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  1. Facts like 3 Labour MPS who broke the lockdown rules! Starmer wanting Cummins fired yet says naff all about his own. Hypocrite!!
  2. Rather have a smaller squad next season with more quality, than a bigger squad full of duds. If we get injuries we can venture into the loan market.
  3. Not a chance!! Got to get rid of social distancing first & that isn't happening any time soon....
  4. ashy1966


    If Wild is serious about bridging the gap next season. He is just the type of player we need.
  5. Let them get on with it. Them that value there lives won't take the piss & them that don't will.
  6. Wrong! He is taking his paternity later in the year. Tell me why they should lift the lockdown? To allow another wave of this deadly virus? Some people amaze me. Germany has just relaxed there lockdown & cases are soaring again.
  7. That Ebbsfleet game under Wild was on a par or even worse than anything under Fullerton. He has done well overall this season. Yet he is a long way off the finished article. Johnson & Morley you could do a lot worse.
  8. My son was the. mascot on this day. Great afternoon.
  9. ashy1966

    Gary Wilby

    Yes. He was the DJ at Cats Bar.
  10. Yet still the wet markets remain open. Why isn't the World Health Organisation forcing immediate action to have these barbaric places shut down. Said it weeks ago. China should pay for this.
  11. Restrictions will still be in place for another 12/18 months till we get a Vaccine. I think the holiday season for 2020 is over.
  12. ashy1966


    Labour are a shambles of a party. They lost loads of seats up North that were Labour strongholds. All because they took there supporters for mugs over Brexit. So let's appoint another leader that is opposed to Brexit.
  13. Probably the best ever. When we won at the old Feethams around 99/00.He won that game on his own. Fantastic footballer.
  14. Kevin Hulme was better imo.
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