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  1. You said you voted for Corbyn. Or do you mean local elections?
  2. I wonder how many celebraties will be in attendance?
  3. Is the East Stand still set up "for other things" because of the COVID 19 crisis?
  4. I thought they'd asked Town fans in the Courier. But I might be wrong.
  5. I think it was summer time. Pre season maybe? I was on shifts at the time so I couldn't go.
  6. A good player to have on the bench when then opposition are tired.
  7. I thought Toyah was by far the best fan in crowd. How he didn't go on to play Lear at the National is anyone's guess.
  8. If the club earn jack **** from the cut out then sod that. Virtual tickets and more football cards are the way to do it.
  9. So, is the new target to raise £50k before the Boramwood game? Only another £7k to go.
  10. Just read in the Courier we play Boramwood next month. I could have sworn we play them next Friday.
  11. Who, me? I'm always deadly serious mate, haven't you noticed?
  12. If they ever make a film of it, who do you think should play you? Tele Savalas or Yul Brinner?
  13. No, but it's a great bit of history I didn't know about.
  14. He came on against Ebbsfleet. Also, he's a decent player to run the ball down to the corner flag in the last few minutes.
  15. No just fundraising money.
  16. Football grounds would be a decent one. Plenty to go at. Another future football card could be ex England players.
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