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  1. He got Bell didn't he? They are out there.
  2. Oh give over ffs. Nathan Clarke has had a fantastic footballing career. We just have better players in his position now. He is no one's boo boy at all.
  3. Spot on. The blame lies firmly on China,s door. As soon as the first case was identified international flights should have been stopped.
  4. What a load of bollocks. That is your best yet.
  5. So many beating Cambridge in the FA Cup, beating FC Utd away was a belting away day. Lancaster good choice. Atmosphere was electric that day.
  6. We weren't winning football matches with Clarke in the team. We are far better now.Byrne & Maher are better centre halves imo. Yes we are conceding goals. However we are out scoring the opposition.
  7. The good run coincided when King came back into the side & Clarke got injured. We now have defenders who are more mobile& can distribute the ball quicker. Thus enabling King & Williams/Senior to get up the pitch much more effectively. Niall Maher is a revelation as a centre half. As I have said in the past. Much more dangerous attacking team without Clarke in it.
  8. We are appalling at corners. So predictable.
  9. Ash Palmer sent off for Stockport.
  10. I know one side will try & play proper football. Hope Leeds win. They are fantastic to watch.
  11. Hit him hard in the first few minutes. He will disappear for the rest of the game.
  12. Box to box midfielder. Looks a decent addition.
  13. He can't reveal anything till the 1st of Jan. It could be anyone in the National League.
  14. Wouldn't mind Bruno Andrade from Salford on loan.
  15. Vardy missed about 6 one on one's in this game. Tremendous atmosphere throughout the entire 90 minutes.
  16. Said this before Maher is a better defender than a defensive midfielder. We have players now that can do the job better than what Maher used to do. This current formation is working great at the minute. Why change it? Also the introduction of Bell has improved the team massively.
  17. Get hammered for this. We look a better team without Nathan Clarke in it. Results are proving this as well.
  18. Did the pregnant woman deserve to have a knife held to her stomach,? George Floyd was a vile human being. God knows why he is idolised? I am saying no more on the matter. On to things that should be discussed on here. Well done to PW & the team. On a fantastic away display tonight. Onwards & Upwards.
  19. I know we need a win. It, s just what I predict.Hope i am wrong.
  20. Draw for me. Wild will be even more cautious than normal. He dare not lose this game.
  21. When he does these interviews he is insulting the supporters. To think we thought Fullarton talked b*******.
  22. Not getting into that game. What I am saying is there is managers out there who would come to this club & do better than Wild.
  23. Who can we get in? Everytime there is a vacancy for 1st team manager at this club. We have over 80 applicants. So don't tell me there is no one better.
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