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  1. Felix Bastians Deutsch ... !
  2. 100% correct. You can't spend what you haven`t got
  3. Seem to remember had we beat Stoke City in the replay back in 1969 we would have drawn Chelsea in the next round !!!
  4. Completely agree. They don’t know the’re born... as my Gran used to say and she lived through the miners strike .... in 1926 !!!!
  5. Well lm in Berlin this week and today a bunch of layabouts have caused a bit of traffic chaos by protesting about climate extinction. This evening they have a big party in the Tiergatner with some jumped up DJ who has flown over from LA... oh and he’s staying in the 5 star Hotel Stue.. well who wants to kip in a tent in a field. We all more or less managed to carry on working and keep the wheels of industry grinding for a little longer !! Where do they find the time to protest... the rest of us of have to work to look after the family and pay the mortgage ... capitalism eh
  6. l agree..... waste of a sub if you ask me
  7. The other difference is that we are playing well and scoring goals. Its a joy to watch as opposed to the squeaky 1-0 wins and hanging on by the skin of our teeth in previous years .
  8. Bob Wallace.... cracking player and not a bad penalty taker. Didn’t he score the one against Alex Stepney in the Watney Cup ?
  9. and guess who is the manager of Matlock.... a certain Steve Kittrick !!!
  10. Cracking player though and far too good for Div 3 !
  11. Thanks for that Steve... just seem to remember going to Saltergate back in the 70’s and getting turned over by Ernie Moss
  12. Amazing... l can’t ever remember a win away at Chesterfield!!!
  13. Wow....what a team, none of this playing the reserves like they do now .!!! Do you have the Town team ? Not a bad result really !!! I used to love West Ham and Bobby Moore in particular......especially after the 66 World Cup. remember going to Burnley to see them play...the stick he got mainly about gold bracelets, but he just smiled and played in calm and elegant manner !!
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