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  1. Need to get tighter on that Colclough.
  2. Wrexham sign Gold Omotoya. Jesus there doing there best not to go up.
  3. The defence was fine. No need to bring Clarke back in. Maher was playing out of his skin at centre back. Not near enough as effective in midfeld.
  4. Since Clarke came back into the side. The high press & intensity has disappeared.
  5. ashy1966


    On our day we are as good as anyone in this league. Never have a better chance than this season to go up. 33/1 are very good odds. Surely worth a £5 of anyone's money.
  6. You will get slated for that comment. Clarke fan club will be after you.
  7. Hardly call bringing in players from Gloucester & Weymouth having a unlimited budget.
  8. Like I said. Never have a better chance for promotion. Summerfield to come back as well, keep Hyde fit. It's looking very promising.
  9. We have. No argument there. They look a poor side.
  10. Clearly setting up not to lose. We need to win this game.
  11. Cannot afford to be chasing the game against this lot. Play your best players if they are fit.
  12. Never said he would turn it down. Just don't think he is ready yet.
  13. Don't think he is good enough to play at a higher level at the minute. Needs to find more consistency. Think Jeff King is more ready to play higher up the pyramid.
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