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  1. Given how bizarre a move this is, I want to keep Wild indoors with little internet access for the next few weeks.
  2. I’ll keep your cardboard cut out safe in the Skircoat bogs for now.
  3. Like Yosemite Sam after mistaking a stick of dynamite for a cigar, you’ll be back next time as if nowt’s happened.
  4. This is Halifax Town. You’ll need a bit of staying power.
  5. So frustrating. Like watching us play on sphagnum.
  6. Marine 0 – 5 Tottenham Hotspur Marine 0 – 6 Halifax Town
  7. No such problem if you’re Mansfield Town.
  8. They’ll be wishing they never let go of Jamie Rainford now.
  9. I’ll know whether Lynn are decent or not when I figure out which ones they are.
  10. Didn’t even see that one go in, but GET IN!
  11. Like those public access TV shows you hear about in the States at the moment. So bad it’s surreal
  12. -1°C there apparently. Shouldn’t the yellow ball get a run out?
  13. That’s class. His rare moments of quality were as rare as they were quality, so if they’ve got Dion Charles looking like a top L1 player then they’ve harnessed potential like no one else.
  14. It’s a stunning achievement and one of the proudest in league football. Have they actually used that few players all season? In the mid-‘80s Bury were promoted in a season where they used no more than 15 players, who were from and mostly stayed in the northwest. Even then it was an incredible achievement, and only the Shaymen dealt them a heavy defeat that season. For an additional local angle, hundreds of Bury fans nipped over the Pennines for a night match at the Shay that mathematically secured their promotion. Managing that in 2021, where the money percolates ever deeper into everythi
  15. To my recollection it was both. He’d grouse a little about the difficulty of bringing players in, and when he did there was a pretentious element that bringing these veteran semi-pro workhorses in from the same handful of clubs wasn’t the way to get us out of the Conf North. But we got out of it first time by winning ugly using players that loved working under him.
  16. Yeah, with Jean Leroy Belehouan I hope we’re getting that same cut of young CB we often have from the higher leagues in recent years. He probably will be less like a Man U loanee and more like an ‘Ull loanee but we know that can be a very good thing. Lewis Mansell is at a stage where his career really ought to have started, and Jeff King was in a similar position. He turned out to be a fairly different player from the one described, but a good one nonetheless.
  17. Above all, it appears that Wild isn’t having the difficulties in bringing in new players that Fullarton, Heath and Harvey had, which is a testament to him and his coaching career. Most of the players we’ve brought in under Wild have been solid professionals. The main problem this generates is having very few players who’ll be going into the annals of Halifax Town folklore as comically inept, which is a fundamental part of watching Town. If the game takes place today, I think we’ll be enjoying the sight of two budding professionals.
  18. I hope we leave the light on for him.
  19. Forty tough minutes towards the end there but that’s a fine three points. Ease up until Hartlepool Take 3 now. Well in Shaymen.
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