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  1. Last thing I saw he said the budget is close to last seasons. I suspect it's actually lower. Wild has already said he wants to enter the loan market more and use under 23's. Granted he wants more athletic players and ones with experience but what he wants and what he can bring in are different matters. I can see us risking inexperienced players next season.
  2. That stuff on your head
  3. So just the blonde hair?
  4. Kept that one quiet
  5. I believe the away kit sponsor is sorted so far.
  6. In his 40"s apparently
  7. been messaged tonight by someone who says a lad I used to go to the shay with has passed away. Can't remember him personally but someone on here might. His name is les hooson.
  8. Read an article today saying harrogate only have 4 available defenders. Get through and kick two of them in the air.
  9. Not a look up at the moon pose?
  10. 7pm kickoff. If we get through its ruddy typical that I have to work for the semi final and final. Both of those are 14:30^ 15:00 kickoffs
  11. Yes because I'm a key worker. I was sent home from work and told to get the rest done.
  12. I was tested 2 days ago. Got my result today by text and email
  13. I think another airline has replaced flybe
  14. Everyone is getting excited about the playoffs and promotion, yet the FA have not even ratified they are going ahead
  15. The silence is deafening from the national league.
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