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  1. Rubbish! Dont be giving Scampy Harris any ammunition
  2. Yes. The bright sunlight is giving the false impression my hair is thinning
  3. Its not a 'gesture', its an advance presumably of ahead of the season 20/21 monies due.
  4. Still 9/10 days from the expected peak
  5. Single: Getting away with it (all messed up) - James Album: New Gold Dream - Simple Minds Ill change my mind again tomorrow!
  6. The Deputy Chief MO said there was a 24 hour time delay in reporting figures to enable next of kin to be notified and I guess the ealiest time to enable bringing accurate figures together. If true those 12 should be reported today.
  7. Have you been diagnosed with the virus?
  8. In the NY Moors, Chop Gate = Chop Yat
  9. Borehamwood are taking same action and will also only have 6 contracted players.
  10. Really? Try Google coronavirus (enter country) supermarket. Images of empty shelves in spain, germany and italy.
  11. Theyve only just sold Jack Taylor for initial £500k rising to £1m
  12. According to my Guiseley contacts they offered him a renewed contract but he wanted full time. Also he's offered nowt since November.
  13. This could also bugger up the scheduled pitch work.
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