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  1. If there wasn't bigots like you still knocking about we wouldn't have to do these 'lovely, cuddly duddly ' things.
  2. Icing on the cake today was listening to some inbred looking **** chanting EDL and anti Muslim nonsense. Embarrassing.
  3. First away game this season and been to most of the home games. We have no midfield AT ALL. Strikers who never score. Not usually one to jump on the manager merry go round but this guy needs to go. Until then I think that's me done for the season.
  4. Danzig

    New manager

    My 3 choices Simon Clifford Kittrick with Walshaw as player coach Ian Helliwell to manage with a panel of experts from this forum picking the team each week
  5. I just hope we gerrit forward in the next game or we'll be relegated.
  6. New squad, new season, 2 games in. We're all going a bit over the top here, aren't we?
  7. Since I realised from the start of the season that we need to be patient with this team I can take a lot of positives out of tonight. I'm not one for the over analysis anyway but crack on. Me out.
  8. This is the start of our first conference season back all over again. Defeat caused by individual mistakes in the first game, star striker for the season grabbing our only goal and then a team coming over from North Wales to get beat in a fantastic performance down The Shay.
  9. My money is on Messi or Ronaldo, failing that just some other stupid signing.
  10. Care to reveal who those 3 are?
  11. Some silly people on here. Aspin will be here next season and I'll be fully behind him. People have been spoilt if they think this was a bad season. It's pretty much what I suspected, never thought we could replicate last season.
  12. I couldn't blame any one staying away from this game. Season is over. £17 tonight and again on Saturday is a lot of money for most people. Should make the game free entry or £5 on Saturday, sell off any remaining merch we have for this season and then close up for the summer.
  13. Danzig


    It was absolutely chucking it down in Halifax this afternoon. Praying to all the gods that Saturday goes ahead.
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