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  1. sumbody

    Retained List

    With season ticket prices being announced at the weekend, I expect a couple of signings to be announced Friday to get us excited. My guess would be Josh & MFT then over the course of the following week news on the others
  2. sumbody

    Retained List

    We have 5 loan players leaving + Macca. Release :- Denton (so out of favour and an high earner) Nicholson (provides no competition for Sam and in way of young upcoming players) Riley (32 yrs old coming back from a year long injury) Clarke (completely useless) Keep rest and we still have room for 10 new players to improve on a squad that's beat most of the top side's this season
  3. Aspin, Nicholl/McClelland, Kelly, Harvey, Heath, Young and Fullarton. I make it 7 unless I missed one
  4. Does not matter one bit. Game will get postponed
  5. He's said on a few occasions he loves his current role and not interested in managing
  6. I'm hoping they get Stevenage or a big club so they'll concentrate on FA Cup replay rather than ourselves. Not that it matters, they always seem to dink us at home in recent seasons irrelevant of form etc..
  7. Shaun Tuton not named in Motherwell side today. Could be very interesting on here for a week or two if he's the trialist who has a decent game
  8. I get the impression that Barnsley have decided it's not worked out so if Motherwell (or any other club) want him and can afford his wages, he's theirs.
  9. Club have just tweeted that very fact
  10. sumbody

    EU Referendum

    What point am I missing?? How can Remainers say now is the time for action, the time for change, the time for politicians to listen. We voted for change not preserving the status quo. All the major politcal parties and most of the media was promoting remain yet remain lost but it was undemocratic because both sides lied. (Unless I missed WW3, Armegeddon & Osbornes punishment budget). We acted, the politicians turned an open goal to an own goal forcing them to wake up and now people are wanting "change" to keep the status quo. The status quo that saved British Steel Industry from China? If remain had won, we would still have Cameron & Osborne taking money from the disabled to give to the bankers
  11. sumbody

    EU Referendum

    Cameron was a remainer & he's gone. Corbyn a remainer & refusing to go but the hypocritical Labour remainers have found an excuse to stab him in back, front, sideways so ignoring their members for personal ambition. Leaver Farage has stepped down from leading UKIP. He's an MEP & leads a party with 1 MP. He was never gonna be involved in negotiations. Boris got stabbed in the back by Gove not 172 remainers like Corbyn. Osborne is hiding & forgetting he promised to tax us to death if we didn't vote remain. Another remainer to dissappear Then you have Leadsom. Prominent leaver wanting to lead country & negotiations or May who wanted remain but wanted her career more so said feck all til she could pounce. Think I may have shown that the remainers have behaved worse than the leavers (without resorting to personal insults towards fellow Shaymen)
  12. sumbody


    Missed Hutch going back. Last season wasn't one for potential but did think he could do a job at this level & improve
  13. sumbody

    EU Referendum

    Not read the entire 17 pages but nobody seems to be arguing that we (Yorkshire) should have a voice. Scotland. Wales & Northern Ireland have a voice through their National Assemblies. London have a Lord Mayor (& the media) we have nothing. Shouldn't we be calling for Yorkshire to be given equal status. Not asking to break up the UK, just parity for us
  14. sumbody


    Of course, silly me thinking 5 pages of "I hate rugby" & rent arrears is all about the state of the pitch. It's not like any of rugby lot have posted owt in defence & like last year, this one subject, will over run the forum
  15. sumbody


    You can always tell when we're doing well cos this message board turns into a rugby forum. How about a seperate section for us that want to talk football?
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