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  1. Chin up pal. Remember your issues from years ago. Cant really imagine how you feel but you are free to contact me any time buddy.
  2. Telling everyone abroad to get back certainly looks like the borders are closing. My lass has now been told no work for at least two months. I'm a key worker so will still have to work.
  3. Wouldn't go that far but the result should have wiped the smile off his face.
  4. High blood pressure is one of them. After saturday mine was one of them. After DB went for a pee grinning his head off at full time was not the time to be looking happy.
  5. Fifa looking into how it affects contracts
  6. National league now confirmed league suspended until 3rd April
  7. All mass gatherings suspended.
  8. The government are now wanting to introduce a law next week banning gatherings of over 500.
  9. A fixture pule up for the others could play into our hands
  10. Could the virus be about to scupper our season? What's the likelihood of playing games behind closed doors? Would we survive financially along with many other clubs if this was to happen? Would playoffs be cancelled and promotion scrapped if games could not be fulfilled? Thoughts!!
  11. give over. he's the joker in the pack
  12. A bit damp. There was an inch of snow this morning where i live
  13. Bradford's pitch is like that every season
  14. said it a few times in interviews. is nhe fuaarton in disguise?
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