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    I thought at the very least he’d come over and applaud the fans on the last day of the season at Fylde, but we got nothing from him. Certainly left a bitter taste even though we were safe in the end
  2. AdultHumour

    Spot on!

    This is something that used to infuriate me! Surely into our 20th winless game he must’ve thought it was time to try something new!
  3. Cheers for clearing that up! Still great to see our midfield busting a gut to get into the box
  4. Was it Staunton that actually hit the diagonal pass to Allen? Remember it seeming like a wasteful punt forward at first, but it bounced perfectly! If it was Staunton that did hit that pass and then followed it into the box then hats off to him!
  5. I'm working all day today so if you PM me your email address I'll send the file over to you tomorrow morning in its full resolution. Was working on it with Pliny but that seemed to come to a standstill... I'll do a couple of different versions and see what people think. Personally I agree that it'd look best without any text and as big as possible. Definitely an iconic image of the FCHT era, what a day that was!
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