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  1. Agreed. I don’t know who exactly, but I’d give it to a team who have been out of the football league for a generation, have huge rivals bordering on all sides of town that have no longer heard of them, have had to put up with unattractive football for a few years and can rarely fill half of two stands of their ground. That sort of team I believe would really deserve it.
  2. Sickener. Would Harrogant even make up half the crowd on that one? They’ll be taking down the “In autumn 2019, we beat Halifax Town twice” blue plaques and replacing them with Pompey ones. Grim grim grim.
  3. Shaq was playing for Bromsgrove in a version of their shirt with no sleeves pre-season. You can’t help but love him.
  4. That’s a really bad result. Watch them get a bye into the second round, draw AFC Tinpot Regent and have a plum draw against Dirty Leeds in the third. Not feeling it. Lots, lots to fix for next week when the league restarts.
  5. Haringey Borough players walk off after their goalkeeper subjected to racist abuse by Yeovil away fans. Good for them, and let this be a sea change.
  6. They’ve bought 228? Bloody hell it is their cup final. They’ll be engraving this result on plaques across North Yorkshire if we’re not too careful
  7. Hashtag bloody rubbish Town. Who’s been giving the team talks?
  8. I think I’ll be out scouting strikers tomorrow but it’ll be worth standing in the shade at the back. Barely anyone’s taken the place of the AWOL singers up there... often a faff to change places but I’m confident we’ll notice double the noise from the die hards, and double everyone else joining in.
  9. Was a midfielder, now is a Canadian-born American political and cultural commentator who writes for The New York Times, by all accounts. Thought he went a bit quiet after that injury.
  10. Exactly the answer I was teasing out here. Thread locked.
  11. Since we’ve entered the Conference againI mean, old sport. Honourable exceptions in any case being Greg’s, Vardy and possibly Shogun. Would love another, but they’re the proverbial white whale.
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