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  1. There is only josh Mac and Maher left that would be anything like the quality we need if we are to improve. Hotte too as a good value squad player.
  2. For a moment then I thought you were being serious! Haha!
  3. Good look and massive thank you to those players mentioned above!! Out of the new manager’s players, (graham apart) the only one I would definitely sign is Maher.
  4. Really can't believe people knocking this squad and Heath with the achievements to date. With our budget, who on earth would come in and do any better? Every player gives his all, we are organised and pretty hard to score against. The big boys of this league will not relish playing us. Yes of course there could be improvements in quality, but that's what money buys you. Pound for pound, our team is punching and I for one am enjoying the season. No need for any major changes apart from a couple of squad additions.
  5. If their 3 had been booked for the first challenge he would not have been booked and sent off for the second challenge when he was booked. (If that makes sense)
  6. Yes we are defo improving, nothing spectacular but slowly and surely....and I too saw the lion after the match.
  7. Ainge. Hatfield. Marshy. Boden. Smithy. even Williams would all be in tomorrow's team if were Still at the club
  8. No disrespect to the the young lads, but I have been saying all week to myself, please don't just sign 2 young lads from league clubs on loan.
  9. Just taking the players who Aspin chose to let go, so excluding roberts maynard and pearson. How many would get in this team? All of them!
  10. Do you'se know something I don't?
  11. i can drive if needed. sorry for late reply
  12. really sorry guys put cant drive now as going up with family and out for meal after,
  13. good work rambo. i would be happy with either.
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