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  1. Barnet have announced they intend to play there Cup game. They have said 9 tested positive but hope to still put a team together
  2. Try refresh. Mine is much better
  3. Not sure we have signed Jesus
  4. connect my laptop via HDMI to my tv. its worked fine for the last three matches.
  5. Commentary volume dropped right down
  6. Playing here. Looks like they are only using one camera
  7. A player in the lower leagues chose to do a fundraiser for his own treatment when he got injured rather than have the club pay for scans etc. It turned out to be very popular with fans and even jack grealish contributing. Perhaps a fund could be set up by the fans to help towards something like this?
  8. Broadcast starting at 7:15 on my screen with the pitch behind the box. No sound either
  9. As ot stands it isnt working at all for me but hopefully it will get sorted
  10. I couldn't get beyond the countdown screen. Hopefully just a blip otherwise its £300 for nothing.
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