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  1. A Tory vote is still better than a Corbyn vote.
  2. How do you know he isn,t?We could have taken him on trial & found out.
  3. We should have had a look at Aaron Martin?Knocking them in for fun at Guiseley.
  4. Agree about another striker.
  5. Why is there a missing link at the moment?
  6. Now 7th favourites to win the league.
  7. Thought Duckworth was outstanding.Especially 1st half.
  8. ashy1966

    Busy month

    Wrexham flatter to deceive every season.Solihull look the real deal this season for me.
  9. Report says you are right.My apologies.
  10. It was Sho Silva who shot surely?
  11. Thought it was Allen that played the diagonal pass to Sho Silva which led to Staunton's goal?Also Staunton missed an absolute sitter in the 1st half.
  12. One thing that is clearly evident tonight.This manager had brought the feel good factor back to this club.
  13. Each to there own I suppose.I want to be entertained for 90 minutes not bored shitless.
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