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  1. riccardo259


    I think a lot of non-league clubs could see increased gates from FL and PL clubs wanting to get a game in. I was trying to persuade a mate of mine at work, who is a Leeds fan, to get down the Shay on Saturday instead.
  2. Unless they're just giving out fake information to look like they have it under control, it's been done before...
  3. riccardo259


    According to the BBC it's business as usual for non-league football for the time being.
  4. National League meeting in the next hour or so to make a decision. Can see it all being postponed.
  5. Yeah, it's all about the physical contact so wash your hands, don't touch people unnecessarily and it's probably alright. The people mainly at risk are the people who are at risk of other infections and diseases anyway - the likelihood of younger, healthy people catching the disease is still there but the symptoms are not likely to be any more serious than the normal flu.
  6. No more football from the Champions League, Europa League, PL or EFL in the next weeks, until 4th April at least. No word on the non-league aspect of things though. England's cricket tour of Sri Lanka also called off, as well as lots of other sporting events.
  7. I think there's a place for VAR, but it needs to be for the huge, obvious errors and not the little ones - the 'hand of god' incident, the De Jong kung fu kick in the 2010 world cup, those times where a player is yards offside or makes a blatant foul. If it takes you more than 30 seconds and 2 replays to make the call it wasn't a 'clear and obvious' error. We shouldn't be getting situations where the game is stopped for 3 or 4 minutes at a time before a decision is made, especially when there is absolutely zero communication with the players, coaches and fans in the stadium as to what's going on.
  8. VAR in football is a disaster, it’s basically ref-ing the ref. Once a decision goes to VAR the on-field ref doesn’t really have much say in it... they need to use it like rugby where the ref asks for support when uncertain.
  9. Need to win this one today, we’re still in good form despite the blips against Halesowen and Torquay. Get at them, play with confidence and get the 3 points.
  10. Half time entertainment? What sort of thing were they expecting, Bon Jovi to show up and play a couple of songs? Is the kids 5-a-side not enough?
  11. Coronavirus is not anything to worry about for most people. The only people who are really at risk are people who are susceptible to other infections anyway. Just wash your hands and don’t go around licking random people’s faces and you’ll be reet.
  12. If Sutton weren't so poor they might have come at us a bit more, leaving more space for us to exploit behind and lead to a bigger win.
  13. Just watched the highlights, first the offside - difficult to tell with the angles but probably just off. However, I have no idea how the ref could give it because you can see he wasn’t looking at the offside player at all in the build up or when the ball was played. How can he make that call with complete certainty? TSS finished it well and on another day would have got the goal. The ‘penalty’ in the first half was a clear foul, so blatant. Don’t know how he didn’t give that. Sutton can’t argue with the one that was given and scored at the end either, clear dangerous play. They looked poor throughout and got what they deserved.
  14. There’s too much competition for football around us, and I think that’s a big part of it. Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield all less than an hour away, Manchester just over an hour and even Liverpool is only a couple of hours drive. It’s easy to watch the big clubs, and at a decent price too. We need a period of sustained success, and back that up with a period of great incentives and season ticket offers to get people hooked.
  15. That season we went down was a rollercoaster. I was sad to see Aspin go after all he did for us, but given the start of the season and the second half of the season before you couldn’t argue the decision that much. Kelly was just an all round disaster and should never have been appointed. Harvey did amazingly when you look at where we were when he took over, and where we finished, but really from the position we were in with 3/4/5 games left we should have stayed up and he has to take some of the blame for that. Getting to Wembley, and winning, is something every football fan dreams of and it was one of, if the not the best day of my footballing life. Watching Macca score that worldie from right behind the goal was an incredible feeling. I’m happy to have traded a season in the conference north for an FA Trophy win, though I’d rather our next Wembley appearance is a victorious play off final.
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