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  1. Indeed. I mean, we can’t talk, we’ve been embarrassed many times by minnows, but at least we never got beat by a Fish Finger factory.
  2. This is his greatest piece of work of course......
  3. I was at the 3-3 the year before. York keeper Marples was getting some terrible abuse from us.
  4. Resign Hart. Get it on the ruddy deck Wanderers.
  5. Chesterfield have always been charlatans. Remember when they got promoted after stashing money in biscuit tins on the turnstiles to pay players bonuses?
  6. Clearing snow off the pitch sounds so simple. I volunteered to shift the snow for a game against Chester a few years back, we never made it to the pitch, took us hours to clear the stands, walkways etc first. Let nature take its course, and sit back and relax to watch Real Sh!thole de Hartlepools fans crying.
  7. Mr Berry taught us at Park Baths. I say taught, I still can’t swim. Let’s hope that all Hartlepools’s’ssss galacticos get snapped up by the European powerhouses today before they play feeble little us.
  8. A bit more. 22 years old, still going strong.
  9. The new owners using their Hollywood contacts already I see, getting James Corden to sponsor a match.
  10. If I’m honest, I think he is, if I’m honest.
  11. This Hartlepool meltdown (pun intended) is hilarious. I’ve never known such a set of drama queens. I hope it’s postponed for a 3rd time, that would really tickle my testicles. There are much more important things to be worried about at the moment, take a chill pill. I’m sure your players enjoyed getting away from the wife and kids for a bit anyway.
  12. Every time I hear his name on commentary I can’t help but think of Herr Lipp.
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