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  1. Underneath The Green Ginger Which is Wetherspoons is Revolution, Which is expensive! Above is ‘spoons , usual prices .
  2. I am down from The New Forest for 4 days. After a huge breakfast I couldn’t do lunch! The stand is ok for me!
  3. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/football/fc-halifax-on-the-rise-with-sheffield-united-and-rotherhan-united-hot-on-their-tails-power-rankings-1-10243421
  4. The “New Forest Branch” will be there for four nights from Wednesday. Coastal walking some “Falling Down Water,” food and three points!
  5. Wing backs need to occasionally tackle , not his strong point!
  6. Beautiful in Torquay yesterday, cloudy and windy today! Torquay better in the first half but as usual threw themselves onto the floor after every tackle! Great goal from Tobi, deflected one from Staunton. Not the best game ever but worth the travel for a win !
  7. haldo

    Time to go Wild

    Is this Helli’s latest guise?
  8. haldo

    Norwegian Viking

    I took a photo of 2 Greeks with Freddy The Fox with the South Stand in the background!
  9. 2 hours 39 from my “Roost” near the New Forest! Will book accommodation nearer the time.
  10. Once I have read the topic I chose, I generally click on next unread topic!
  11. Every day I come on here for Football chat and have to scroll through 93 pages of the same people spouting political drivel! Admin can we do a vote to decide to banish them to “Memory Lane” or anywhere ! P.M each other, go on a political forum or meet for a drink or fight and sort it out ...... Just give me back my forum!
  12. If he reads the ridiculous rants from the “Snowflakes” on here ,he will go. We are overachieving this year! Support him and give him time ! Jose Or Sir Alex would have had chants for sacking on this forum!
  13. Bobby Ham played alongside Gerry Ingram. City signed him from Preston whom he chose over us! Met Alan Ball Snr once and he said Ingram would have been no good for us as he was “A duck egg!” Scored a few for City. I remember Bannister at City too. Opened a “Sports Shoe store” in Bradford. Once berated him about his offside goals ! Didn’t Jeff Lee once kick him “Up in the air” and get sent off at City?
  14. Josh Mac was “Ok” last night, didn’t receive many passes but a great cross leading up to the goal Midfield need coaching to play to his strengths..
  15. Having been at Bromley on Saturday I was apprehensive about last night .Well worth the stopover to see Ducky’s goal celebration ! A bit risky for an injury prone player . Tokyo Olympics tumbler in the making ! Onwards and upwards!
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