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  1. I’ll keep your cardboard cut out safe in the Skircoat bogs for now.
  2. Like Yosemite Sam after mistaking a stick of dynamite for a cigar, you’ll be back next time as if nowt’s happened.
  3. This is Halifax Town. You’ll need a bit of staying power.
  4. So frustrating. Like watching us play on sphagnum.
  5. Marine 0 – 5 Tottenham Hotspur Marine 0 – 6 Halifax Town
  6. No such problem if you’re Mansfield Town.
  7. They’ll be wishing they never let go of Jamie Rainford now.
  8. I’ll know whether Lynn are decent or not when I figure out which ones they are.
  9. Didn’t even see that one go in, but GET IN!
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