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  1. We will be 2 or 3 up with 20 minutes left. Woking are going to get a tonking on Saturday.
  2. ashy1966

    FA Cup

    Josh Gillies & Jason Gilcrist on there books. Decent squad won't be easy.
  3. Shows how far we have come if we are all disappointed not to beat a decent side like Yeovil. Decent return so far this season considering the opposition we have played.
  4. How that Eric Dier gets picked is beyond me. Same goes for Harry Maguire.
  5. Not bad return against teams who are expected to finish above us. Fine margins is football. We could be sitting pretty with 9 out of 9.
  6. Mid table mediocrity? Dag & Red beat comfortably. Highly fancied. Stockport pre season favourites should have got at least a draw.Away from home. Borehamwood away again one of the favourites. We should have won today. In this form. I would say we will make the play offs at least. Hyde & Stenson to come back in as well.
  7. Start taking our chances & someone is going to get a tonking. Need Hyde back & quickly.
  8. Bore off You pathetic individual.
  9. In your opinion it is racist. Just wish the reaction of a white policeman shot dead in Croydon had created such an outburst as a known criminal who held a gun to a pregnant woman's stomach had created. You can think what you want about me as a person. I really couldn't give a damn!!
  10. What a sad human being you are. You don't know the 1st thing about me. Strange how you only post your bile late at night. Racist because I don't condemn a banner flying over a football ground.
  11. It was a double header that day. Halifax Rugby played Keighley before at Thrum Hall before we kicked off.
  12. Not a chance!! Record cases, deaths on the increase. Blame the brain dead selfish British public for this.
  13. ashy1966

    No fans

    Starmer has a worse personality than Fullarton Easiest thing in the world to shout criticism when you are in power.
  14. At least you can go Grouse shooting with 30 of your toff mates. You couldn't make this s*** up.
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