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  1. Anyway, enough about failed has beens. Let's hope Jake can fire us into the Football League.
  2. It didn't work out that way though and we wasted a lot of money on him. I know Jake Hyde hasn't kicked a ball yet but he is a much better player. We just need to play to his strengths. I'm not sure if we ever found what Southwells strengths were.
  3. Me too. Quite a few were disappointed when he signed. Although some were pleased but I'm not sure why.
  4. Damn. I was going to ask if it was the one armed waiter from Robins Nest.
  5. Ahem.............. we've made a signing.
  6. Neil Aspen as manager. I know his name is Aspin but there's a tree named Aspen. I just hope this turns out to be a poplar choice.
  7. Not in Nick's book. Even when a player leaves a club because he hasn't been offered a contract and goes to a team that has, in other words he's a free agent, he is chasing the money by signing for another club.
  8. Pellon and King Cross you say.........Mmm.
  9. I don't know how he dares. That's tickled me has that one. He builds a club out of 3 men and a dog watching every week by buying success and payinv way over the odds on wages and transfers but gets gazumped by Salford, then he gets shut of most of his mercinaries, and buys new ones but gets relegated. Unbelievable.
  10. Nick Now that Jake Hyde has signed for us instead of Football League clubs, is he guilty of chasing the money?
  11. Yes, but it's a bloody good start. We have beaten Football League clubs to his signiture. That's an achievement in itself.
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