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  1. Getting boring & predictable? Bit like your constant digs at him...
  2. Wonderful football goal. The pace of him is unbelievable.
  3. Hartlepool fan now resorting to nasty Yorkshire Ripper comments on Facebook.
  4. Meanwhile China gets away with it scot free. I find it despicable they haven't been brought accountable for this.
  5. Superb business by Wild to get Chadwick.
  6. You keep banging on about Hyde & Bell. Since the Sutton defeat. We have scored 21 league goals. They have contributed to 7 of them between them. You want clean sheets?Go & watch a Jamie Fullarton team. Fantastic entertainment at the moment are our matches.
  7. We also won a football match without Bell & Hyde in the side..
  8. How many matches won? Outscore the opposition it doesn't matter if we concede goals.
  9. Complacency with Johnson. No one at the club to put him under pressure for his place. Hasn't been for years.
  10. Don't have a problem with Johnson. He is a very capable goalie at this level. Not the best in the league however.
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