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  1. The twenty minute match. Absolute crap for 70 minutes. Then this happened. The interview at the end wasn't bad either 'woah, gerrof t'video!' https://youtu.be/3x1qeVi6eV8?t=270
  2. Every day passes and the prognosis gets all the more serious. A big cooperative effort will be needed to sort of mothball society and keep it running until full socialisation can be safely permitted again. This virus is unique cos it has two tipping points- the first one is the rate of infection, which, if it reaches a certain point means cases exponentially increase at an unmanageable rate. This would not only concern people with the virus but anyone who is requires urgent or chronic treatment. The second one is the illness itself, which may appear to be 'just a flu' but carries with it a dangerous underestimation. It varies greatly in effect, but if it gets to your lungs it can cause some horrible damage. Don't take the risk. Wash your hands, minimise social contact immediately (though for the next couple of days talk with your neighbours and loved ones and plan how you're all going to cope). Stay safe and healthy Shaymen fans!
  3. Glad the season's gonna be called off, deary me, what's happened to us?
  4. Hate to see how many criticisms I've seen of the players really are true.
  5. This is painful to watch. We're playing like we're ill.
  6. What happened to live-streaming online? It's so difficult since a certain Reddit page was banned. Had to make a deal with the devil and open a flipping betting account to get in.
  7. My love for the Shaymen is clouding my reason as much as possible, but the match really shouldn't be going ahead.
  8. Okay, sensible me thinks this is a stupid and reckless decision. Stupid and reckless me however thinks this is funny and that we'll get a ridiculously large TV audience but that it'll be the last before the season is abandoned.
  9. Even if it'd be the only excuse I can think of to put a TV in the Big 6, no. Big 6 before yes. Big 6 after definitely. But Big 6 simultaneously? That's overdoing it.
  10. I reckon it's a matter of time until the rest of the season's games are held behind closed doors. The situation is pretty serious. If I were organising the club or the league I'd be looking into live-streaming games for the remainder of the season, perhaps with a pay what you want policy to log-in and watch online. What else are we gonna do when there are no more gate receipts?
  11. One time Blue Square did a juggling contest at half time with a blue cube. That was a hoot! The half time schools tournament is good enough for me. The best half-time entertainment I've seen, though, was at VfL Osnabrück a few years back. They were sponsored by a coffee company and the local brewer and had two half time competitions: Schieß die Latté von der Latte (shoot the latté off the crossbar) where a big plastic coffee cup was placed on the crossbar and fans would try to shoot it down from the edge of the penalty area to win a coffee machine. The second bit of entertainment involved a race where two randomly selected fans would run across the pitch carrying a beer barrel, down a pint, place it on their head, and run back with the beer barrel to the finish line, all while the Benny Hill theme played over the tannoy. The winner got a crate of Osnabrücker Pils. Maybe Calder Valley Brewery would be up for something similar?
  12. And how much did it cost to get in back then?
  13. I don't think this stage of the season is renowned for teams getting record crowds. Could be more people coming to home games. Though we've had good all round form in the league we've not based it on Fortress Shay style dominance (on top of home defeats in the Cup and Trophy). There was a very good buzz forming up until the home defeat against Harrogate, the run after that took the wind out of our sails a little and our recent good run of form may have us in third place now, but only just, and it's still looking more fragile than sturdy. If there's a decisive game for making the play-offs, the crowd will come. Barrow at home might fetch more than a few extra fans.
  14. It was a good team, but they faltered, probably because they were being paid with Netto vouchers that Netto would only accept half the time. It felt so frustrating because they did produce bits of brilliance some weeks and then perform abjectly in others, and most of the side was the same that had reached the play-off final the previous year. Jake Wright had the most distinguished career after that. A certain other player would go on to score against Gigi Buffon in the World Cup. The rest, loan signings aside, never really stood up to the previous season's standards.
  15. 1-0 to the Yorkshire boys twice in a season. And we're the ones who were forcing a low-scoring game?
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