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  1. poor reporting/headline by the BBC. cherry played for the 3 west Yorkshire clubs. seem to forget that at that time there were four.
  2. did not dump reserve side for a scoreboard. it was decided the reserves would not be able to compete against SL teams who are being awarded £100,000 to run their reserve teams. plus they offer more money to players to turn out for their teams. they would love to be able to still run the reserves to continue giving homegrown players a chance but now SL teams will just sign them up. so after that it was decided what to fund with all the money the supporter trust raise each year.
  3. below is a bit from the fax supporters trust newsletter. after the forced demise of the reserve team which the supporters trust financed it has decided on a scoreboard. the supporters trust raised £25,000 a year to run the reserve team so would be able to finance one as say below. what are peoples thoughts on being able to use one for replays of goals etc. at town matches. would increase advertising income etc. Moving forward our next focus is to invest in a new scoreboard which will improve the match day experience for all the supporters and provide another revenue stream and a long term investment for the Trust and the Club. We are currently investigating which type will best provide this. The intention is to offer better pre-match information like team news, show try replays, crowd scenes, other Club and Trust information at half time, advertise business’s, acknowledge supporters birthdays and put across any other messages of interest. This could even be rented to the football club on a match by match basis if they wish to use it!
  4. remember terry well. lived at a home at king cross. along with Geoff that was well known around town.
  5. good win. brilliant last few seconds goal to ease the nerves in the second half.
  6. he has a 100% record with town
  7. if new manage reads this thread it will make him feel really welcome. talk about giving someone a chance.
  8. it was Sheffield. a decent away support from there is about 20.
  9. for some reason cant use quotes or add photos on here. wilder bollox. not missing the point. I was clearing up the point asked on page 1. company accounts can show what goes in and comes out and who owed what. but would not show the point above as it was done out of his own pocket as far as remember. as for the £750k think all know where big chunk of that went.
  10. just seen this on 1st page of this thread. On an unrelated note, if a shirt was sold for £50 in the club shop and £15 of that was profit, how much of that £15 profit would you expect to go to the club and how much would you expect to go to say, a Director? I would expect it all to go to the director as specified at a meeting between the said director and another director and the fans. The meeting was held in the south stand bar maybe as far back as 2010. So is very old news. It was also said by that director that of course I would some or all of the money made back into the club in other ways. could have saved a 9 page thread if had read it earlier.
  11. did you fail at everything? did not say you had hacked anything, stated a fact.
  12. admitting hacking is not very bright anywhere. why does the biggest thread on a football site, always about rugby? I am sure there is a game tomorrow.
  13. I can state here and now, that I did not try to buy Halifax RLFC and I will not be trying to do so in the near future. My investment capital is tied up and will not be free for another 5 months.
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