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  1. I was laughing at the nature of the Danny Whitaker signing yesterday, but get the feeling it belies a story of decent people, diving in and out of a dumpster fire, attempting to piece a squad together for the coming season, just in case they’re allowed to compete, all with the day-to-day budget of a cub scouts group. The historical debts they must have had through the last several years or more make you wonder what else could be done. It was clear there was a problem that even FA Cup runs and a freak promotion couldn’t keep at bay. Without a money man to save them, what else could they do
  2. Very fancy, but does it have a nursery?
  3. I’ll be attending from the limited standing room on Clitheroe Castle’s battlements. Hopefully the sound carries.
  4. Aspin would be fuming.
  5. Very sound kit. What I'd do for skies of blue with a touch of white.
  6. Since he’s only from Elland will he even need to go the extra mile?
  7. Interesting choice to go for black and blue like that.
  8. A bruising second half to watch. If it is a question of who wants it most, I think we somehow fell behind with that. Plenty of positives but they’re caught dead at the end of the season. We needed better. Still, we over-performed in the past 369(?) days since Fullarton flounced off. Now, hold onto super Pete Wild and keep the faith. We love you Shaymen
  9. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/05/28/exclusive-premier-league-restart-june-17/ A paywalled article, but you get the gist.
  10. It’s unreal how far it’s gone in the wrong direction, that as soon as a striker scores seven in 10 games he’s being followed everywhere by an entourage of pundits, scouts and ITKs. McAlinden got that straightaway. Hell hath no fury like a Town fan who’s noticed a striker who’s quickly notched ten goals has suddenly lost his form. If the hype machine didn’t churn half as much as it did in modern football, a player like McAlinden could’ve totted up 20+ goals for us in a complete season (ironically looking back now), would finally have a great full season on his record, and would be in a better p
  11. Ultimately, the schadenfreude is tinged with the knowledge that McAlinden’s one of countless footballers and other employees going through the same thing. There’s a lot of potential for him still, he was mint for us and hadn’t gone near to doing a Jamie Rainford, and I don’t see why we’d be downhearted in the unlikely event that he ever came back to us.
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