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  1. My only thought on this is it should suit the Wealdstone Raider to a tee as we welcome his club to the big time.
  2. There really is something in the name of our town. Even if the bank is long divorced from its origins they've kept the name and emphasised the X in their logo for a reason. Remember when the club gave us a taster for what was to come in 2007 when they inexplicably decided to change our badge to that horrible shield design with HTFC written on top? Back then a fan on the old official message board made a sample of new badge proposals, messing around with variations of HTAFC, HTFC and HXTAFC and I wondered whether the latter might not be a bad idea at all. Some day it'll change again but I'm
  3. Town, that was not a good performance... *audience boos* ... that was a BLOODY RUBBISH performance! *audience cheers*
  4. Bonkers stuff. A couple of seasons ago when VAR was piloted in the Champions League, Man U got a dubious penalty against PSG given via VAR and I just knew that whatever VAR was that I didn't like it. Goal-line technology performs a straight-forward, uncontroversial function, so that's fine. Perhaps technology ought to be introduced just for these sorts of occasions. VAR just completely interferes with the flow of a game and hasn't even succeeded in removing the arbitrary chaos of refereeing. Hopefully they'll get rid of it, but we're living in the Opta era of footie so I won't hold my breath.
  5. To think we used to ridicule people who drank WKD blue. Well we're not laughing now.
  6. Hopefully a silver lining of this tricky period for the club will be live streaming of matches as a regular installment. The club will get a nice bit of extra revenue from Shaymen abroad from hereon in. Could also boost the number of people living all around the world who start supporting us simply cos they find the x in Halifax strangely enticing.
  7. His other updates in the past have been similar. Just a drawn out brainfart. What concerns me most, aside from Steve Dale's brain in general and that tens of millions of people in the UK probably would find his rant at the end to be totally measured, reasoned, no-nonsense thinking, is that he's implying here that a few poor souls have stuck with Forever Bury and that he apparently has the capital to afford a football club and a team of lawyers. So because of this, and despite Bury AFC founding a new club in what looks to be some style, an undead Bury FC still just about exists. Bonkers.
  8. I like the way he stuffs his shin pads into his ankles and rolls his socks down low. Since the time when Rui Costa thunderbastarded us in Euro 2004 I've been convinced that this is the correct way to wear shinpads.
  9. Yep, first word went through my mind on seeing that kit is "corrrrr!" Three really sound kits. Might have to buy one of each to support us through this next season.
  10. The quality of these video announcements is incredible. A nice few golazos in Summerfield's video profile too.
  11. Great signing. In all the games he played against us his name would always be on the commentators lips, causing us trouble. You don't want to be playing against him.
  12. Yep, I've been on edge all morning and it's only gonna get worse until kick off. With the broken off season it didn't feel real until today. Up the town!
  13. One thing that gives me a very good feeling is that even in the absolute pits of soaring death rates in lockdown Pete Wild was still going on about how the season must be completed and that playoffs and promotion should go ahead, he's had a one-track mind since mid March. He really flipping wants it.
  14. The final will be played at Wembley in a manner reminiscent of when junior teams in Halifax get to play their local cup final at the Shay (still the best feeling and occasion in the world, I'm lucky to say).
  15. "My old man, said he's a Burnley fan I said..."
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