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  1. haldo

    NCN playoffs

    If Altrincham get promoted , it will be like before ! They will get someone on the “Committee “ and avoid relegation each year!
  2. A friend who wasn’t computer literate once asked me to buy tickets for Leeds for her husband’s birthday! I had to register and got constant emails . Eventually I rang them to ask them to stop as if anyone knew I would be barred from The Shay!
  3. Probably not as it would have to be posted out to me. Even as a “Silver Surfer” I can download a ticket to my phone. The only problem is when you have to register , buy an away ticket and get pestered by some obscure club’s marketing!
  4. I bought an advanced ticket for Eastleigh away. Obviously cancelled ! I applied for a refund and nothing came! I have saved my receipt and will present it next year!
  5. I remember being paid and been given supper to stay behind. I thought I was “Nailed on” to appear on screen as I was sitting behind the main actor and the child. I told all my family to watch , unfortunately they cut my head off and my friends only recognised me from my leather jacket!
  6. https://nonleaguedaily.com/the-bosses-lounge-vol-35-darren-kelly-scarborough-athletic/ An interesting appraisal of his time at The Shay!
  7. Great interview, 5 years of great service. He mentioned he didn’t get on with Aspin.
  8. Just donated £40 to project “Playoffs!” We will easily make the target!
  9. Any of them married to a hairdresser? We’d all pay a fortune for a haircut!
  10. Underneath The Green Ginger Which is Wetherspoons is Revolution, Which is expensive! Above is ‘spoons , usual prices .
  11. I am down from The New Forest for 4 days. After a huge breakfast I couldn’t do lunch! The stand is ok for me!
  12. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/football/fc-halifax-on-the-rise-with-sheffield-united-and-rotherhan-united-hot-on-their-tails-power-rankings-1-10243421
  13. The “New Forest Branch” will be there for four nights from Wednesday. Coastal walking some “Falling Down Water,” food and three points!
  14. Wing backs need to occasionally tackle , not his strong point!
  15. Beautiful in Torquay yesterday, cloudy and windy today! Torquay better in the first half but as usual threw themselves onto the floor after every tackle! Great goal from Tobi, deflected one from Staunton. Not the best game ever but worth the travel for a win !
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