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  1. It is a very strange thing to get your head around, and we were talking about this a few months ago when discussing Messi's ludicrous salary. You could say it's the players' moral responsibility, but I think that ignores the bigger picture- where is the money coming from and why? Vast sums of money are ploughed into the worldwide football industry with the full knowledge that this money will be lost, yet these losses are happily underwritten. Football isn't the only industry where this happens, it's often to do with the power and influence that money can buy rather than your typical investment
  2. It's one where we should raise our game. Alty are a good side and were perhaps a little unlucky not to get anything from the match at the Shay. Josh Hancock is by all means a baller. They also have this striker on loan from Stockport who can score a goal or two. Two main lessons we've learned from the last couple of games- in attack, give Hyde a simple pass for a simple goal. In defence, if you're unsure of danger but you can get a header or foot to it, get it out. Nothing wrong with a hoof in case of emergency.
  3. But against Aldershot and Solihull our game management was spot on and we did see out those games with some impressive olé! football all over the pitch. In the Solihull match Jamie Allen and Tahvon Campbell were subbed on for Jeff King and Jake Hyde respectively, leaving us with a fairly balanced 11. In the Aldershot match Wild actually made subs to pack the midfield, bringing on Kian Spence and Dom Tear for Tahvon Campbell and Billy Chadwick. The other day, the formation was a bit irregular. Obiero, Williams and Spence were brought on for King, Senior and Earing. It's pretty easy to see why
  4. Hyde had every right to be vocal yesterday. He does not play selfishly- he could try and play billy big bollox and take potshots, run into blind alleys, but instead he does the sensible thing of holding the ball, drawing out defenders and getting the ball to his teammates behind the defence. He only had a go at teammates when they didn't do the same thing for him and give him a more simple final ball for the easiest possible finish. If Allen, Chadwick, Earing or whoever gets into a similar position on Saturday they'll have Hyde ringing in their ears, and hopefully they'll do the right thing an
  5. Allen bust a gut to get into those positions in the first place. He won our penalty today too. Lads, go for a beer and a clog dance, we won!
  6. We're making so many chances in every game which is brilliant. With 48 goals scored we're third in the table behind Sutton (51) and Torquay (50). A slight improvement in our conversion rate will send us to the football league.
  7. Can't believe we haven't scored more, completely tearing them on the counter, we're just a fart or a burp short of a finish!
  8. Agreed. Very unselfish. Always making space for Earing and Allen. A class act!
  9. Lovely move. That turn by Obiero was tidy as!
  10. No yellow card for Jeff King. Hear that? That's the sound of Town fans ripping up betting slips in disgust.
  11. In direct breach of the Shay Stadium's community code of conduct. Disgraceful.
  12. Great stuff, straight out of the traps. Great work by Jack Senior, well held up by Jake Hyde to work it across and the door was held open for Jeff King to finish it off.
  13. Typical Pete Wild half time team talk, booo!
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