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  1. riccardo259


    I suppose they could set some potential rules in place for if this scenario happens again and then each season get the member clubs of the EFL to vote on whether they think it’s fair before the season starts - a turn over of 5 clubs across the leagues each season with 3 down from the Prem and 2 up from the conference. Do that each and every season, it can’t be that much admin surely. And once you’ve got the initial rules set out they won’t need changing each year. If the rules are sensible I can’t imagine any clubs disagreeing with it at a point where nothing is at stake.
  2. That’s key really, isn’t it. I think we might see a few players/agents being unrealistic, but I think they’ll adjust soon enough when it’s the option between that or no club at all.
  3. Still get chills watching that goal (even in this heat!)
  4. riccardo259


    I think it was ITMAN who posted an excerpt from the FA Rulebook a few weeks ago - the wording in that implied that because of Bury's expulsion being for non-footballing reasons (ie, normal relegation) that an additional team would be required on top of the normal promotions. That would make it whether they do 3 down and 4 up between L1/2 or the normal 4 down and promote an extra 5th from L2, that would make it 3 up from the NL. Personally I would do 5 up from L2 and 3 up from NL, with 4 down from L1 and 2 down from L2.
  5. riccardo259


    Don’t know how they can justify having promotion but no relegation. It’s either both or neither, IMO.
  6. The Bundesliga in Germany has restarted this weekend, with a maximum of 300 people allowed in the stadium and no fans (not even the German national team manager is allowed in to watch), subs take up 3 rows in the stands to ensure social distancing and have to wear face masks at all times, 5 subs allowed instead of 3, all non-playing personnel have to wear face masks except head coaches and players are supposed to avoid contact. where possible, eg goal celebrations have limited physical contact, if any. I've found myself watching, just having it on in the background, due to a complete lack of football in the last few weeks/months and it is a bizarre experience. It's like watching a training match or a pre-season friendly instead of a competitive league match. What I find very strange and quite comical is that teams are still playing goal music and announcing the scorer as they would if the stadium were full! And making announcements for things such as team line ups, substitutions and added time, with the board being held up, almost seems a bit pointless. Anyone else been watching this?
  7. That’s the key thing, though, isn’t it. If people are happy to go back to work the then fine, but nobody should be made to work in an environment that they feel is unsafe.
  8. A bit of a long read, but this is a good, unbiased, non-political article about the risks and chances of getting infected. https://www.erinbromage.com/post/the-risks-know-them-avoid-them?fbclid=IwAR3-2hTz-UE10iugI4VuKEVGkuXGQhd0-oWYrSfpjJXlgVx2KN8IXB7aCy4
  9. Forget what the government say about it, they're clueless and incompetent. It's not safe for the general public to be returning to work, it's not safe for footballers to return to playing. As much as I wish we could get it back, we're just not there yet. Even more than that, sending people back too early will risk making the whole thing worse and just. making it all last longer.
  10. I'm still on FM18, but had decent success getting us to PL winners, multiple FA Cups, Champions Leagues, Club World Cup... Won just about everything going. My favourite formation is a 4-3-1-2, having a target man with a poacher/attacking forward lower down the leagues (once you get higher up and more established you can ditch the taget man). For a more defensive approach I quite like using a 5-2-1-2, with 3 CBs and the wing backs pushing higher up the field. Using the loan market is vital all the way up to the top, and getting youth players whose contracts expire from PL/Championship clubs. There were a couple of gems I picked up in my first season, a striker from Leeds called Stokes, and another from Everton called Shayne Lavery - signed both on season long loans as teenagers in the conference, fired me to promotion and signed them permanently in the summer for a total of about £100k. Both stayed with me right up to the PL and had good international careers, Stokes stayed with Town his whole career and retired in his early 30s, Lavery I sold after a few seasons in the PL for almost £20m. Not sure of their status on FM20, but worth looking for.
  11. The best option would be to resume the season and finish it, but that depends on how long this will last... I think finishing it calculating the remaining games on a points per game basis would be better than just finishing as the season is now, not much change in tables but does take into account game in hand. Really, though, they can't start planning for how to resolve this until we know when we're out of the woods again.
  12. I'm also on a rather fun save I just started where I took charge of Man Utd, sold all the best players for absolutely nothing and then blew the whole transfer budget on buying the entire FCHT squad. Seeing how long it will take me to get sacked and if I can do irreversible damage UPDATE: Denton just opened the scoring in the first game of the season against Brighton with a trademark header Extra update: sacked before the end of September - 8 games played, 8 defeats. 79 conceded, 3 scored. That's almost Darren Kelly bad!
  13. I'm currently in the 2034/35 season on FM18. Got us to the Prem in about 8/9 seasons, a few years of kicking around lower-mid table before finally getting into the top 4, and on my most recent season won my first Premier League title! Won several Champions Leagues, FA Cups, League Cups, and of course the FA Trophy in my conference winning season. Got the Champions League, Club World Cup and FA Cup treble in one season but a bunch of the players and fans weren't happy because we only finished 2nd in the league that year! The squad has a healthy core of England internationals, amongst other nationalities, a lot of whom came through the club from an early age and have been here 5, 6, 7+ seasons. Moved into a new stadium a few years ago which is called Lee Gregory Park.
  14. riccardo259


    I think a lot of non-league clubs could see increased gates from FL and PL clubs wanting to get a game in. I was trying to persuade a mate of mine at work, who is a Leeds fan, to get down the Shay on Saturday instead.
  15. Unless they're just giving out fake information to look like they have it under control, it's been done before...
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