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  1. Looks bloody awful in my opinion.
  2. You can encourage him all you like, get behind him etc. He just hasn't got the ability at this level. We are a better team without him in it. Which has been proven.
  3. You harp on about vendetta, s. Yet you have the biggest one against TJ.
  4. Allen changed the game against Dover, Redshaw won us the game against Chesterfield almost on his own. Could Sho Silva change a game?I know what the answer is. You can't wait to have a pop at Allen. Yet Sho Silva you defend...
  5. I would love to ask Peter Wild. What he thinks are Tobi Sho Silva, s strengths.
  6. It what it looks like at the end that matters.
  7. Pitch will be waterlogged. Surely?
  8. Are you for real or on a constant wind up. It, s to absolute pour it down.
  9. ashy1966

    Man City

    Whilst Man Utd £700 million in debt can carry on spending as they wish...
  10. It, s not a normal forecast though is it? They have warned us for over a week about torrential rain. We play on it, then the rugby play on it as well. That will cause severe damage to the pitch. Then there might not be a game for weeks. It, s all about common sense is this...
  11. It, s not what happens overnight. It, s supposed to lash it down from 9am onwards tomorrow morning.
  12. So the Council don't have the power to call a game off then?
  13. Both games should be called off to safeguard the pitch.
  14. The rugby club shows total contempt towards FC Halifax Town & the pitch. We will be called off on Saturday & yet the Rugby will play Sunday. You can almost guarantee it...
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