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  1. Black Sunday? I haven’t heard that name in years.
  2. It’s a low-key example of trigger happy policing. Someone coughing on a service worker in this climate does need trying. Some people really need to stop bombing down the shop aisles like a ghost on Pac-Man. Pubs that stayed open that bit longer should be shut with a not-too-heavy fine. Workplaces that haven’t adapted their H&S should be legally challenged. Buying fripperies that are available in shops like Easter Eggs? How’s that worse than a bag of spinach that might go off before you have half of it? A real lockdown diet should be perishables and essential staples only... Likewise, Stephen Kinnock apparently visiting his dad Neil for his birthday, staying over 2m from him outside, leaving him provisions then going home after several minutes? To me the police wasted their time responding to that. You do see quite a lot of flouting still, but the have-a-go-Stasi nature of publicly shaming, and policing behaviour that is by all accounts permissible is silly.
  3. A strange and charming building the style of which is virtually unmatched in town, that could have been easily incorporated into any “mall” development they had planned at the time. Not the cosiest boozer for me, but I loved it all the same. Sit out facing the south and go between there, the Pigeons and the rest of our fine establishments. Want to point out as well: look how tight that playoff pack is. Exactly how it is this season. Teams with good but unexceptional seasons all vying for a place. A win percentage of less than 50% would give you a chance at the playoffs, which doesn’t happen every season. That’s how we make a charge on promotion. We performed heroics then, and could have performed them this year too.
  4. A squad of 35 vs. a squad of 20 (including McReady and Hobbs who never played at that point). What a run that was. Also the last home game for the Pump Room up the road. A pointless loss.
  5. Pliny Harris


    With my parcels, I handle them limitedly, then put them in a safe place. I come back to them 48+ hours later to unwrap. That's because I've read conflicting sources saying the virus can remain on a surface for up to 24 hours, or up to 48 hours. This isn't gospel and I'd rather it be compared against official sources than heeded or bested by some other hearsay. The country of origin has little odds, less so in China given its comparatively low cases now, especially compared to the USA where it's exploding.
  6. It’s the most populous nation on earth. What are you trying to say?
  7. Make sure everyone is part of a local mutual aid or support group too. They’ve been springing up all across the country. There’s the opportunity to have your number in a groupchat with your neighbourhood, either when you’re in need or can offer help/skills yourself.
  8. It seemed pretty clear what was happening to me. It looked serious a while before the UK government started taking it seriously.
  9. Big coronavirus update to ask everyone with Twitter to vote Piece Hall NOW: You don’t get bigger than this.
  10. Think it's you coming on a bit strong here, chief.
  11. Altrincham 5th as well, at zero risk of relegation. Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.
  12. Likewise, my first thoughts went to “I’d be OK with us never having been dicked 0–5 at Bromley”. Some Herculean efforts lost in that decision. It’s been great watching Workington play now and again, the last time in a biting storm, seeing out games to a better standard than what we had at that level. Big smiles after each match, now all fallen in a lost season. If/when it happens with Town, we’ll have lost some extraordinary achievements this season, and a great chance with the league being so tight. Make no mistake.
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