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  1. Probably part of the youth team games I would guess
  2. Aldershot (A), Fylde (H) and Barrow (A) for the next 3, should be looking for 7 points at least from those games.
  3. Disappointing to lose, but you'd think Wrexham will feel they just about deserved it. They were certainly better than us 1st half, though after the red card you'd have hoped we would see the game out and maybe even nick a win. I don't think a draw would have been unfair, but as long as we bounce back on Saturday we'll still be in a good position.
  4. And there's the customary goal ruled out...
  5. Damn, come on Town, lets get something from it at least!
  6. Lost count of the amount of times they've said on the commentary for the game that "x player/staff member saw the potential and ambition of Salford". Saw the massive pay cheque more like...
  7. Come on! Let's dominate the last 20 and get the win.
  8. Kossy on at HT today, still 2-0 down though
  9. 3-0 after an hour, could run up a few more if they keep it up.
  10. McAlinden on for J King
  11. FWP has us 1-0 up! Do they know something we don't?
  12. riccardo259


    You don't immediately sack a manager who has just won you promotion and is then sitting top of the league 10 games into the new season, that's footballing 101. He had got the club there on merit, and despite what you thought about things happening off the field he didn't deserve to be sacked at that point. As Oli said, when the points per game dropped below what was expected to be needed to survive he was sacked, and it was justified at that point. Yes, you might say it could have come a bit earlier, and if he'd not just won promotion, and if we'd not had the chaotic 3 managers in a year combined with relegation a couple of years earlier then he might well have been.
  13. So far not too bad as far as the scoreline goes, finish the same and I'll be happy enough. Sounds like they've been playing much better than us though, hopefully Wild can get some spirit in them and we can go out and win it second half.
  14. Tonight in the league cup. Hope Leeds smash them and wipe the smug look of the Salford faces...
  15. Is it just my imagination or do we always seem to get Wrexham either home or away within the first 2 weeks of the season?
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