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  1. l have to say l was of the same opinions. Been lashing it down all day ... and still doing do
  2. great idea.. either that or a new striker
  3. l hope not... its the only thing to look forward to at the moment
  4. Generally agree.... but what about all the goals we’ve been treated to by our beloved team over the last few weeks. Certainly cheered me up
  5. In normal times, l wonder what the crowd would be on Saturday...Pools flying in 2nd ourselves scoring for fun in 7th ....4000 maybe ?
  6. I think bringing Clarke on as a defensive sub in the last 20 mins would have steadied the ship...but it’s a good win against a very well coached side
  7. good half... 2 decent sides and happy to be 2-1 ahead. l still would rather have Kossy in a Town shirt... only he could skip past 2 defenders for the Alty goal
  8. For me Stoke away in the FA Cup 4th round..... fantastic Beating Aston Villa at home 2-1 in 1970 Beating Crystal Palace 3-1 when Malcolm Allison was manager. Beating Preston Knob Ends 1-0 when ex Manager Alan Ball returned and revenge by beating Fulham 2-1 the season after they stuffed us 8-0 at home. Season 70-71 was simply incredible ....
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