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  1. Shayite 432


    That's right they are paying him a massive rent Salford have far more money. Even though they can sell 13 000 season tiackets at £149,
  2. Shayite 432


    Big club, no money and bang avarage team, they don't like it being in L2
  3. Shayite 432


    It's clear that it will be much harder for him to demand Salford style wages, if he has a brain between his ears he will settle for what the likes of us can offer him, as he has claimed he lkes us, thus has the chance of firing us back to the league
  4. What the Beeb, Sky and BT Sport, don't show Another classic from the 70's Gerry Francis gets a brace for England, whilst Stewart Kennedy has a mare for Scotland, and Alfie Conn sports possibly the worst hairdo of the 70's,
  5. Get the kids to turn off whatever rubbish they are watching on Sky right now and make them to watch this
  6. Me too, but as of yesterday we are dropping like flies with the additional problem that some cannot now get to work due to bus/train rundown. The schools 'closure' is a farce at present as most will be open due the number of keyworking parents, kids at risk and those with special needs. This morning Bradford Council have had to sent minibuses that are used Mon-Fri to transport special needs kids to school; up to Keighley and Bingley from their vehicle depot by ther university to collect binmen from home to go to work in Bradford who don't have their own transport.
  7. What's the official line then?
  8. Search me? He won't be here next season, to put up with this nonsense, he's having to track back all the time for the ball rather than playing on the shoulder of defenders where he gets his goals from. Redshaw is still paying in the 'hole' which resembles a gaping chasm again. As the 'midfield' is nowhere near him. Clarke was todays playmaker, hoofball from the centre circle. This really was painful, thankfully we have an enforced break, I need it more than those in blue today.
  9. Nice to know there are some allied to health workers on here that can spread a bit of common sense to the masses. Yesterday a colleague of mine donned blue surgical gloves as he has a poorly parent. My mum is frail with dementia, she can't be left alone, my 82 YO dad is her carer, in a few minutes I will be going round there to give him respite before todays game, my mum can't be left alone/isolated or she will be traumatised, we have to take the chance that **** won't happen. It proper does my napper in when I see all these clowns clearing the shop shelves of bog rolls/sanitary gel etc.
  10. They also gave a moral, social and duty of care to not spook the population either i.e 'keep calm and carry on' as during wartime, that includes the Nat League whose hand will be forced by the unenforceable 500 gathering law that appears imminent. The Calderdale service in my line of work has shut it's doors as of Monday, whilst we in Bradford are still open. This type of inconsistency, causes fear and panic
  11. Totally unenforcable. I had to laugh when a woman who owned a tourist shop up in the Dales said no one is coming in yet Harvey Nicks in Leeds was rammed at the same time, obviously shopping addicts won't change their habits
  12. How come they are the type of Eurotrash we hammer in qualifiers that allowed Rooney to become Englad's top scorer? I agree with you though that Gibraltar should be in an African group, their pub league players are no match for us Europeans
  13. It is being privatsed piecemeal you fool. Locala have been running sexual health services in most of W Yorks for 5 years, check out where their parent company orginate from - you guessed it: the good ole US of A
  14. Here's a refreshingly honest and sensible view on the current situation from Rochdale's Chief Exec and EFL football finances in general https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/51860896
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