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  1. crowtherjcbravo


    Perhaps it balances out through more merchandise sales etc?
  2. The postage is a bit steep though
  3. No crowds at sporting events until vaccine found. Prepare for clubs going to the wall without financial help
  4. The choppers has been changed to living accomodation.
  5. You only had to go 50 yards for your spogs
  6. League 2 clubs want to complete the season. If that the case then let the current clubs in the playoff positions complete via the playoffs even if behind closed doors to allow relegation and promotion between league two and the national league.
  7. it works out that I wouldn't have paid any more than had I paid full price on the gate all season for the games attended. for this reason the club can keep my £26
  8. For all those that think they can continue to do what they want during lockdown get them in the fields picking strawberries etc with the army watching over them.
  9. I understand parts of the east stand are being prepared for use as a morgue. Not sure which parts and how close to completion.
  10. Chin up pal. Remember your issues from years ago. Cant really imagine how you feel but you are free to contact me any time buddy.
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