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  1. Yeah, I agree it should be treated like any other incident. But once the whistle goes that is that. They should have told him to hold off on the final whistle if there was any doubt.
  2. But irrespective of whether or not it was handball, the final whistle had gone. It was full time and the game was over. That’s my gripe with it.
  3. If you’ve tested positive for covid what are you doing going out and putting yourself in the situation where you can get hit by a bus?
  4. Brighton v Man Utd, injury time. United attacking to get a winner with the score at 2-2 with Brighton just having equalised. Ref blows for full time. AFTER the whistle Utd players are protesting a handball shout for a penalty in the dying seconds and the ref goes over to the monitor, then awarding the penalty. United score and win the game 3-2. I don’t know how that can be allowed given that he’d already blown the full time whistle, thus signalling the end of the game! If I was Brighton I’d be fuming! How can they justify that? Surely if VAR wanted to look at it they should have told the ref t
  5. The majority of advertising doesn't so much on 'I have to go out and get that product now' but more brand recognition so it weasels its way into your mind so that one day you go 'yeah, why not'.
  6. They were sponsored by Paddy Power most recently. They had that whole thing where they had the 'sash' banner last season, got fined, said it was all a publicity stunt and announced that they wouldn't be having the loo on their shirts.
  7. I would pay £10 to stream games, and would maybe have got to 1 or 2 home games max this season, so any games that I stream is ‘bonus’ money for the club really.
  8. The problem is that we don’t yet know the long term side effects of the virus. Yes, deaths are low and the vast majority of people do recover, but to what extent? It’s not just a case of you either die or are 100% fine afterwards, there’s a whole scale in between. A family friend of ours had it early on in lockdown - around 60, retired doctor, very healthy otherwise, took care of herself, and she had it like a bad flu. Not enough to go to hospital, but still pretty bad. It’s been about 6 months since she officially ‘recovered’ but is still feeling the after effects. In her own words, if s
  9. One way they could do it is have each club declare what they made in the 19/20 season in match day income - obviously slightly short of a normal season - but they could average it out on a per-game basis. Each club then gets given roughly what they did last season per game to help with reduced/no crowds. Make a slight adjustment for the teams coming up to account for supposed bigger crowds in the higher league, and vice versa for the clubs going down.
  10. Yet thousands do it every season anyway...
  11. "£25m to save National League and North/South divisions" according to Solihull Moors chairman. Absolute peanuts to the Premier League, that's like me going to the shop to buy a packet of crisps and a coke. Get all the clubs to donate a measly 1%of their wage bill to a fund to save non league and you'd get more than that easily! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54266862?at_medium=custom7&at_custom1=[post+type]&at_custom3=Match+of+the+Day&at_campaign=64&at_custom2=facebook_page&at_custom4=AD2FB55C-FE4E-11EA-9DDC-DBF815F31EAE&fbclid=IwAR19dm_BsTAnoaegxkj4okLtUbzO4
  12. So with the news yesterday that fans won’t be allowed in yet, the default option is that the season becomes postponed as the league and clubs have said they won’t play behind closed doors. There’s the streaming option that has already been discussed on other threads, but until more comes out from the FA/National League I think we can assume the season isn’t starting yet. This got me thinking, are the National League, and N/S divisions, the only leagues in the country not playing at the moment? The leagues below are not classed as ‘elite’ level so can have fans in to watch, and L2 and
  13. Interesting decision given the news yesterday from the government. I can only assume that this was finalised a couple of weeks ago and they were just getting the social media posts ready, otherwise it would ludicrous to sign someone now.
  14. Redundancy is a while other ball park though, given the mass clear out we’ve just had most of the players wouldn’t be eligible for redundancy pay as you have to have been with the employer for 2+ years.
  15. Non league needs help from the Premier League, end of story. Clubs can't afford to play games with no income from the fans. Clubs also can't afford to have players and staff around with no football being played. If they don't get the support then an awful lot of clubs are going to go bust. I can also see Stevenage mounting another legal challenge against the FA if we don't get our season played, as one of the conditions of teams being relegated is that they then have a league to play in the following season. The Premier League could easily afford to contribute to keep non league clubs running
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