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  1. Just put the trophy final in as may 10th and playoff final as may 17th
  2. With Denton we had to wait for him to chug up the pitch because he always had to defend. With rodney we had an outlet and pace.
  3. Only commentary and limited social media updates today due to illness. Commentary normally sounds like it's in a tunnel so that reduces down to limited social media updates.
  4. What's his looks got to do with his football ability?
  5. Wild asked the players at the start of the season how they play hence all back for corners because it's what they were comfortable with. Over time wild has brought in his own training methods and the ship has steadily sunk.
  6. Donate a weeks wages to charity after that performance. Start of the season we will have played as we did last season keeping it tight. We are now seeing wilds tactics. Not good enough
  7. Allen has been screaming for players to get in the box. If a cross goes in there is nobody to read the cross and attack it.
  8. Stockport have movement all over the pitch. We stand around and do nothing. The only two trying are cam king and Allen. Need to get both strikers on 2nd half, nevermind last 10 minutes.
  9. Cracking view from the stand. NOT.
  10. Is it just me or is it difficult to find the away travel prices on our official site?
  11. Its arrived a bit late. Its covered outside my house.
  12. snow forecast tonight. calendar news say up to 10 cm.
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