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  1. So as you say, you were having a go at Marshall. Re-meeting for drinks, I probably don't go to the same sort of places as you, but thanks for the offer.
  2. Praising a player we don't have and will never have, whilst knocking a player who we did have. Priceless, thats what I call support, keep it going Aspin/Ashy whatever you call yourself.
  3. Is that not a contradiction? I am saying I don't agree with your opinion or your twin brother Ashy1966. That's my opinion, hope you can follow that logic, its not too complicated. I'm really not sure what you expect, you are looking for a reaction with every key stroke. Every team will have its dissatisfied contingent, when they have a point that's fine, when they simply have a personal agenda that repeats and repeats itself then the whole exercise becomes clown-like and of course hence the utter tripe.
  4. To be fair it could be a bit self defeating on my part. I could be classed as one of the turds who has been drawn into their web of non-stop negative, tedious tripe.
  5. Have we ever seen Ashy1966 and SameOldAspin in the same room at the same time? Such turd magnets can't be two people, the drivel is just too similar. Apologies if this has been mentioned before, its too obvious to go unspotted.
  6. The Walsall game on Christmas Eve remains my favourite ever match. No way on earth that it would have been played in these days, ice on the old terrace was hazardous to the extreme, pitch can't have been much better. I remember I was wearing my Halifax Town digital watch, newly purchased with advance Christmas money from TT down at the Shay Shop. The boxing day win over Udders came a close second and like the Man City game I remember that one being a bit on the wet side. What a perfect Christmas that was
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