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  1. I’m no expert Ashy, I’ve heard many conspiracy theories, all of which are probably cow turd. All I’m saying is the Chinese have eaten many delicacies alien to us since time began, but there’s never been a problem in the past, or there has but we’ve never heard about it because there’s been bigger things in the world to worry about, like Tobi Sho Silva’s work rate. Or perhaps the press are bored turdless after Brexit and need to sell some newspapers. As is the norm in these instances, the truth is probably somewhere inbetween.
  2. The Chinese, one of the oldest civilisations on the planet, have been eating these weird animals for thousands of years, you can’t suddenly call them out for it now. Bat on Toast isn’t my idea of a nice meal, but I think there’s more to it than just eating habits.
  3. Sweet Lord no, supposed to be seeing Baxter Dury at the Trades April 19. Fingers crossed.
  4. We all know it was the patriotic Gammon Army that won the last election, also helps if you’ve got all Murdoch’s press brainwashing the gullible. Give me Burgon and Long-Bailey over Boris and co any day, in fact give me Billy Heath and Darren Kelly over Boris and co. Each to their own, you carry on living in your Rule Britannia dreamworld, I’ll keep striving for that progressive glorious republic, I doubt either of us will ever get the country we want. And that’s kinda the point - the right and left keep each other in check in this country. The Tories will probably have this and maybe one more term if we’re unlucky, then Labour will take over for a bit.
  5. Ha ha, you wish! Labour are not finished, just as unfortunately the Tories will never be finished. These things go in cycles, the other lot always gets in when the current lot have pushed people too far. I’d be more worried as a Tory voter though, the average Tory voter must be at least 137 years old, Labour have youth on their side at the moment, that is undeniable.
  6. I wouldn’t be too hasty, there’s another 4 years of this government for him to win the arguement, which I’m sure he will. Even the Tories aren’t stupid enough to sell it all off after 4 months of power. Bit by bit it will happen.
  7. I wouldn’t knock getting 1,600 on a Tuesday night, once was a time we were getting 508 against Stalybridge on a Tuesday night, and barely registering a thousand in our Football League days on a regular basis. The attendance thing has been done to death. As Bubba said, the only way they’ll drastically improve is if we move up a league or two, or if some Dave (I broke my leg in the cup final) Whelan-type character takes us on a spending spree. Of course I’d like bigger crowds, but for a town of our size, with our history, in our league, they’re about right.
  8. Similar to Northwich Victoria and 1874 Northwich. Majority have supported the new club but quite a few stayed behind. Apparently the 2 factions can’t stand each other and there’s a lot of niggle when they meet. Very sad for supporters that used to stand together. Witton Albion must be pissing themselves.
  9. Shades of us winning 2-0 at Droylsden in the FA Cup. Doesn’t matter what league you’re in, if your playing well and only lost 2 all season, you’re gonna give someone a game, and they certainly did that. Good luck to them, they’ll remember that day out for ages won’t they? That’s what it’s all about. Wembley’s so 4 years ago anyway. I would say with regards to the “disrespectful” fixtures poster, if you knew our club you’d know it was incompetence and not a deliberate act of arrogance!
  10. Stasi Pants


    Nice article in this months WSC magazine. Appears he was the Clinton Baptiste of his generation.
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/earth/story/20150907-why-dont-you-ever-see-baby-pigeons
  12. Someone better alert Leicester City that Stockport have some cash to splash.
  13. The best team won today. Young Jack ‘Seb from Coronation Street’ Redshaw was immense. But let’s get off Tobi Sho Silva’s back. He’s not the reason we let in 9 in 2 games, he’s a holding player and did well when he came on today. Every time things start going wrong we have to have a scapegoat. Don’t forget Tobi played in most if not every game when we were top of the league earlier in the season. Cooper deserves more ****, if only for his Sparks moustache.
  14. Trains out of Nottingham should be interesting this morning, Forest at the Poodles today too.
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