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  1. I thought Gevaro was assassinated in Bolivia by the CIA. Or maybe he did score against Fleetwood? My memory is not what it used to be.
  2. This is gonna be a ‘gap’ season with no fans and not as much interest. Just to be in the same division next season will do for me after an awful pre season. 2-0 Dagenham. We’ll finish 18th. Off to listen to some Joy Division now.......
  3. Mossley beat this lot 1-0. I’m not convinced. I look forward to being proved wrong.
  4. Complete and utter nonsense and a shambles. I’m off to Sheppey United v Welling United on Saturday, and yet Welling fans are banned because they’re NL South? Surely as long as the capacity isn’t exceeded, any fans from any league should be allowed in at the discretion of the home team, i.e they decide how many away tickets to allocate if any at all. Unless scientists have proven Covid prefers Harrogate Town fans to Harrogate Railway fans? That’s how ludicrous the decision is.
  5. I watched him play for Fylde last week at Squires Gate, I was wearing my Town hat. I’d like to think I persuaded him to move due to us having such good looking fans. For the record Squires Gate won 4-3 and the Fylde defending was terrible. But I’m sure he’ll be a great signing, Hartlepool fans seemed to think he was joining them.
  6. Even with such humble beginnings, I bet we could still turn this thread into a political discussion. Did you know the EU want to ban full stops?
  7. Squad getting to know each other, a few trialists, friendlies are about fitness, results don’t matter............... .......but that was absolute dross. The best team won, I think Clitheroe will do well this season. The highlight of tonight was visiting Jimmy Clitheroe’s birthplace.
  8. How do we go about abusing the ref at the tunnel at half time? Perhaps a raffle to win the 2 spaces available.
  9. It was 400 for FC Utd friendly, 200 for each team.
  10. What will Whitby Town do if we draw them in the cup? I’ll take my chances without a season ticket, not worth the risk for weekend shift workers like me. If only they’d left the roof off the South Stand, could stand at the bus garage like I did in my yoof.
  11. Mr B had the home kit in the boot of his Beamer and he’s lost his keys.
  12. That was in the days when you couldn’t get a pie at the Shay but candy floss was in plentiful supply.
  13. Welcome fellow Ellander. They’ll be a pint waiting for you in the Savile Arms, don’t forget your body armour. Mention of Binnom-Williams, I will never forget that goal he scored against Fylde, a cult figure in my eyes and a thoroughly decent chap to boot. Good luck Jerome and thanks.
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