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  1. 😄 thank goodness for the tv monitors at Wembley.
  2. A bit hypocritical having to forfeit the tie because of time constraints when the 2020 final is still to play 😄
  3. FA Trophy, seen it won it. Id rather toss a coin and focus on the league
  4. Yep agree Prendergast. Got my left/right mixed up 😳
  5. Looks like Rory Prendergast front row third left? Front row second left is familiar. Junior/squad player about 96-98 - Damian Place?
  6. Was thinking the same. Normally its waiting for swellings to subside but its been a couple of months unless its viewed as non-essential and delayed due to covid?
  7. @eddiesays he's happy to darn the holes in the existing covers if that helps?
  8. Some of us who are working and key workers want to see the game
  9. Why not move house to another area where your car does not freeze and then the game would be on?
  10. Hartlepool fans no doubt accusing us of watering the pitch to get the game off or why we havent invested in a roof to cover the pitch.
  11. We've played 8 league games from the start of December against Barnet when we started putting wins on the board. 5 wins, a draw and 2 defeats puts us top on form with Torquay over 8 games and to me a better indicator as to the road ahead. We will drop down the league once games in hand are played but not 16th as teams will be taking points from each other. Other than Torquay, no side has been consistent throughout. Added to that those teams will be picking injuries and suspensions as we have. I'm positive for the remaining games and confident we'll make the play offs. We seem
  12. Wasnt Deano a Kick Boxer? Couldnt believe him jumping into the fracas at Lancs. Agree, about his contribution. Also when he was out wide his crossing/delivery was pretty good. Certainly a key component of our rise through the leagues.
  13. The last set of accounts 2019? showed a surplus but expect a defecit based on previous 2 years come the 2020 accounts and thats before covid. Think i remember 1500 streaming the Notts County game but agree others have been far short of that figure.
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