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  1. Like the idea but i cant see the powers that be agreeing to it mainly due to the extended share of tv money.
  2. shaykehands


    So if Barrow go up how is the National league shortfall sorted and the knock on effect down the leagues?
  3. The hope is the balance of power may swing towards the Clubs rather than the players. In turn disillusioned players may opting for semi pro.
  4. I hope there's gonna be a big build up. Highlights of previous Supporters club draws? Any studio guests?
  5. Whats happened with the World cup of Pubs? Furloughed?
  6. Exceptional circumstances, emergency amendments. Its happened with legislation, it can happen with Football.
  7. Yeah nowt like taking industrial cutting equipment to a home game!
  8. Was it Jim Brown? Can never remember who was in charge and when in those few years. On the day Bob Walker allowed some of us us to take some 'souvenirs' from the old stand. Ive got the wooden back of a Directors seat pinned up on my hallway.
  9. Differing methods of calc echoed by Head of the ONS on the Andrew Marr programme last Sunday. Differing criteria and differing reporting timescales. He was talking about using e.g the increased overall death rate as a figure and that could be months/years later and no doubt with a reportable tolerance margin.
  10. Sad news re Dave Greenfield. Great Keyboardist. Reportedly in hospital with heart problems and caught covid19.
  11. shaykehands


    Refreshing honesty throughout especially from his time with Brum. So much better than the bland footy autobiographies of so called 'stars'.
  12. Good grub and marvelous carvery. Missing it
  13. Wasnt it £33k for Steve Norris which was a steal for a Golden Boot winner. However we stole him from Carlisle and dumped Tony Fyfe on them.
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