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  1. Who could forget Dorryl Proffitt? Not an obscure player for me! One of my favourite obscure Town players from the Vince season is Gavin Rothery. Played most of his games for Guiseley, and I believe netted early on against us when we won 3–4 at Netherregions in the 2011/12 season. He was never a recorded signing for us I don't think, yet there he is in the squad photo just before we played our first games in 2008/09.
  2. Interesting first impressions from one Stockport fan yesterday: "We badly miss Walker’s quality and Rodney’s pace and power and we don’t seem to have rectified that with our additions so far. "I watched lots of McAlinden in highlights yesterday and he looks a composed finisher and tidy on the ball but has very little in the way of pace and power. If he’s not scoring or assisting he doesn’t seem to add much and he doesn’t strike me as a Jim Gannon player."
  3. So good to hear the plaudits for Staunton. It makes me wonder how raw he was two seasons ago. Don't let the hairline fool you, he's still 24! Nice to have the guts to look at the table again, only to see AFC Flyde are 22nd.
  4. Feels like our changes are starting to bear fruit!
  5. I like goals but when the opposition do them I’m afraid I have to take exception. Must do better.
  6. We'd get 1,000 in while losing at home to Rossendale United. That's pretty decent given the quality of football!
  7. https://www.stockportcounty.com/club-statement-2/ Now taken over by a Stopfordian money man, "in a stable financial position and with zero debt", and no doubt with investments to come along with his talk about sustainability and community. Feels like the only way is up for them now. I wonder if coming into money played a part in the McAlinden signing too.
  8. Didn’t he used to recommend pubs for Shaymen Down South?
  9. Looking back on the day where they put in bids for Vardy and Ryan Lowe and chuckling. Clearly they’re getting money in now and using it well. They were a very good side against us. With McAlinden we can rue what could’ve been, but if things really had fizzled out with us and Rodney gets off to another flying start, I’m not arsed.
  10. I thought they were competing in the FA Vase-y.
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