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  1. There can’t be a higher compliment than a Scouser comparing us to other Scousers. Chuffed.
  2. Can't argue with "I hope that we get out—Brexit—cos that's what we all voted for". The fact 100% of people voted to leave the EU is exactly why the last three years have been such a doozy.
  3. I think (hope) he's riffing on this interview with Ian Holloway, who claims we'll be able to get rid of VAR once we've done a Brexit.
  4. Concord Rangers are fourth at the time of writing. There's a fair chance Canvey Island's second team could show the B-Wood how to support a Conference side next season.
  5. Maher is out for nine weeks which is a huge early blow. Josh is back and may play this weekend against Flyde. https://zcu.io/Ryys
  6. Saw in Shuddersfield today that big ol’ Daniel O’Donnell is coming to town. Will djfunky turn up for him or has the death metal/gangsta rap combo on his new album lost him a few fans?
  7. It’s funny because I saw off a friend yesterday as she needed to catch a tram. It didn’t cross my mind that she was Asian and therefore about to find out that the tram system would stop existing by the time she reached the platform. Luckily however there’d be a glut of taxis waiting for her instead, that is if she didn’t secretly drive one herself. All these views are clearly a bit too wet and hippie-ish for our man in Malta, but clearly the bloke’s messed up. You get a lot of people with those brainworms. I read a tweet yesterday where someone wanted the IRA to reform just to bomb the governing cabinet while it sat in order to stop Brexit. Then to redress the balance, Ian Holloway said in an interview that we’d finally be able to get rid of VAR technology if we finally got out of Europe. All of which is some distance worse than hating Boreham Wood as they currently are. A club that charge their own volunteers to provide them with matchday commentary, and make 16-year-olds pay £20 in at a ground where Arsenal’s women are the bigger team anyway. A Sutton fan I read has seen his team play them for most of the last 20 years and claims they can’t stand this club and the chairman’s shenanigans, hence they took only 130 to one of their closest grounds on a Saturday. I wouldn’t want them to go bust, but if they’re Bostik League size then they belong down there.
  8. We all remember our first meeting with Shaytrev.
  9. I agree with the above. He's clearly our greatest ever.
  10. Re-reading that Morning Wood article on a desktop and getting entertained by it all over again. "Most of that was done on crowds that I could fit into my back garden but you would expect them by now to of really improved." What a sentence. Quite a neat little flex to say that 250 or so could fit into your back garden too. The bit about the Wood Army fleecing him into building them a proper home end to "get the place rocking" is comical too, but at least he's not spending that money on a Thai bride I presume. It is rather staggering they're getting 277 in the home end including various guests, players and dignitaries though. I think most teams we played in the Unibond North, like Prescot Cables or Bamber Bridge, would easily do better if similar were invested. Especially sad given the Wembley thing which usually gives a booster to support. Not like Sutton bringing just 130 fans 30 miles is good either. Someone on Twitter is saying their own matchday commentators, who are volunteers, have to pay as a media team to do their own unpaid work for the team they love! I don't wish them to go bump, but I do think it's a sign they should be winding it down now and funding B-Wood based on what actually comes in. And hopefully they do so in time for Saturday 12th October.
  11. Gonna have to debate you here, sorry. Fullarton is potentially above Vince, depending on how the Lenighan thing factors in
  12. Pretty funny interview with the chairman involving their crowds. Apparently they’ve sold 300 adults/senior tickets at £99 each and still only got 270 home fans this weekend, less than half the crowd of the second worst supported team. https://www.borehamwoodfootballclub.co.uk/uncategorized/lack-of-support-a-concern/
  13. Considering how much I’m feeling the fact Maher’s getting a scan this week, I feel any success in this small squad hangs by a mere thread. Will we turn out to have the strength in depth that wasn’t there last season?
  14. Any MP worth a nanosecond’s thought tends to catch up on their huge backlog of casework in the five-week summer recess. It’s the main reason they have it.
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