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  1. Trouble with Johnson is he knows he can have a really bad game. Yet he will automatically be picked for the next game. He has become complacent.
  2. Did it without Nathan Clarke as well. Just saying...
  3. Fantastic victory no one can argue that. All we have to do now is find some consistency.
  4. Jon Brown massively underrated but what a job he did in 97/98.
  5. If we are as good as some say we are on here. We win this quite comfortably.
  6. The Sky Sports obsession with Manchester United Football Club is cringe worthy. Nothing said about Fernandes putting his studs down the back of the Arsenal players leg last Saturday. Nothing said about Martial, s blatant dive last night. Nothing said about Southamptons disallowed goal. So glad City are winning at Burnley. Won't here the last of it. If the unthinkable happens & the Scum win the league.
  7. Dias. Is only 23 he looks like he has played the game all his life. Class act.
  8. Disagree. Ruben Dias by a country mile. Transformed Man City. Best defender in the world right now.
  9. Should have been at least yellow carded tonight as well. Terrible challenge. Goes missing against the big boys.
  10. To play a back 3.You have to have players who can distribute a football well & quick. Clarke cannot do that.
  11. Hyde needs to keep fit for a long time. Very good centre forward. No good in the treatment room.
  12. Why not? You usually like a good dig.
  13. Maher, Byrne & Bradbury are the best defenders to fit the system that Wild wants to play. Wild loves his wing backs.If Clarke does come back into the side. We will revert back to 4_4_2. Nathan Clarke has been a fantastic footballer in his career. His best days are behind him sadly.
  14. How many games have we won. Clean sheet at Wrexham & Clarke wasn't missed. All of a sudden he is our saviour.
  15. Grow up ffs. Lot of idiots on this forum. There really is.
  16. We weren't winning football matches with Clarke in the team you muppet.
  17. Summerfield out for 3 months.
  18. Getting boring & predictable? Bit like your constant digs at him...
  19. Wonderful football goal. The pace of him is unbelievable.
  20. Hartlepool fan now resorting to nasty Yorkshire Ripper comments on Facebook.
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