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  1. Rumours our egg chucking friends are behind with rent again
  2. Better to go for let's be at least a goal up by half time. Keeping a clean sheet is soooooo Fullarton.
  3. Not seen the sanmi one but have seen the Samni thread
  4. Mine is odelusi. The other is samni
  5. Both posted at the same time buddy
  6. Has now departed the building.
  7. Reported 3 years yesterday. Does this pit me in that special ITK club?
  8. crowtherjcbravo


    I don't think any team currently in this league or for a few seasons have a team similar to our conference winning team. It's still keep your feet on the ground for me. It's a long season, pitches will change, injuries will kick in etc.
  9. Still work in progress was the last i heard.
  10. Don't forget, the more that go the cheaper it is.
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