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  1. Hugh Ryden a forward in the 1960’s for us is also a victim , sadly 2 of his brothers also ex pro players have the same condition. Time the P F A started supporting these ex players
  2. Excellent performance from ten man Halifax tonight, Danns unfortunately just a liability,Green did all the work for him along with Summerfield who both played very well as did Senior.Nice to seem the Team so confident on the ball.
  3. ZORRO

    Les Massie

    Les Massie was a great goal scorer for both Huddersfield Town and Halifax Town a goal poacher supreme and I can still visualise him scoring that goal in our promotion season against Rochdale - a great goal RIPLes.
  4. There will be a number of ex players/ supporters on this site who know that in these sort of cup ties the only way to play lower league sides is to beat them physically because you know they will play above themselves. I note PW advised the side accordingly. The side chose not to heed this and rolled over. Clearly not listening to the manager and not willing to go the extra mile he keeps banging on about. The 2 strikers he brought in are woeful and we now know why they are available. When a team is struggling in the final third one way to compensate is to put in long hours on set ball. The tea
  5. Big Sam should only get better with time and coaching.Hope we can retain him on longer contract.
  6. ZORRO


    Brown has been a great servant to the club but looking to the future he was only going to get slower and be more injury prone.I am sure he is very happy to join Duckworth at York on a significant package for that level.I am sure we are happy to increase our mobility and passing ability at the back with a suitable replacement.
  7. Very sad to learn that.A 6 foot 4 inch centre half who was very solid and uncompromising.Good memories of a fine servant to the club and game.
  8. Very good suggestion and should receive a very good response from the faithful.
  9. Watching on bt we are very poor can’t pass Williams gave them the goal we look like bottom 4 material sadly
  10. Could be just the type of appointment that will change the poor stereotype of football and approach which clearly has not been successful.Hope he can get then playing some proper football - and instill some badly needed discipline and confidence to the team's game. Great to see that he is primarily a coach because this aspect has been sadly lacking in the development of the squad to date. I wish him all the very best.
  11. Morgan has had not fulfilled the potential most of us all saw in him.He has not developed his game,is unable to see when to give a pass and try’s to shoot from impossible positions.If he really applied himself he could make it, sadly appears to possess a negative temperament ,not a fighter or a winner in National League terms where resilience is required to compliment ability.
  12. The time to improve your playing squad is when the team is going well.You should always seek to improve incrementally. Neither Heath or Bosomworth appear to have been shrewd enough to do this.We will now start to react under pressure to improve a squad that everyone knew is not good enough overall. Why the Chairman and Manager are not more proactive is a puzzle unless of course we are content to just endeavour to survive in this league.
  13. We have no midfield creativity it has been clear all season but Heath does not appear to want to resolve
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