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  1. Thought you gave up on football after all the times I blasted the ball at you
  2. Come on pal. Air bomb repeaters were on the market back then.
  3. They would if it was them recieving the rent.
  4. sorry but if there is to be a scoreboard at the ground then it has to be one that is free to use by both clubs. none of this rental garbage.
  5. You are indeed correct and I put 3300 instead of 2200
  6. There are apparently 2 potential investors interested. One local and one not. I was t expecting any interest if I'm honest due to us not owning the stadium. Having said that, this could just be financial investment to push us over the line to the football league and not lead to a full takeover of the club with DB leaving.
  7. Agree about benching binnon Williams. Not really a fan of him and seems to stroll around rather than getting stuck in. Gets caught out too much in defence.
  8. Could this also be mr b looking to relinquish control in the near future? Bobby ham is also knocking on a bit now.
  9. I'm blind as a bat. Forgive me
  10. Mac allinden was supposed to be in talks with the club a few weeks ago about his contract. Nothing has been mentioned about extending and his form has now dipped.
  11. Thought there had to be so many on the board if in the football league?
  12. If we were to go up this season wouldn't we need to add to the board of directors to play in the football league?
  13. Another jamie Paterson wouldn't go amiss.
  14. The players are out there but can we afford them?
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