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  1. Campbell's towers now no more.
  2. Norfolk is the most beautiful county. If next season, and we are both in the same league then couple your weekend up with a night out in Wells next the sea.....especially the Albatross. A magnificent 18th century clipper boat involved in rescuing Jews in the struggles of the war which is full of real ale and live music. Last time I was on the Albatross a few years ago Doctor and the Medics were on.
  3. Paddy actually looks like Dermot Morgan. Happy birthday Paddy.
  4. I got talking to Jamie Vardy's mates who had been on it all night before the game in Sheffield. They rolled up on a minibus with Vardy, then went on the piss around town before the game. I asked if Vardy had been on it all night, one of them turned round and said "Reg will be fine, he went to bed at 5".
  5. Absolutely. My grandad used to pride himself in telling folk he was down the Shay at every opportunity labouring on brickies turning the former tip into a football ground and will definitely been in attendance that day.
  6. Amazing. The appetite to support your local football team meant much more in those days.
  7. 2-3 Manchester United Sheffield United Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder, speaking to BBC Sport: "I'm happy with the manner of the performance. I wasn't on Sunday night, I didn't like what I saw then. I think anyone who has watched us would say we have been competitive but that is not enough. Tonight was about a performance if I'm being honest, we needed one from the players and we asked some questions from some world class players. "Manchester United are an iconic global football club, one of the top three in the world. There is an enorm
  8. But we are not in the year 97/98 unfortunately.
  9. Smash Weymouth on Sat right in front of the cameras then plough on. This time last season Barrow and Harrogate were licking the dregs of this league. Just saying. Great win. Hope you've enjoyed the taste tonight Pete.
  10. percy shaw


    RIP Keith. True Shayman.
  11. He was certainly better than the dross nowadays.
  12. Just amazing to watch...still ripping the big boys a new arse hole week in week out. Tearing defences apart. From tag to premiership gold. Still hoping he has one last transfer. England should be begging him.
  13. Ummm Saddleworth Rd...the only place I can think of is just off Saddleworth Rd behind what is now Sheards packaging. I think the field is still there. I played for West Vale junior school for a few years on the field before moving to Clay house. I can't recall a game of football at Greetland cc as only cricket has ever been played there according to local historians. Interesting one.
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