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    It's ok he doesn't mind.
  2. Jeremy Corbyn? The unelectable leader of the Labour party. Boris Johnson is proving that he can pretty much do what the hell he wants and get away with it because Jezza is so crap. That isn't taking anything away from the fact that Dianne Abbott is shockingly bad in front of a camera or with a microphone in front of her. I was thinking the other day about the European country that voted for a comedian to be their next President. I'm not sure which country it was but I don't think we're too far away from that scenario in the UK. So, with this in mind, who would you vote for and why? Which comedian I mean?
  3. It wouldn't go a miss. As long as whover comes in to fit that criteria had ability too.
  4. You can vote for the bang ban online Hoddie. That's fireworks bang ban.
  5. It is for some. I don't think she's the worst MP on Labours front bench but she sums up the calibre of the shadow cabinet. I was only talking to a neighbour today, a bloke who is nearly 60 and who had voted Labour all his life about how inept they are and about he won't vote for them
  6. When I type I have spell check changing my words into words I don't want to use. It's built into the device. Im not sure what Ms Abbott's problem is. It could be that she suffers from dyslexia. I am a mild sufferer. If that was the case I'm sure someone, maybe Ms Abbott, would have said so by now.
  7. I saw online a town in either Spain or Italy that use silent fireworks. Now they would be fine.
  8. Town might be in better form at home by then too.
  9. That will do. I want Stockport to do reasonably well before they play us so that they bring a good following to The Shay at Christmas. Every little helps. As long as they have a bad run over Christmas though
  10. Evil Kit and his dodgy balloon's. Only at The Shay
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