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  1. olitheshayman


    Awful lot of parkin in the last two posts.
  2. olitheshayman


    Politics of denial I guess. The National league is its own body and as the fifth league would really only be kidding itself if it let all its clubs operate in masses of unresolvable debt just to maintain its image of competitiveness... right?
  3. Honestly, I had a crack at this riddle myself and came to those answers but the real correct answer will blow your mind!
  4. I heard that in the job interview Pete Wild was doing alright, answering the questions and acquitting himself well, but then came the real test when David Bosomworth produced from under his desk an ordinary spade and asked him, "What do you call this?"
  5. No players are looking bad at this stage and all of them seem to have a bit of a battle about them, and Cameron King's level up is like a whole new signing, even if he was sound enough last season. The leading teams will have that extra depth in their squad though. If and when injuries and suspensions we'll definitely struggle.
  6. Crucially though it dragged the man of the back post meaning Williams' header went straight in.
  7. https://www.bbc.com/sport/live/football/49305310
  8. I am glad their bubble's burst. Did my head in during that brief period when they were successful, hearing all sorts of nerds saying how they were Borussia Dortmund 2.0 or something.
  9. West Yorkshire Sport hardly ever covers us for some reason so we have to rely on the team we're playing to have a local radio commentary team at the game.
  10. Looks like a load of excitable footy lads trying to start something with him and him reacting angrily as he's entitled to. He's not being drunk or disorderly or anything that bad, don't think there's much to see here other than some weird behaviour from Lincoln fans.
  11. I felt like re-watching it just to get that deep sense of anger at how awful the quality and camera angle is for one of the most sublime chest and volley goals I've ever seen from Dean. Gets your blood pressure right up!
  12. olitheshayman


    I think it's likely to be north west counties league, the same fate that befell Hereford FC. Of course Gigg Lane has been used at that level before with FC United, and I think it could handle the attendances.
  13. How much would this stuff cost? Maybe we could crowdfund it amongst ourselves?
  14. Went to Rapid Vienna v Redbull Salzburg in the 2017/18 season and there were audible monkey chants when Salzburg's black players were on the ball. Never going back there. Austria's a particularly weird place for racism and ethno-nationalism. Something has gone right in Britain in how I reckon we are much more likely to take it for granted and not think about it much that our families, friends neighbourhoods can look African, Asian, Chinese and come from all over the world. So, if pretty much all of us would hate the idea of being called a racist, why does even this kind of explicit racism persist? We're living in a world shaped by a long history of white supremacy, the divide between white European ex-colonies and the lands it took from, and its continuation as a global pyramid scheme, where a few individuals get ahead, but where the lower base of the worst exploited always grows accordingly. Then in every society on earth there is a mix of this power imabalance (which was never adequately corrected) with other prejudices based on gender, sexuality, age etc. and throw it all in with how we're led by carrot and mostly by stick to focus on ourselves alone, to see each other as competitors and wonder why we find ourselves so lonely, alienated and bitter about each other. So many feeling powerless, and that they'd be entitled to much better things if it wasn't for the rest of those people in competition with them, those people they don't identify with, those people who they won't think about. So many people also realising hey have power and willing to do whatever it takes not to lose it because they're entitled to act in their individual interest. In football we let off steam in a competitive atmosphere. Sometimes people only try to feel better and more powerful by dragging others down to assert why you think you're superior. Some of our fans have started or joined in with "town full of pakis" chants against Bradford (a good number of us told the chanters there and then to get naff off). Then far too many joined in with the EDL at Chesterfield, and at Salford in the conference north play off some fans thought it funny to chant 'where's your foreskin gone?'. If you hear or see this **** stand up to it, cos at least, when called out for it, even racists are ashamed and scared of being called racist. That's one consolation here. I think in the situation of football matches it can actually be countered because it's one of the few places where people from all walks of society still come together and could, despite rivalries by proxy of your club, at least get along as sportsmen and women. Still, it's a massive problem way beyond the forms of racism you see at footie matches, and it won't go away just by people passively, complacently assuring themselves they aren't contributing to it.
  15. Shame that we seemed to throw everything at it only to get the red card for that goalscoring opportunity.
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