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  1. I think a few will be behind closed doors next season.
  2. I would definitely keep the following players or ask players to come back - Johnson Duckworth Brown Clarke Staunton Maher C King Allen Redshaw I'd try and sign Rodney and I'd ask some of this seasons squad to train with us to see how fit they are but that's about it. I know Earing and Hanson are still with us so there wouldn't be many positions to fill but we need the folllwing - A quick centre half A new left back A utility defender that can play anywhere along the bsck but especially left back and centre half. A box to box midfielder who can put his foot on the ball and find a man. A creative midfielder. Someone who can ping a ball 40 yards to feet and who can run with it and who can shoot from outside the area and find the back of the net. A left winger or left sided forward that can also play up top when needed. A young striker from a league club on loan for the season. Thats if we can sign Redshaw and Rodney.
  3. What about Jack Redshaw?
  4. Stockport have plenty of brass. They reserved judgement and he smelt cash.
  5. Is he an attacking midfielder, a striker or a winger? That's where the problem lies. He doesn't fully fit any of those roles.
  6. Erik Everhard


    Plus no over night stays.
  7. Didn't Felani do that too? It was either him or Screech from Saved By The Bell.
  8. I've only been once and that was more than enough.
  9. Aye, so much uncertainty. A lot to fork out for something that may never happen (although I think it probably will.)
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