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  1. Hate to court controversy, but by the letter of the law it is a red card. I agree that it shouldn't be, because of the additional factors that he didn't deliberately attempt to go for the player rather than the ball, that he didn't make such serious contact with their player (I assume he was alright, Clarke made contact with him but hardly went through him) and because he did get to the ball first. But because Clarkey's lunged in with both legs in the air and the studs are up over the ball the manner of the tackle makes it a red. The game is too soft.
  2. Watching the highlights, they bossed it and scored great goals at will. Even kept the English way of playing like men, if Rashford had gone down screaming and clutching his face when their guy headbutted him their guy would have been sent off. What's to complain about? We're simply making these qualifiers look too easy, which is a bit dull. Not our fault though! Next summer the semi-finals and final are all played at Wembley after a wandering tournament from Azerbaijan to Bilbao and several venues in between. We have as fair a chance of making those semi-finals as any other European team in my opinion, so I'm gonna ignore my whole historical experience of getting very upset and disappointed in England and permit myself to get excited for this one, yet again.
  3. No monk, those were just the northern lights!
  4. Yep. What worked most with Gareth Southgate and our current crop is we cut off the demotivated old guard and let the new boys flex their muscle. They didn't have the burden of expectation from the start (blessing and a curse you have to say) and played like they were enjoying it. Hope it continues. Alexander-Arnold and Sterling are world class players. Hope dies last and all, and it's usually so irritating that we never get a real, proper test against the big guns until the actual tournament rolls around. This time though they beat Spain and Croatia in the Nation's League which was at least competitive. The team that beat us in the semi-final, The Netherlands will make the semi-final of the Euros next year at the very least too.
  5. You mean like the goal he scored against Colombia in the last 16 of the World Cup?
  6. Considering all the infrastructure that makes our society tick is created by state investment, from telecommunication systems, to train tracks, roads, hospitals, schools, universities, water works, electricity lines etc. etc. how is this bad for the economy? Are you really sure that the private sector is the best way for a natural monopoly like railways to be owned rather than having them under common cooperative ownership? What have the last 40 years of private railway been like for the people of Calderdale and the UK more broadly? Your answer should be what the east Standers have been thinking of our recent home form. I think the last big emancipatory infrastructure that our society needs is green energy and the establishment of energy sovereignty to a comfortable extent. Private companies will only do this if it guarantees profit on their terms, and tend to markets where they can profit based on the scarcity of said resource. This differs from a democratic state's incentive which is to provide a good that is needed by its citizens. What is meant by a Green New Deal for example, which would stimulate this infrastructure, is to use the state to galvanise the provision of this public good. At least Labour are providing ideas for a positive future, all the other parties seem to be in a bleak dark hole where all they can promise is for everything to get worse but for them to be crowned with the vain glory of being right in their way of explaining how things are bad and always will be bad.
  7. Even more baffling is how Wales overall voted to Leave when as a region it receives on average 3 times the amount of structural funding per capita than any other part of the UK, that's 5 billion euros between 2015 and 2020. https://www.ifs.org.uk/uploads/IFS Response to the Finance Committee of the National Assembly of Wales’s Call for Evidence.pdf
  8. Okay, at risk of my opinion being seen as 'political', would you compromise on just limiting bonfire celebrations with fireworks to one central place for a given population on bonfire night? I like them because they're fun and the whole thing is just rather silly, my two favourite British characteristics.
  9. I keep on seeing the words 'moderate' and 'sensible' and 'common sense' on this. Any of you who see these words ought to be skeptical. There is no moderate and sensible option when our wold's economic system is so fundamentally flawed. You can draw whatever moral justifications you want on small situations and they might have some truth to them, but our economy works ont he principle that it has to grow forever and that if its growth even so much as slows down that the system enters a crisis. Then if it does work we face the question of how much growth can this planet take? Where are we going to get more products and more markets from when resources have to be produced at an ever greater level with more speed and intensity that there is no way for them to naturally replete themselves? And this goes for humans too because our work and our time is a resource. I mean it's more than a coincidence that since 2010 the average person, who has to work for a living is having not just every penny in their pocket squeezed but all the time in their day squeezed, is unable to care for themselves to the detriment of their physical and mental health, and that they don't have the time to raise their kids right or to treat people with real dignity and respect beyond simple transactions. It's like a cancer, and yet here we are, working away in our supposed self-interest only to make things worse. I'm interested in politicians who do see this and look at the bigger picture and first acknowledge that there is something fundamentally very wrong and as a result might do something about it. Also, chrisbo, I think you're reet, but please stop just insulting people, there are tons of ways in which you could justify your viewpoints, tons. If someone has insulted you one way, leave it at that, it says more about them than you. But at the moment it's mostly you doing that and it's doing a huge discredit to ideas and principles that I suppose I'm inclined to agree with. The stronger man walks away, the weakest man slings mud in the first place.
  10. What a day out that was. Never felt more like I was in a David Lynch film.
  11. It's no longer just a bad patch or one or two results but a general downturn in form, but we're still up there. These two weeks will be as massive, even more massive than the previous two weeks which were also massive. We need to adapt the squad and work on changing what's going wrong and consolidating what's going right. We'll have Cameron King back soon. I wouldn't bank on Matty Brown coming back soon cos his injury sounds like a bad one, one which could reoccur if we rush him back. We're gonna have to be patient there and look for a replacement in the time being. This has been a rough, rough spell, but you get that in any season, and similarly teams get spells where they do what they do and the opposition can't handle them. We have to learn from the tough lessons of the last month and address them. We have two weeks and then we go again!
  12. If you're talking about Chris Hopson's interview on Radio 4's today programme there's something you need to know. Chris Hopson is a Chief Executive of NHS Providers, one of the layers of management bureaucracy brought in to effectively police the NHS and its staff into making hospitals work like a business. Nurses and doctors fill in hours and hours of paperwork to show statistics that are meant to prove their 'competitiveness'. There's probably a few people who work in the NHS or social care on this board, or people who are reliant on their work, and they will know like all areas of the public sector they face an impossible task of working longer hours, doing more paper work than vital hands on work, and do this all with slashed budgets and frozen pay below inflation. How much does Chris Hopson earn for delivering these conditions? In 2015 he was earning £200,000 a year (page 9 of this document) https://nhsproviders.org/media/1545/trustees-annual-report-and-accounts-2015.pdf I think it might very well be in his particular interest to not reveal that the work he's been doing has been hugely counter productive at best and misery inflicting at worst. He's precisely the sort of person who really wants to 'keep politics out of the NHS'. The NHS is political, it's a publicly funded service that in its foundation was supposed to provide immediate healthcare at the point of use, funded by every taxpayer in this country. Every time our health and social care services fail there are costs in losses of lives, losses of livelihoods, poorer mental and physical health across the board. It makes far more sense to spend on preventing these losses from arising rather than foot a larger bill when the consequences of their neglect come flying back in our faces. *When Chris Hopson is talking about 'not criticising NHS workers' he is disguising the work of doctors, nurses paramedics etc. to stand in for the utterly useless work that people like him do, not for the NHS but for private lobbyists who want to reduce its power and take little bits of its services away for their private profit.
  13. https://www.bbc.com/sport/live/football/50111295 Live commentary here.
  14. Wow, didn't get expect this sort of signing. Up the Town!
  15. They have one Harrogate, but then again Harrogate is the north for Southerners.
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