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  1. More than 40 Monk. There was about 40 on our coach. Didn't we take a couple of coaches too?
  2. Come on Shaymen. Let's get back to winning ways and a big three points against Barnet. UTS.
  3. Looks like Barry Gallagher. He had grey hair.
  4. Erik Everhard


    Haven't we heard this before? Sale of Thrum Hall money ring any bells? I do hope they pull out of the mire but apart from the brilliant cup run, the league has been a massive let down for them. I didn't keep a watch on their attendances but they must have been low. Also, not sure what the attendance was for the semi final but they won't be waiting for that much cash, surely?
  5. I've amended it for you. By the way, his name is Barry and he worked at one of his garages
  6. DB says that we need to try and achieve crowds of 2300/2400 to keep going forward. He says he's hoping for a big game against Harrogate on Tuesday with it being a Yorkshire derby. I will be pleasently surprised if either of those attendances achieves a figure of over 2000. My guess would be 1800 against Barnet and slightly less, maybe 1700 against Harrogate. Two big games are these next two.
  7. I went to the game. Good following from Town but a poor performance. I too can remember some of the Town fans ransacking a shop in Thirsk (if I remember rightly.) A couple of years later I worked over in Leeds and got chatting to fellow colleague who supported Leeds. I mentioned I was from Halifax and he said "I once bumped into some Halifax Town fans in Thirsk. They were a right set of rogues!!" Anyway, I do remember Boro fans waiting for Town fans and it was a shady place with all those terraced house and yes, slightly reminiscent of "Get Carter." We were thankfully never in any danger though. The home game saw a coach load of REAL hooligans turn up in town looking for their Halifax counterparts after the game. I wasn't there but a few old friends were and Graham, the Man U landlord from Griff's, locked the doors to keep them out. Built like brick out houses was one description of the Boro hoolies.
  8. I wasn't at the Supporters Club Meeting but Wild said he'd love to get Oldham in the cup and thrash them. Sounds like him and the Oldham chairman don't get on.
  9. There's a link to the Courier article above.
  10. I like your tactics and your team talk Nick. Win it is
  11. You can't educate pork mate. He's a moaning dullard for life.
  12. It was until someone holier than thou big mouth decided that some of us can't post comments TS anymore, despite fans that go to more games than him disagreeing. Anyway, the arguement/discussion has been done to death. Time to move on.
  13. Which makes me think, in hindsight, he was the wrong type of striker to sign. We needed a striker that could play up top on his own. I would think he's in a decent wage too. Back to this season, the wide men are better than last year and shod offer better support and hopefully create more chances. Also, the midfield isn't staying as rigid and as deep, at times, so there's more support there. Just my opinion.
  14. I think it was me that touched a nerve with you, mouth. Anyway mouth, time to move on. Mouth.
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