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  1. Didn’t Town once loan a lad out to Siddal, about 2008 I remember reading it in the programme at Newcastle?
  2. Could you collect me Ash? Just means literally nipping off the motorway and back on? Frees a pass up for someone else!
  3. It would be ideal for me if I could be picked up/dropped off at Jct 22 off the M62 (the one on the top of the pennines) so that i dont have to drive on my own, i will chip in petrol money of course? If not then please can I have a parking pass?
  4. I am unable to attend as I am away that weekend
  5. Not me! cant believe you think I would get drunk Hembers, Im a good boy me
  6. Only just read this, truly shocking, thoughts are with you Robbo pal
  7. £95 Online + £115 Offline (although Im still collecting this :evil: )
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