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  1. Stockport sign Chester and Guiseley reject. Am I missing something? In the half a decade Stockport were a laughing stock in Division 6, I never once felt the need to goad their fans on their message board. You need to find a new hobby Mr Cheadle.
  2. Is that Lippy with his shorts on far left?
  3. It’s still being used as part of the Covid contingency plan. I don’t have a problem with no football being played there, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. It will be a problem if the new season starts and we’re still in the same situation. We’ll have to use Ash’s back garden to play. But yes, the council are, and always will be, bumholes.
  4. Money 3 year contract Higher league (probably) Bigger club He’s absolutely made the correct decision. Anyone who thinks he should’ve stayed with us is living in cloud cuckoo land. Good luck Dave, and thanks for everything you did for us.
  5. Stasi Pants


    Fair point. I think Stockport will do well next season. I like Stockport, if only for all their trolling of A.F.C. Fylde. Hopefully won’t see you next season, but we probably will.
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