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  1. Surprised he dropped as low as Coalville in the first instance but understood his reasons about location. All the best Macca. A major part of our roller coaster ride in Towns recent history.
  2. First part of your statement is accurate, the second part irrelevant. He was good and consistent whilst fit, and obliged his one year contract. If you thought you could achieve better for you and yours in your profession, wouldnt you give it a go?
  3. I heard the Manager at the time was a true tactician, the new Mulhall some said. Is that true Eddie?
  4. And is that any different to players who sign contracts earlier? All players are firstly looking after themselves. They are temporary employees you hope can build an affinity to the club but dont expect that from the off.
  5. Theyve just built a new bigger family stand ro replace the one bottom right of the ground
  6. I expect our main business will be carried out a couple of weeks before the start of the season when players panic they havent got fixed up. Not ideal but realistic.
  7. His 'tackle' of Beautyman at Welling was memorable. Just turned to him and told him to get up. Then handed the baton back to Pearson to continue the close marking.
  8. Agree and we might have to be patient for when time starts to tick down towards the season starting. Then, hopefully, the pendulum of a deal swings in favour of the club rather than the player.
  9. Hmmm. From experience that isnt being enforced to well. Hats off to Grayston Unity and Meandering Bear who seem to be following guidance to the letter.
  10. Which in reality probably isnt too much a problem in the spreading of the virus. I suspect the problem is more in house gatherings with multiple people from multiple households which isnt as visible.
  11. Rusty nail, Tony Adams, is the answer Dusty Bin?
  12. Too bloody right. Cant believe Hoddie hasnt turfed you off shaymen.net knowing that admission. And before you say anything it is big and clever
  13. "on Halifax's picturesque ground"!
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