFC Halifax Town, FC Halifax, they were all the same in the Unibond!
  11. AFC Halifax had a game that morning and as we were all tucking into a few beers and food in the local pub, a chap came up to us and asked how our season was going and said good luck with your match. He thought we were the 1st team, it was half 2 and half the lads were on pints! Oh i do miss that tinpot league.
  12. I think the season ticket offer was a great offer at the wrong time. A year of dour football, a manager nobody really liked or related to, a pre season of minimal signings and cancelled friendlies so the amount we sold in the end was fantastic. If we enjoy a top 7 season this year, there will be a buzz for next year and if the same offer is announced early again then i have no doubts we would sell 3000 tickets if you include juniors and the free kids tickets. The board must repeat this offer next season at the same price and promote a very ambitious target. Id actually market it as project 4000! Have a tracker on how many we sell including the kids one and push to get 4000.
  13. Very good article. Despite people’s views and opinions, these chaps have been very good for our club, frustrating at times but admitted their mistakes and I don’t think some people realise how lucky we are to have them at the helm when there are so many frauds out there.
  14. How much are his wages? What %age of his wages would PNE want paying? Naming players is all well and good but the above factors may put him way out of our league. The fact he is not getting in the team top of the Championship, I doubt he would drop to play for Halifax Town.
  15. What a day of skulduggery that was! The pinacle of tinpot!
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