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  1. I hope someone’s poured Jack Earing onto their plate in the MasterChef finals cos he’s different gravy.
  2. Halifax blimmin’ Town fans suddenly becoming ruthless connoisseurs over the standard of football they choose to watch.
  3. Pretty disturbing if that was one of Weymouth’s best halves of the season, according to the chairman. Say what you like about Fullarton/Heath...
  4. Haha, Gangnam Style as half time music? In this day and age? Classic.
  5. The German cobbler Adolf Dassler first put stripes on his company’s sportswear so that in 2021 we could spot Sam Johnson under the South Stand shade.
  6. The lack of ambition shown here is exactly why we’ve suffered so much over the past 110 years!
  7. These opposition set pieces are even more frightening when the shade of the South Stand is effectively censoring everything in the six yard box.
  8. The fact we’re not 10—0 up now shows how we’ve taken our foot off the gas. Got to make the most of these spells.
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