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  1. YD175

    Tom Baker

    Was that shot the original “Thunderbast@@d Flea?
  2. I was only talking about NA tonight with Lee Nogan. Neither of them currently interested in getting back into any form of management
  3. I couldn't go Saturday so tuned in to watch the highlights. I was a little disappointed to say the least, but I am sure it will get better.
  4. YD175


    Sky Sports 1 Christmas Day 5 pm. The Vardy show, got to be worth a watch me thinks. Stocksbridge chairman very complimentary about how the Shaymen conducted themselves during proceedings
  5. YD175


    On a lighter note; Vardy Salted Crisps for sale on a well known auction site, £1000 or best offer. WTF
  6. YD175


    Richard Fairbrass ???
  7. YD175


    Hope he don't go there. Levy is a nugget
  8. YD175

    New manager

    Bloody hell, he would test my loyalty
  9. YD175

    New manager

    After what Bower saw the other night I would be really surprised if he came anywhere near the Shay
  10. A good response, which I fully agree with. Thanks for stopping me having a go back at Moody. For your information we know who the clown is mate.
  11. I think you are right there
  12. I'm beginning to think a little like this myself. Wasn't there today would be interesting to hear what Flea has to say?
  13. Couldn't agree more with you Bobbins. G27 has been a consistent performer since he arrived and has also been dependable. Knockers get on my nerves. There always has been and more then ever now other areas of the the team that needs sorting. Glennon, you can cut my hair
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