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  1. Why?Because not everyone agrees with Mr FC Halifax Town himself!
  2. It wasn't poor football though was it.Rather have a reputation as a footballing side.Not one as a dirty hoofball team!! Ps We played Luton off the park at home last season & Barnet away.Nothing remotely like this season.
  3. Get a grip ffs.Have I said Klopp is a bad manager?As for your question. I want to see a team that tries to play a bit of football once in a while.People want entertainment all day long.Keep playing like we are.Crowds will drop below 1000. Exactly all these blaming the board or just taking the heat of Aspin.Without them.No club!!
  4. I repeat. So you are happy to watch this rubbish every week? Klopp doing reall well in the Bundesliga!!
  5. You would still be happy if we got smashed 5-0 every week.The football we are playing at the moment is awful.You can't escape from the fact. What,s any England manager won in the last 48 years?
  6. Entertaining sides put bums on seats.So you are happy to watch this dross every week?You are completely deluded if you don't think our style of play this season have altered.Keegan was a good manager.That,s why the English public wanted him as England manager.
  7. We just want a team that exites & entertains.Not this dross we have had to put up with .Most of the season.Keep it on the bloody floor.Simples...
  8. Imperative that he tries to get a couple in on loan next week.We badly need to stop this slump.
  9. The board have backed him to the hilt & got him the players he wanted.His summer signings have been shocking apart from Boden & Kevin Roberts.That is not the boards fault.
  10. Excuses all around yet again.We lost to a team who prior to the game were in the bottom 4.Why did Dyer start & not Jackson?The book stops with the manager.End off!!
  11. Steve Burr better manager than Aspin.
  12. Jackson liviest player on the pitch 2nd half against Woking. Does he start him?No.Starts with the wooden Dyer.Unbelievable!!
  13. Never in a million years will this hoofball dross get us out of this league.
  14. Macclesfield & Woking both doing very well as part time clubs.
  15. Can't hide the fact that since Aspin went full time.We have been utterly woeful!!
  16. What a stupid statement about Pearson.He was a rock last season in MIDFIELD!!
  17. They are in the bottom 4 ffs!
  18. Why?I always want my side to win.
  19. More pressure on the so called lord.If not!!
  20. Correct.More hoofball today it is then!!
  21. Hope your not sat directly behind the dug out..
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