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  1. Interesting choice to go for black and blue like that.
  2. A bruising second half to watch. If it is a question of who wants it most, I think we somehow fell behind with that. Plenty of positives but they’re caught dead at the end of the season. We needed better. Still, we over-performed in the past 369(?) days since Fullarton flounced off. Now, hold onto super Pete Wild and keep the faith. We love you Shaymen
  3. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/05/28/exclusive-premier-league-restart-june-17/ A paywalled article, but you get the gist.
  4. Let’s not tempt fate.
  5. It’s unreal how far it’s gone in the wrong direction, that as soon as a striker scores seven in 10 games he’s being followed everywhere by an entourage of pundits, scouts and ITKs. McAlinden got that straightaway. Hell hath no fury like a Town fan who’s noticed a striker who’s quickly notched ten goals has suddenly lost his form. If the hype machine didn’t churn half as much as it did in modern football, a player like McAlinden could’ve totted up 20+ goals for us in a complete season (ironically looking back now), would finally have a great full season on his record, and would be in a better place to sustain such form at a higher ranked club. Yet footballers see they’ll only be kicking around for a handful of years, then cash in early so their agents can.
  6. Ultimately, the schadenfreude is tinged with the knowledge that McAlinden’s one of countless footballers and other employees going through the same thing. There’s a lot of potential for him still, he was mint for us and hadn’t gone near to doing a Jamie Rainford, and I don’t see why we’d be downhearted in the unlikely event that he ever came back to us.
  7. On the other hand I prefer to keep the distinction between key workers and other workers, even when it’s footballers on a morally reprehensible wedge. Nurses and other undervalued NHS workers deserve a proper pay rise, no ifs no buts. They should also be working in a better funded system with room for slack for when one-off crises happen, such as Covid-19 or going through a freak incident like a British winter. No argument. Meanwhile non-essential workers should be protected equitably. If footballers can’t work safely, and I’m not sure if they can yet, then keep them off the (training) fields be they a pampered millionaire or a furloughed apprentice at Pontefract Collieries. I’d watch the Bundesliga to see how their experiment gets along for the next month before being bold enough to continue ourselves. We need to take the lead of other nations where there’s no other evidence. I’m sure there’s other info backing up their decision, but in the main, what we’ve learnt is that careful and cautious causes the least damage here. Otherwise, I could be wrong!
  8. It’ll only serve as chucking money at the club as a Shayman up north, but for those expecting to attend 15/23 games or more next season—just under two thirds isn’t it?—I’d strongly encourage it. It might not maximise the money Town get in this season, but what they arguably need more is an injection over the next few months instead, which is probably the aim of these tickets without making the season ticket a dopey price like £340+ once again. Assuming no disruptions next season, I’d be paying a few score more than what I’d otherwise pay, but those who bought it last season must all consider it, if they’re fortunate enough not to be looking after #1 instead.
  9. I’d speak to the manager if I were you.
  10. Expect more demands to see the ticket counter than ever.
  11. Thing is we usually don’t. How many total wins have we got out of that lot? Probably about five from 18 or so fixtures? It just makes things worse.
  12. Has a video of Matty Brown explaining why this season ticket offer is the cat’s pyjamas been leaked yet?
  13. Hands up if you get excited over playing Eastleigh, Bromleigh or Braintreigh.
  14. Pliny Harris


    I’d thought so little of Town due to everything else that I forgot we had Rodney. Love him. Budgets and asking prices will be all over the place immediately coming out of this crisis. Reach for him with outstretched arms.
  15. Worth coming back on these discussions in the there and now. Turns out a Times hack has written an opinion piece titled, “Is it fair to put lives at risk for football? On balance, yes”. Pretty warped.
  16. I know we're supposed to be rival towns but it's poor that they didn't come closer to home eh.
  17. Going further back, the Burnden Park disaster resonates with me as a terrible union between bad design and crowd control, and the culture at the time. Those crushed to death in the Railway End were merely left behind the goals with coats draped over them as the game played out to its conclusion. In a big way, death was so close to people in the aftermath of WWII that 33 dead in a crowd of 85,000 was arguably little enough to "play on".
  18. Feel I've been cursed to post on here before mid-afternoon in case another good artist dies. I've been listening to a bit of happy hardcore, so I'm afraid that's what you're getting.
  19. A lot of VE Day street partygoers inadvertently following their advice too...
  20. Don’t recall seeing that in any of the Capital volumes. Or was it originally put down in the Grundrisse?
  21. Were my eyes deceiving me or did I see Shaytrog make a rare trip to protest in Hebden Bridge on VE Day?
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