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  1. I don't have a telly anymore but when I did television comedy was absolutely terrible. Mock The Week was good at one time when you had Frankie Boyle Gary Delaney and Stuart Francis and Milton Jones. Then the likes of them left and they were replaced by absolutely awful young "comedians" that simply aren't funny. Same with sitcoms too. Such a shame because the UK has produced some of of not the best comedy actors and writers of all time.
  2. Careful mate, Steve Lumbs knickers will be in a twist.
  3. Makes sense. Also, if the away fans are all in one section then they'll make more noise cheering the team on.
  4. He looked quite good before his injury. Popping up on the left hand side.
  5. Bolstering his money going out trick or treating?
  6. In theory and going by our assumptions this is pretty much as good a deal as could have possibly been expected. Also, it does seem to have been kept behind closed doors by the club and no fan/s have claimed to have known anything about it.
  7. Oh great!! Looks like we've been drawn against a right bunch. I wish Maidenhead had won now.
  8. If they're getting crowds of 4000 then in theory they should be able to pay somewhere in the region of what we pay. This is such a cracking deal for all concerned.
  9. He's not that much better bud. Seen Lloyd play for Stockport on a few occasions and although I rate Lloyd and said on numerous occasions that he was the type of player that Denton needed alongside him I still think Liam has a better first touch. I think attitude wide Lloyd seems to be ahead. Despite both of them having ability, I have a funny feeling that neither will really make it and will end up boobing around National League with the odd season above and below. I wouldn't swap either for a fully fit and in form Jack Redshaw.
  10. I hope they get their just deserts.
  11. Lloyd more mobile and stronger. Liam is more skillful. At this level I'd go for Lloyd. League 1 with better players around I'd probably go for Liam, if he's playing well.
  12. That's a good following. Maybe a couple of hundred to The Shay then. Huge game for them when you think about it.
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