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  1. Bob Wallace.... cracking player and not a bad penalty taker. Didn’t he score the one against Alex Stepney in the Watney Cup ?
  2. and guess who is the manager of Matlock.... a certain Steve Kittrick !!!
  3. Cracking player though and far too good for Div 3 !
  4. Thanks for that Steve... just seem to remember going to Saltergate back in the 70’s and getting turned over by Ernie Moss
  5. Amazing... l can’t ever remember a win away at Chesterfield!!!
  6. Wow....what a team, none of this playing the reserves like they do now .!!! Do you have the Town team ? Not a bad result really !!! I used to love West Ham and Bobby Moore in particular......especially after the 66 World Cup. remember going to Burnley to see them play...the stick he got mainly about gold bracelets, but he just smiled and played in calm and elegant manner !!
  7. 1-2 now... is this the comeback!!
  8. Eastleigh 2-0 up so far...and its dire !!!
  9. The Fylde defence were terrified of the pace we had up front with TSS, Allen and Mcilinden.... who all had blinding games, we’ve not been able to say that for a while. l can’t fund fault in any of our play. Was a bit concerned having conceded the goal just before HT but to come out all attacking in the 2nd .... amazing. That wouldn’t have happened last season
  10. That was as good a performance as l can remember.... stunning
  11. Wow, that was sensational and against a decent side. Didn’t hear one groan from the crowd and standing ovations from all after the game. Some cracking performances all over the field, but for me Allen at 7 was my MOM. Instant impact when he came on and his cross for Staunton’s goal was perfect. Only 2 games in but we couldn’t ask for anything more.
  12. Dave Gwyther...was he £10K from Swansea ? Dave Chadwick...brilliant winger from Middlesbrough
  13. Where`s McNulty these days....must be nearly 40...big fat bruiser of a defender !!!
  14. Glenners

    Grant Holt

    one that got away !!!
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