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  1. ZORRO


    Brown has been a great servant to the club but looking to the future he was only going to get slower and be more injury prone.I am sure he is very happy to join Duckworth at York on a significant package for that level.I am sure we are happy to increase our mobility and passing ability at the back with a suitable replacement.
  2. Very sad to learn that.A 6 foot 4 inch centre half who was very solid and uncompromising.Good memories of a fine servant to the club and game.
  3. Very good suggestion and should receive a very good response from the faithful.
  4. Watching on bt we are very poor can’t pass Williams gave them the goal we look like bottom 4 material sadly
  5. Gerry Priestley was a great winger and flyer down the flank.George Whitelaw was the player who used to pretend to pick up the ball, another great character.
  6. Southwell like McDonald has not really fully recovered from injury.Both these guys are not good enough to play in the National League unfortunately despite their original potential.Very sad that they never realised their potential with us, we need to set the bar higher if we are to consolidate in the play offs. There is a good chance we will.
  7. Rodney and Redshaw are both better players than Liam, poor move for him, but it will work out better for us as guess.
  8. ZORRO

    Notts County

    Poor tactics, woeful home record. Mid table position if we are lucky unless the manager makes big changes.
  9. Wild has sadly made some serious tactical errors over the past 2 months.His comments are now becoming tedious to say the least.We all know what the solution is, why cant he see it?
  10. Tactically Wild does not appear to have much idea
  11. We have been totally out played in all of our last 4 home games both in technical and quality terms.We badly need a goal scorer and a midfield creator and more physical presence.We all know we have overachieved but we are luckily in a very good league position.Logically the Board would raise some cash as perhaps never a better time to get back into the league.But new quality players required, otherwise we will do well to finish in the top ten.
  12. Peter was a fantastic goalkeeper and would be with a fortune in today,s currency.Happy memories of a great footballer.
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