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  1. It’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation with women’s football, really. They can’t grow the sport in standard and meaning without the funding to allow them to do that. However, they won’t get the funding unless there’s a bigger audience, higher quality, more prestige, etc... which is difficult to get without additional funding for better training facilities, coaches, enough money to pay full time players and stuff more consistently...
  2. I couple of months ago I had an argument with Marty Kosylo on Twitter. He was saying that female coaches shouldn’t be allowed to coach and manage in men’s football. I asked him why not, if they are good enough at their job? And he couldn’t give me a reason other than ‘because they’re women’. And ‘if they start coaching in men’s football they’ll want to start playing in men’s football’. It ended up by him saying to me ‘well it’s obvious you’ve never been involved in professional football’, like that had any relevance to the argument. I have no problem with women’s football, if it’s
  3. Yeah, he played something like the first 3 games of the new season for us.
  4. You can be placed on furlough and the employer just tops up the remaining 20% of the wage - my employer was doing this last year. So maybe something like that is going on. Either way, I would be surprised if DB wasn’t using the opportunity to temporarily reduce the wage bill if the option is available to him.
  5. Oh I totally agree with you, footballers are so far out of touch. Earning more money in a month than a lot of people will earn in their lifetimes but still holding clubs to ransom over an extra £30k a week.
  6. A 40 hour week on minimum wage is a shade over £350 a week. A huge number of people of people are on or just above minimum wage, especially younger generations. Apparently a survey in April last year clocked the average UK weekly wage at around £460.
  7. I would have thought they would be putting our injured players on furlough while they're not able to do anything. It's common sense, and with DB being the money-minded man that he is I would be surprised if he wasn't doing this. I also wouldn't see any reason for them to be making it public knowledge who and who isn't on furlough - it's not like we have. a squad big enough to be able to furlough fully fit players.
  8. Reportedly at risk of administration with around £30m debt, and only £1.8m coming in the 19/20 season, so not even covid to blame. How does a League 2 club get into that much debt? https://fanbanter.co.uk/league-two-club-allegedly-put-into-administration-with-points-to-be-deducted/?fbclid=IwAR3S9zgGom8zudNAs7IIt3nJlMfjeO_fkEsTUBd1o08DMpGyfvfwIlx0YdY
  9. The answer is education. And a change in social mindset. Look at how little kids and babies act - people aren’t born racist, it’s something that gets taught to them by society, be it on a conscious or a subliminal level.
  10. One thing I find interesting about the table this season is that all the teams in the play offs are what you would traditionally call ‘big’ clubs at this level, with a history of league experience. The only exception being Sutton sitting in first. I feel like I’m the past few seasons it hasn’t been weighted like that so much, with many more ‘smaller’ (and bankrolled) clubs making up the spots - Harrogate, FGR, Salford, Boreham Wood, etc.
  11. A draw in that game would suit us fine. Stockport still in touching distance, and it would keep Bromley at bay.
  12. Alty away on the 10th, Wrexham on the 13th, and then Kings Lynn on the 17th
  13. Notts have turned it around, now 3-2 up
  14. If results stay like this and we win our games in hand we're only a point behind them, so it's not so implausible that it might happen.
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