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  1. Doesn't matter whether there's money in it or not. Every game is sacred, every game is good!
  2. I was feeling confident that we could put together a promotion push, but we have no available strikers now, so I'm predicting a bad phase for us over the next month at least. The new signings will be a big unknown. We need something similar to what we got from Duku and Rodney the other season to keep up our form.
  3. I was still getting over Danns. How much heartbreak is a man supposed to take?
  4. This crisis needed decisive action from the start, instead we got denial at first- which was unforgivable. Then we got dithering, delaying and half measures. It's got to the point where we have a new, super infectious strain of the virus that medical experts say will only stop if we all strictly self-isolate. Even the attempts to keep footballers in a bubble won't suffice, which blows, cos that's one of the few things we can all look forward to in our weekly schedule and keeps us moving along. The choice from the start was, either we live with this virus and see constant disruption for years
  5. Can't help but feel this scuppers our plan of postponing the match indefinitely to try and avoid the inevitable thrashing that the mighty Pools will give us. We better have a Plan B!
  6. Despite Spurs just being a different standard altogether in terms of ability, the gulf in class doesn't seem as gigantic as you would think here. Marine are organised and don't look like the sort of side that would resort to dragging the game into the mud. Got to love English non-league football, the depth of quality in the lower leagues really is something unique. Chorley's display against Derby's young guns showed once again that developing players should consider time spent in academies, youth teams and reserve leagues as wasted time.
  7. I'm still a little bit mad at the club's cowardice for withdrawing the Harry Hill collared kits that pre-season in 2011 .
  8. I have to admire Spurs for bringing their A team to Marine. Marine haven't been savaged like this since they were facing up against Deano, Greggers and Vardy.
  9. King's Lynn have only won once at home all season, but it was a bit of a freakish game with the weather conditions. Yet our final balls into the box and our finishing let us down again, like earlier in the season. Sure, we didn't play particularly well, but we still made enough chances to win the game and ultimately came away with a point. I can see why supporters on here have widely different takes on what this draw was really worth.
  10. It's a marathon, not a sprint, and we only started running at the start of last month. That's why we could slip down to 16th with all other games played, though realistically we'll more likely slip to 12th or 13th. Keep up this pace, including today's result and we will make the play-offs. It'll take another ten games until the league table starts to make any sense.
  11. It is Bollox Mr. Wilder. If we had locked down to get rid of the virus at the start, or even at the end of the summer holidays when it started to spread again, we'd be free of the virus by now. This idea of 'managing' the virus with all this 70% rubbish is just prolonging the time with the virus. The government, press and all have been so keen to tell people that a lockdown would take their freedom away when the truth is that we can't be free unless the virus is gone.
  12. Not good news. He won us a couple of matches with some stupendous goals. I assume we've got a replacement in mind, but we can do much worse than having players like Nyall Bell at this level.
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