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  1. Having worked around Wakefield area for a number of years, I dare you to go over there and state that Wakey and Cas should not be at the top table.
  2. Why don't you... Post less than 5000 posts on here per game you attend each decade
  3. Thank goodness you are still with us. I was fearing that you would be chucking yourself off North Bridge tonight!
  4. Which would you prefer, Eastleigh on a Sat or a Tue? Hence Wild's subs.
  5. Good and bad, out of this nonsense cup, but Duckworth injured. In the light of this, can Papa Lazarou explain to us again the merits of the FA Trophy?
  6. Who has said that? Smoke less Spice lad
  7. Are you on drugs!? Compared to promotion back to league and play off final it's pointless, and should we get to a play off final we will take much more than 10 000
  8. I do. We now have to go to Boreham Wood midweek with the possiblity of going to Eastleigh midweek if we beat Halesowen, thus we make things more difficult for ourselves plus the possibility of players being injured by a pub team. Our priority with a small squad is the league not a pointless non league cup competition, let's see how many of today's home crowd won't be there next week..
  9. A couple more articles in the last few days from the Beeb re: gambling addiction : https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51335122 https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51316752
  10. not forgetting it only takes a glue league club in a Walt Disney cup competition to knack key players...
  11. Yeah, bring back Josh McDonald, Allen is crap
  12. Agreed a tough holding midfielder in the Steve Bushell mould could be the final piece in our jigsaw
  13. You can't in play bet, cash out or not, and put x amount on your ACCA with the Euromillions draw. Lottery gambling is fixed price and relatively less addictive. Admittedly less so for scratchcards. Anyway, how many community good causes have Bet 365 funded this year?
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51242829 Government minister fires a warning shot across bows of football clubs' financing due to social problems caused by gambling addiction. Discuss
  15. How come clubs of the stature of Harrogate and Chorley have Community Foundations? Where is ours?
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