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  1. Ahh, didn't know that. Well, I can still dream!
  2. Not sure what to make of people's comments that Notts County will be play-offs contenders. Yeovil will be up there, but Saturday was Notts County's best result all season considering the circumstances.
  3. Getting back to the subject of Rodney, he's racked up a grand total of 1 sub appearance for 14 minutes for Salford City this season. His contract runs out next June, but surely it's just a matter of time until he signs for someone other than Salford City on loan or otherwise. I'll cry forever if he signs for anyone but us!
  4. Quite sure the lessons are clear as daylight for Pete Wild for the mistakes made on Saturday. There are key differences in scenarios where C King was subbed for J King successfully in the Barrow match and mistakenly in the Notts County match for example. Even if the overall team performance was poor, this didn't help, considering Cameron King stood out as our decent player. We always are a bit bipolar between 'survival is an achievement' and 'play-offs here we come', that's the emotion of football. My emotions ahead of the next match against Barnet are caught between utter elation "oh my God we actually are looking like promotion contenders!" and nervous realism "well, considering pre-season we're lucky to be where we are". I want us to go out against Barnet and prove that we don't need Matty Brown, that we can adapt to adverse circumstances, and that we can change our game when it seems the opposition have got us worked out, like Yeovil and Notts County have done to great alarm.
  5. When he was banging them in for Fleetwood I thought Vardy would just about make it at Championship level but play no higher than that. When he left us, I wasn't sure. No matter how good a striker appears at glue league level you have no idea how they'll fare against better defenders. Then in 2014 I remember seeing Danny Lowe post on twitter, wondering why Vardy wasn't in the England squad whereas Theo Walcott was. He listed that Vardy is both-footed, rapid, stronger and better at heading. Makes sense now. At the time though, Leicester were struggling and despite raising a few eyebrows with a man of the match performance in a victory over Manchester United, it wasn't apparent that Vardy could finish like for that supreme goal he scored last weekend. What I'm saying is, I shouldn't have generalised based on how I and many others saw it, and you have a good eye!
  6. I think Cameron King will go far. His intuition and control is at least football league quality. Considering that none of us thought that Jamie Vardy or Andre Gray would make it to the Premier League I really don't think any of our players have that level of talent. Our success is down to the team effort, just like in 2005/2006. We had many routes of attack through Killeen, Forrest, Grant, Sugden, Senior, Foster. None of them really had lift off. John Grant did the best of the bunch and became an Aldershot legend. Haslam had a few good seasons at Bury. For everyone else, that was their peak, but for that one season their different abilities complemented each other. You don't necessarily need the next superstars in your swuad, and besides I think the best non-league talents are often being poached away from this level before they've even had a full season thanks to the success of Vardy, Gray, Gayle, Smalling etc.
  7. It's phenomenal that we're getting 2 or even 3 goals up. Only complaint is that we have then let teams back into the game. I guess it has kept things exciting up until the last kick of the game. Too entertaining for my liking, booo!
  9. That said, we're sitting a bit deep now and haven't really had much play since Cameron King made it 3-0.
  10. Nah, this season is different. I'm even gonna stick my neck out and predict that we'll finish in the top half!
  11. Have you seen or have you heard, the way Town plays there are no words, to describe the way I feeeeel!
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