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  1. Thanks for this Chadders. At the moment, does not sound like the Calderdale Council beaurocratic foul up that many of you predicted
  2. Or a steward standing in front of turnstiles with a handheld barcode reader, then through a old fashioned turnstile - Valley Parade style O
  3. Not quite like for like. How do Hartlepool get 10/1 with no more parachute money? But they have signed Josh McDonald! Therefore bankrolled Stockport look good at 11/1.
  4. And..he was Yeovil's first signing of the summer, wonder how many on their message board were having hissy fits about no players signed all best players being snapped up by others?!
  5. Are the people at the phoenix club deliberately trying to wind Dale up? They have formed a new club with one letter difference to Bury FC (how have FA allowed this?) and their new badge is the same as original club's one with a different shade of blue with bits chopped off. Nice bar for them at Radcliffe though, can stand in there with a drink on a cold day and watch the action outside
  6. Docked 17 points last season, Nat League will have a close eye on them..
  7. Piece Hall is run by a trust, not directly by the council so not the same. What will be interesting to find out is how many can be allowed into E Stand function room areas, compard to the staning/eating areassthus limiting the clubs's ability to make non-turnstile revenue, and whether the same rules will apply for football and rugby given their respective governing bodies requirements.
  8. Shayite 432


    How so? Have not heard that they are funding a F/T squad way beyond their means. Or is a case of a BOD not willing/able to fund costs with no income in the current situation? Either way they wont be the last
  9. Too hyped?! Isn't an announcment about an announcement hype?
  10. Not if we give him a dig early on, as has been stated elsewhere. Hopefully PW has seen this and taken note as we have.
  11. One of the main reasons wwe got rid of him, hope it works out for him at Hartlepool, but unless he can change this aspect of his game I don't seee a future for him at our level
  12. Why are you weeping over a defender who is now too slow for this level, as well as being injury prone? Yes, a great team player and leader which is needed, that's not enough to be successful
  13. Well done to them, one of the tradional conference clubs back in the non-league top flight, and a local game if we can go there I just hope they can stabilise as a P/T club, it's so difficult now.
  14. Agreed, but if Borehamwood do get through and win at Wembley it will be a bad day for the Nat league if their second best team is a bankrolled tiny club that can barely muster 750 of its own fans
  15. Although they ought to be disliked by us as they are a M25 club, Wealdstone are a sound, traditional non-league club such as near-neigbours Barnet. They were previous conference winners before promotion and founder members
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