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  1. Many away fans that have stood in the North Stand have described it as one of the best away ends.
  2. That's Donald Trump for you. Turning out to be there worst president ever. Even worse than Nixon.
  3. And just think of all the people that have it that haven't been tested. You can times that figure by ten easily.
  4. I watched a little promo video for Calderdale and she was in it. She said she fell in love with Calderdale and moved here. Maybe she has a place in London and one near Hebden.
  5. There's a scene in which I think it's filmed at Batley Variety Club and my uncle is playing the drums.
  6. It's not a matter of what they think it's what we know. Eating intelligent and defenceless animals and trading in exotic animals that is against international law. They are an absolute disgrace.
  7. Joking. She does live in Calderdale somewhere though. She fell in love with it when she was filming Gentleman Jack.
  8. Erik Everhard


    It all depends on the surface material and the temperature. Highly unlikely that the virus would spread from China and far more likely, buy still unlikely, that the virus could have been spread by the delivery person. I have a package being delivered soon and I've been told they'll knock to let me know its delivered and then I just need to respond back that I know they've delivered it and that's that. No signing needed.
  9. Im over the worst now. The government advice is to isolate for 7 days. I did 9. I'm feeling better than I did. I wouldn't have been able to walk the short distance to the supermarket 5 days ago. But once you get past the 7 days or 14 days if you live in a household with 2 or more people, you're allowed go back out to exercise and to carry out essential food shopping.
  10. Im hoping my phone does it automatically.
  11. No, only way that happens is if you're admitted into hospital.
  12. I noticed that when I went to the supermarket today. The ready meal curry section was fully stocked apart from the vegi curry that Iike. As long as I can get fruit and veg, tins of beans and brown bread, tuna fish, soya milk, the odd ready meal and cheese I'll survive. Having a bag of sweets and a bar of chocolate along the way helps too. Oh. If anyone is unlucky and they find themselves with the virus, I found ice lollies really do help.
  13. She's living up Mixy. Suranne Jones is living down Siddal.
  14. Erik Everhard


    Is it a number 36 with fried rice?
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