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  1. Well done town.that will make the long trip back seem a lot shorter.
  2. Walter Bingley most unfit player I've watched in 60 years of following the shaymen.never seen a beer belly that size on any pro.player.
  3. Sorry can't download picture at moment.old age not up to technology.
  4. Happy memories of 2016.
  5. Hope im wrong but can't see us scoring too many with no strikers.
  6. Only behind bill Atkins as my favourite all time players.RIP Les.
  7. Can't we persuade Pete wild to take Hanson off transfer list.right back sorted cost nothing to sign already signed.
  8. any chance we could get pete wild to change his mind re hanson.ready made right back there.plus wouldnt cost anything.
  9. Resign from northern league.no money coming in.could be more to follow.
  10. Sorry.5-9 too small for centre half.
  11. We are going to need quite a few players on tonite showing. Can see a lot not being offered contracts.sad but true.need a clearout.
  12. Dreamt 2 - 2 but didn't get result of penalty shoot out
  13. I was there that night but I was one of the lucky ones that stayed but I did think of getting out of the ground before the end of the game.parking was horrendous around the ground and it was obvious that it would be a nightmare to get away after the final whistle.I standing in front of the only stand in the ground next to a mother and her son and said I was thinking of going . I can't remember what made me change my mind to stay but at the end of the game the lady turned to me and said bet you are glad that u changed your mind now.never forget that night.
  14. Steve parkin the money man.so as long as he is there should not go spiralling down.one spiral is ok.
  15. Torquay Twitter saying done deal with nicholson
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