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  1. Yes we have seen it a handful of times, however, this league might be shite again, so the Macclesfield type opportunity seems to be there.
  2. All teams face the same challenge. Nice to see that they lost tonight regardless, particularly against a team who have miss(spit)fired so far this season. Solihull can't go up, it's just not good for anybody. I wonder if Flowers will get poached by an actual club at some point?
  3. I just assumed that Salford had signed him on a big money deal.
  4. First time I have logged in since the board crashed, a massive relief to find TNV is still blocked!
  5. To be fair, your coding was very advanced for 1933
  6. Another player might have coughed to it
  7. You are always right sunshine, it's instinctive for you. We all know and accept that.
  8. Alf Ramsey? Did ok with England and not had a job for years.
  9. He pulled us out of the mire and dropped us back in it. His effect was temporary and his team failed at the crucial moments in the league, the opportunity to stay up presented itself well before the final game. Just 3 wins from the last 10 matches, comical Kelly got 2 in 10! Then when that final, final chance came on the last day of the season his team went out on a whimper against average opponents who had nothing to play for. The Trophy win was memorable but only almost keeping us up after promising more was the complete opposite. I expect the reality is that he has zero chance of returning.
  10. Don't worry about that, he'll be selling off all that stolen art from World War 2 to fund a promotion putsch.
  11. Did he not play at York for a while? Remember him being in court for something up there.
  12. I wouldn't say poor. They worked hard, they had a plan that worked on this day but wouldn't work week-in, week-out. Macdonald was the only really outlet, cut the supply line to Denton and then we would have been stumped. We were big, we were aggressive, we had tempo, that might be what you get out of a Heath team.
  13. You could, but looking at the context of at least one of those assists, not sure it makes him somebody I would want in the centre of my attack. Overall, I didn't come away impressed with his contribution. You have several much, much better players out there. For us I always thought him too light weight, certainly for the rigours of week in week out Conference National. He hasn't had a serious run in competitive football, the next couple of months might give you that and only then will you really know if he is up to it.
  14. It was an interesting first outing for us. I thought going forward there were long periods where we were simply relentless and with some better finishing in the first half the margin of victory would have been much greater. Denton was everything that people have described, Peni & Burrow were mobile and dangerous, Macdonald really did rip them apart and also provided some excellent balls into the box. Nuneaton weren't a bad side at all. However, they didn't seem as fit as we did and also there were points in the game where their heads went down, particularly the very moment they slumped to 3-1. Although we then opted to take our foot off the gas and allowed them back into the match, slightly concerned that we did that rather than finishing them off when they were there for the takingThis resulted in a battling last 15 minutes. You could argue that we needed conserve energy for Tuesday, which wasn't the outcome and it also meant that the score ended far closer than it should have done. That said, we were in total control in those closing stages. Looking at Shaq playing against us I am very glad that we didn't add him to our sqaud this season. He ran, he flicked, he got sucked into fouling, he got outmuscled and he lacked the composure at his moments of opportunity. He put the effort in but I came away feeling that he probably thinks he is a much better footballer than he actually is. Can't quite understand what the league clubs saw in him. If he gets a decent run of games he might settle and start to make an impact but I think it's just as likely that he will fade into the shadows before going out on loan a level down.
  15. Agree about the decision, marginal at best, reffing to the home crowd perhaps! That said, Germany losing is quite nice. Thought France were very poor up to point of getting a leg up from the ref.
  16. Am in Nimes tonight, crazy here, thousands in the streets, bleeding car horns going like mad! Quite an experience, almost like going to the Shay on a Tuesday in February.
  17. Sort of like a cross between Ninian Park and the Den you mean?
  18. If tnis goes on several major teams are going to get kicked out. Am assuming that includes France after their local youths seem to have been involved too.
  19. I was thinking the third against Chasetown is the one that sticks in my mind. Goal of the season I believe that year and of course around the time of Trevor Storton's death which added a strong emotional element.
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