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    Read up on it. Owen admitted he dived.
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    Today, s footballers? Maradona used to get kicked from pillar to post in games. He just got up & got on with it. Today they go down if someone breathes on them. He is in my opinion the greatest that ever played. Pele had other great players around him. Maradona practically won the 86 World Cup on his own.
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    Always be remembered as a cheat because it was against England? Any other team it would have been forgotten by now. Cheated for the 1st goal, then scored probably the greatest goal ever scored for the second. Remember Michael Owen, s blatant dive for England against Argentina in the 2002 World Cup. That won us the game. Whatever people's opinion of Maradona are? He was probably the greatest there has been.
  4. Just watched a 7 minute montage of him. Doesn't look too shabby to me. Big, strong & fast. You never know this might be the club he excels at.
  5. Wouldn't say its unlucky. Put it down to selfish people who think about themselves only.
  6. We could have a 20ft giant playing centre forward for us. The way Wild sets his teams up. It would be totally pointless.
  7. Don't think so. What Wilder achieved at the old club was miraculous considering the circumstances. You keep believing we haven't got problems. With this current one track pony of a manager.
  8. Never a sending off in my opinion. So you would rather have the useless Maher in that position?
  9. Still the blindfolded optism from the same suspects. Who think we haven't got big problems.
  10. Thing is with Wild he has so much enthusiasm & passion for the game. That people actually believe what he is talking about. When reality is he is tactically inept & has no knowledge on how to win football matches. Why sign a player who is far better even at 37 that what was in midfeld today? Then not play him. Call him a liability or what ever you want? We badly need Jeff King on that football pitch. Niall Maher a wing back? My Dad could outrun him & he is nearly 80.
  11. Agree. It, s totally farsical.
  12. Your already making up excuses already. If we are to challenge we have to beat teams like Wealdstone. Winning football matches brings confidence back. 3 points tonight is a must as far as I am concerned.
  13. The MSM are a complete disgrace to there alliance to Biden. You would think he is going for Presidency on his own. Appalling reporting.
  14. Yet Tom Denton gets talked about more on this forum than Jamie Vardy. He just gets better with age does Vardy.
  15. We already have a better striker in Jake Hyde. If we can keep fit.
  16. 7 of that World Cup winning team. Now sadly passed away.
  17. Hanson is good enough to get in this team.
  18. We got to the play offs because of the pandemic. Didn't you see the Ebbsfleet performance?
  19. It’s Clarke that wants dropping. Bradbury has done well so far this season.
  20. What goes on before is irrelevant. Today is what matters. Plus some much needed cash in the coffers.
  21. Not many running that extra mile. Mr Wild.
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