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  1. What a tense game it was and Stevenage were no mugs.
  2. Dodgy penalty but a cracking fight ... proper football
  3. I still think would have made a better centre half and only coming up for corners & free kicks. Simply not mobile enough to be a #9 and l can’t say l miss him.
  4. Match postponed....waterlogged pitch !!
  5. Match postponed...replay Tuesday night in March !!!!
  6. Even more reason to keep an eye on him....why would you want to live down there ? A battling left sided midfielder......just what we need for next season to compliment the silky skils of Cameron King !!
  7. Wow...their # 7 was a seriously good player. When he took the high ball down with a deft touch, he even got a clap from the Town fans . Get him signed up quick !!
  8. On balance we deserved the win. There keeper made 2 cracking saves 1st half and C King hit the post. Disappointing to concede a poor goal on the stroke of half time and it was a struggle 2nd half... but 3 more points and its “Sweet Caroline” again
  9. I think it should be played at the end of the game but only when we win..........its a great song for a post match celebration !!
  10. Draw 1-1 for me ... hope its a win but they are a decent side
  11. How sad... top top player for us in the promotion season and MoM in the play off final. Awful news
  12. l can’t disagree... he’s a natural and quick which helps
  13. Enjoyable game and we deserved the win which should have been by 2 or 3. Williams brilliant at left back and C King utter class. l thought Staunton had a great and unlucky not to get a goal. Great to see the crowd, players and Manager celebrating together at full time.
  14. This is Halifax Town.... and we always revert back to misery & distress... occasionally interspersed with brief moments of joy... 2-0 to the Shaymen
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