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  1. Comms saying it was put in the net but offside
  2. Early red after 9 mins for Yeovil. Comms no idea why - anybody know what happened?
  3. Yeovil are in pretty much the same form as us - only 1 more point in the last 6 games, including each of us drawing the last 3. I feel another draw coming on... Wouldn't be a bad result away from home, taking points off a play off rival. Need to start winning games though.
  4. Sounds great, hopefully more of the same to come!
  5. Decent group. Hope Scotland get through so we can hammer them! Croatia have been nothing special since the World Cup, we’ve beaten them in the Nations League since then too. Lost to the Czech Republic last month, but I’d expect us to step up in a tournament, especially with us being at home.
  6. Before the game, in isolation, a point wouldn't have seemed like a poor result. However, given our recent form we really needed the win, and to have been leading going into injury time it really does feel like a defeat. Sounded like we did enough to win the game, but we really need to start getting 3 points on the board again. We've had a quite tough run in the last few months too, though, and we've been a little unlucky not to have picked up another 4/5 points tbh.
  7. Come on! Need to see this out
  8. Harrogate equaliser. It’s definitely been coming.
  9. We’re the only team in the playoffs winning at HT
  10. Woking equalised at Bromley too, 1-1 there. Back to a 1 point gap at the top as it stands.
  11. Comms saying it’s more of a 4-4-2 formation. So far so good, but I feel like we need a second.
  12. Come on! Let’s get another one and kill the game off, unlike Saturday
  13. Need a win and the team should itching to get one back over them after 2 defeats a few weeks ago
  14. We’ve had terrible luck with both FA Cup and Trophy draws this season. Wrexham not doing great, and we’re at home so fingers crossed for a win.
  15. Sounds like we're creating chances, hopefully we can make the scoreline a bit more comfortable!
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