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  1. Sensible idea really, should be done more often. I guess this means our away game to Bromley scheduled in April will then become the home game instead.
  2. Would not surprise me in the slightest. Has he even featured on the bench for them since his recall? Why else would you bring back a player who is otherwise performing well if not to play him?
  3. Or the regular inspections say that they want to do everything they can just in case something changes. If they just did an inspection at 1pm and left it at that for it to be called off they'd get criticised. They can't win either way. Anyway, what are they supposed to do if the pitch is playable at the time of inspection? That's all it can be judged on. They can't make a call depending on what may or may not happen. All they can do is say it's suitable at the time.
  4. How can it possibly make the club look bad when having regular inspections throughout the day by an independent match official? The communication has been excellent, and the situation with the weather is hardly in their control.
  5. Dagenham v Stockport and Eastleigh v Kings Lynn today in our league. Both games being draws would suit us well. Eastleigh could move above us with a win.
  6. Game playable as of the 1:30 inspection, so we'll see how it holds up this afternoon.
  7. What amazes me in a way is that he still plays in exactly the same way in the Premier League as he did with us, just with a bit more nouce.
  8. Very sensible thoughts. I 100% agree that any funding should be proportional to last season/season before's match day income, with small adjustments for any teams that were promoted/relegated to account for expected changes in attendances.
  9. Crap draw, but, assuming Southport don’t get through, whoever is left from that tie would probably be favourites to go on and win the Trophy
  10. In theory, I believe. There are some people at the company I work for who are on furlough 1/2 days a week and working the other 3/4, with a normal weekend of 2 days off.
  11. If we were to ver have Morgan back I'd give him a deal for about 3 weeks, that's all he ever seems to do at most of the clubs with a massive start before then doing nothing, and moving on only to repeat the same process with the new club.
  12. How great would it be if we are only able to attend one game this season. But it just happens to be the Trophy final at Wembley? (or the play off final for that matter)
  13. Who is our closest team with a plastic pitch? Harrogate? Could be the best chance of getting it on.
  14. I know this season isn’t exactly normal, but it seems incredibly unfair to me that both teams are eliminated if they can’t get the game on due to weather reasons. It’s completely out of the clubs’ control.
  15. riccardo259


    Must be a decent striker in step 3 who isn’t playing and would be willing to sign for us while their league is suspended.
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