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  1. In your opinion.Only Harrogate looked a decent football side in them play offs. The rest were woeful.
  2. The league was so poor last season. Hence why Barrow won it!! This season we will see what Pete Wild is like as a football manager.
  3. Jeff King & Danny Williams are they good enough? Go for me.
  4. Little quality? Like the rest then apart from Cameron King & Duckworth. Wild has a massive job on for next season.
  5. At least he lasted 90 minutes.
  6. Strange when a player leaves how all of a sudden deemed not good enough? Is this the same Josh Staunton that many on here were saying he had a chance of being our player of the year before lockdown?
  7. We have one in Hanson. Yet Wild thinks differently.
  8. I am sure if they were offered £1000 a week contracts. It would have become more bearable. Neither good enough in my opinion. Good riddance!!
  9. Allen played well 1st half. Pity TSS could only last 60 minutes after 3 months rest..
  10. Tell me what he did against Borehamwood? Surely we can better?
  11. Especially Papa...
  12. Because we will have 3 players practically the same type. Cooper, Maher & Staunton. How about adding a bit of flair in there? Something different.
  13. Staunton can protect the defence & he can pass a football better.
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