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  1. It's a ridiculous rule that puts the favour so much towards the defenders. The handball issues this season have just been ridiculous all round, from penalties being given when a defender has the ball blasted at him from 2 yards away and is facing the other direction to blatant ones not being given. VAR exacerbates the issues, but is not the problem in itself. It's been shown in multiple other sports that video technology has it's place and is able to be used almost seamlessly, but the idiots running the game decided to throw away the blueprint provided by other sports and completely screw it u
  2. Best news I've heard all week! Fantastic to have him back, let's hope he can replicate the form he showed in his initial loan period.
  3. Agreed, the inconsistency has been infuriating. We’ve had such rotten luck with injuries this season, though, and that can’t have helped. If we’d managed to have a settled side I can see we’d easily have managed an extra 10-15 points
  4. It’s difficult to call really, there are so many games left and most teams above us have played more games than us. Alty, for example, have played 4 more - win only 2 of those and we go above them. And if Dover’s results get expunged that will help our cause further. It could honestly go either way for us at the moment, I still think we can finish in one of those play off spots.
  5. He’s a 5th tier keeper, he’s got faults otherwise he would be higher. But even the top keepers make mistakes. For this level he’s great. Yes, he knows that he’s not really got the pressure of a second keeper coming in but clubs at this level can’t afford to have 2/3/4 top standard keepers in the squad just in case.
  6. I'm torn on what to do this afternoon in terms of sport... Would love to watch this in the hope that Barnet get something from the game, although BT will have put this one on in the hope that hartlepool (small h intended) give them a tonking. There's also Leeds v Villa kicking off at about the same time, and then also England v Wales in the rugby kicking off at 16:45.
  7. With it being close they could reasonably still attend their normal training at Hudds alongside the sessions they’d be required to do with us. Could potentially be a good prospect in there for us.
  8. I wonder if part of the reason for the friendly could have been to take a look at some of their players we might be considering a loan move for 🤔
  9. B-, we haven’t been terrible so far, not too far off what I’d realistically expected pre season (but far off the 10 point lead at the top I’d hoped for). We could still push forward and make it into an A finishing in the play offs, or an A*** if we end up promoted. But equally we could just fade out to a lower mid table finish equalling a D-
  10. The teams have to face some sort of consequence for breaking the rules. Yes, this isn’t a normal season, but they still signed up to play and everyone is playing within the same set of rules. Expulsion from the league may be a bit drastic with the circumstances, and working out who would replace them with nobody coming from the leagues below. A points deduction next season would be my vote, but how would that be calculated? A 3 point deduction for each game missed would lead to teams needing to effectively win the league to even get a positive points total. If a team found themselves
  11. I thought it was that if you put someone on furlough you couldn't then employ someone new to do it? But someone who was already employed at the company could take on additional responsibility. Although I may be wrong, I haven't read the rules back to front on the fine print.
  12. Apparently fans might be allowed back into stadiums by May 17th. If that goes ahead then it would be our last 2 games of the season as scheduled, one away and one home. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/14125512/premier-league-coronavirus-boris-johnson/?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=sunfootballfacebook220221&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1614007357
  13. Every manager signs a few duds. Danny’s looked like he was going to be the level headed, experienced player we needed but it didn’t pan out that way.
  14. Love seeing us on tv and upsetting the commentators and pundits. But it always annoys me the amount of times we're referred to as 'plucky little Halifax'. It's so condescending and patronising. If it was a big cup tie against a Premier League team, then fine. But this is a regular league fixture, we're where we are on merit not through the luck of the draw.
  15. Knacker their kneecaps with free kicks and they won’t have the legs to chase you down when through on goal to curl the winner into the bottom corner
  16. Definitely looking at some players from NLN who might be interested in playing out the season with us. There's a possibility of getting them on a short term deal, maybe a loan, while their league isn't playing. Clubs may not be willing to let them go permanently, but if we cover the wages then it may be preferable to putting them on furlough.
  17. Wow, what a game and what a win, great performance from us! First half hour we mostly sat on the back foot with Torquay coming at us, but the defence was solid and limited them to only a few half chances. We go up the other end and get a huge slice of luck in the deflection for the goal, but they all count. Minutes later King leaves a leg out, penalty, and we're back level. I thought it was a foul, and maybe just inside the area, but such a tight call on that one. 1-1 at half time probably a fairly fair scoreline. Second half we came out and there were a couple of early chances for Torqua
  18. Completely up to each individual employer, if you have multiple. You’re not allowed to start working at a second job after being put on furlough at your first one.
  19. And in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore...
  20. Agreed. And he seems like a konb to boot.
  21. A lot of games to play this year, they said something like 17 in 2021? That's almost 3 months of playing days of test match cricket! Add in the bio-secure environments, which can take the tolls on players not being able to have families with them like they normally would, and Bairstow being one of those who play all 3 formats I can see why they made the decision. I would have maybe played him for the first 2 and then let him go (same with Buttler). But England do have a big amount of batting talent at the moment, so many young players breaking through into the test squad in the last year/2 yea
  22. Decent set of results in the end today
  23. Can't understand why they didn't roll it through to look at the catch completion! Root specifically asked for it and gestured at the bit they wanted to look at multiple times, absolutely ludicrous. So glad it didn't end up costing England anything significant. The stumping I thought was out, but not 100% conclusive (ok, it was like 97% conclusive), but I'm not going to argue that decision so much. England will have to bat well to win this test, and the other batsmen will have to step up rather than leave it to Root. However, they've been impressive in recent games so I'm optimistic.
  24. I was about 14/15 when he was playing with us, and I said then that I thought he would play for England in the 2016 Euros and I got laughed at mercilessly - someone in the 7th tier playing for England!? I wish I'd have been able to put a bet on it at the time as I would have got fantastic odds!
  25. So it’s not because of the opportunities for success at Wembley after beat the mighty Shaymen in an FA Trophy quarter final?
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