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  1. Good interview. Technically I think you are offside as soon as you make a movement towards the ball, so probably got away with that one.
  2. I think he is brilliant and the term I used was meant with nothing but affection and admiration. Again, I apologise for any offence to anyone as this was not my intention, especially to Jerome.
  3. Play on words of a surname. That is all. I have amended and I apologise to anyone if offended as that was not intended and mostly to Jerome who had a cracking game today.
  4. First half to them. When they equalised I feared the worst, but we dug in, did will and won the last third of the game to win it. Great all round performance with grit and determination, pick of the bunch Mcalindon, ducky, jerome & Tobi.
  5. Staunton had a fine game and is a quality centre back. We just lacked the cover a midfield of Staunton/Maher usually provides.
  6. kellster


    Nolan defo the pick of the trialists, looked assured, strong, quality on the ball and will offer a bit of experience in there. With his pedigree too, would surely be a good addition. Left back looked ok too. Silva your big number 9 with Allen buzzing in around. But what a signing earring could be based on this performance!!
  7. The backbone of the side is in place. I’m just trying to make the point that the date of any additions during pre-season has little bearing. It’s the actual quality of player brought in that should be our concern.
  8. My main concern is the actual quality of player we are able to sign. Not the date in pre-season in which he is signed.
  9. kellster

    Sell Sam!

    We are fc Halifax town. We can afford who we can afford. End of. If you can’t accept that, support another team.
  10. I’m sure he was their stand out player against us at their place last season. Looks a good signing.
  11. Call me a traditionalist, but I always like the away shirt to be a different colour to the home shirt???
  12. Very good team performance today, just fell short of getting over the line and getting the win. Every player put in a shift, no complaints. Many could have been mom today, but special mention to berrett who has been superb since only just being back from relatively serious injury. With all players available and performances like this, goals and results will come and we will be safe. Let’s build from here and back our manager. Yes, it’s not been an amazing season but there is definitely something there with this manager. Let’s build on that and get some positivity going!! That other thread Fullerton in/out. Ridiculous imo.
  13. It also gets Southwell up top with Quigley with Staunton or Maher able to step into a back 3.
  14. Defo think we have the squad for a 352, obv with Hansen right wing back. Surely worth considering.
  15. If a team is winning and blatantly time wasting, the injury time accrued should be ‘chalked off’ if the other team ends up winning on 90 mins.
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