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  1. Is it simply just based on attendances? Clubs will also budget for hospitatality packages, beer sales etc.
  2. There is one that was previously in the window of the strange antiques/bric a brac shop at Wellington Place in town. At least it was a Spacemens helmet to me and my mates 40+ years ago. It probably doubles as some form of welders helmet! Its recently moved to the background of the 'shop' no doubt alongside the corpses of umpteen unsolved murder victims.
  3. I thinks it's a Snood. Isnt Buff the name of the manufacturer?
  4. https://youtu.be/GDVvUU5MT50
  5. Edge, Chrome and Safari. I preferred Plymouth's mid eighties back 3 of Crudgingon, Nesbit and Uzzell.
  6. Marine please. We owe them!
  7. Browny also went off injured
  8. Think of the global streaming figures.
  9. Oh dear, appears that our resident Ted Hughes has gone back to the drawing board.
  10. I understood it to be the big 6 given the voting rights with protection given to Everton, Southampton and West Ham who have the 3 longest periods in the PL. However Newcastle are excluded even though they have spent more time in the PL than Man City.
  11. It started badly, tailed off in the middle and the less said about the end, the better.
  12. Agree your point about a target or highlighting a projected shortfall.
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