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  1. we aren't exactly short on goals right now......
  2. Thanks for the comprehensive insight Flea. As you would expect, the manager and the players know exactly why they are doing what they are doing. The stats provide some pretty overwhelming evidence (both our defensive record last season plus results this season and the 0.2% point) that their knowledge converts into good outcomes. On a wider point, I know well current professional sportsmen from a range of different sports, plus some football coaches (all ex players) some who work at non league level, with others at premier league academies. And no. I am not a wannabe, it just happens that work and family connections have created those links and in most instances we rarely talk sport. One common thing they describe, regardless of the sport, is that they don't enjoy being spectator. Firstly because they want to be involved and then particularly because it involves listening to reactions and views from people who don't have their level insight and perspective. Yes, you pay your money and you have your say and part of the reason of going to football is that discussion between like minded fans. But, to assume you have spotted something that the managers, the captains and the teams haven't does feel a bit niaive.
  3. Poor title. Wild addresses the point fully in a recent interview in the courier. He doesn't want the wrong personality because that will upset the balance. Sounds like he is looking upwards for a temporary replacement. Sensible management.
  4. Yes he saw it, must have read the board!!!
  5. You do what you want lad, just as I did. You know best as ever.
  6. You should go and tell him just in case.....
  7. Yes he came, a couple of runs but not much opportunity as we were pegged back when he was introduced.
  8. Willis and hardy might have scored for the reserves
  9. That one was all about Dan Gardner, this was all about the team. Plus it had a better outcome than Luton over the 90!
  10. Had a quick look at the Chesterfield messageboard to see reaction to our performance. Interesting that there isn't much at all, mainly annoyance at how bad they were. In their utter Sheridan focused despair they missed the point. There isn't a team in the league who could have coped with our onslaught in that first 45, it wasn't about how crap they were, it was about how slick we were. There were defensive moments that separated us too, with two goal line clearances in the first half, they demonstrated how much more our players are prepared to give than your average team. The boys at Chesterfield should perhaps notice that at the weekend Solihull were seconds away from a 3-0 that could have turned into a 5-0, with a 2-1 defeat flattering them, and compared to Chesterfield they have a much more talented set of players (although I think with much less heart). The destruction of Fylde was a similar message to teams, yes we can rip you apart because we aren't working through a single attacking dimension. Of course there are local experts who might worry where our goals are coming from this season because everybody is scoring and we don't have a 20 goal a season man....the records suggest that the goals for column is not such a worry for us right now. However, for our opponents, its a major problem.
  11. Some people always need a target. He is an imposing defender and an interesting proposition up front. Nothing wrong with his ability or commitment.
  12. We were scarily good in the first half, looked like we had killed it off with the 3rd but you can't expect teams to just roll over. They switched things around, we got tired and they came back into it. Some superb goal line defending from us in the first 45 too.
  13. Kossy is utterly brilliant, sadly only for around an average of 8 minutes per season in total. There was a reason he was at Nantwich...
  14. if stadium car park is full (which it usually is) you can park in tescos for a fee on matchdays, quite convenient.
  15. Interesting listening to Tim Flowers' reaction, know it has been mentioned elsewhere. Clearly much more balanced than Challinor last week but a comment in there that attracted my attention was around how Solihull have some better quality players this year and how less capable teams are beating them despite their quality. I saw this on Saturday and have seen it countless times in football. They did have a few who were clearly class acts, but perhaps don't have the biggest of hearts. That for me sums up this team, we have a bunch of very average players, nowhere near the level of some more moneyed clubs, with probably one of the best keepers in the league and the best captain. However, get them to work as a never say die style unit and that average capability is turned into something that can always have a chance of winning. Because we are working as that type of unit, it's no surprise the goals are coming from everywhere. Also that means our threats come from all angles, not just the big 20 goals a season man who does a predictable job up front. We don't have any obvious gaps, I disagree that this player is a weak link or that players isn't quite good enough, they all meet the standard we need. As ever the depth of our squad and the amount of cash we have to cover injuries to key players is going to define our season as much as anything else is. At the moment this is a bit like watching a Wilder team but with flair.
  16. Some great play, but do we think that Fylde should be investing in a new goalkeeper?
  17. Use reformation as the opportunity to unify, great things come out of adversity. Think before you jump on a model. The fan owned one is the most obvious and attractive one but it also comes with limitations. So if you go down that route, be aware of those limitations, it might mean life never goes beyond the Conference National. Don't trust anybody you don't know, particularly if they are promising the impossible, they will only want to steel your trousers. Just look up Tony Abbot and the words 12 year ban to get an example of the sort of character to avoid.
  18. Still feels like Sheridan first. Hope you are feeling better Erik.
  19. The signing of Kossy says a lot. Yes he has talent, but his attitude and ego stand in his way. Typical AFCF player perhaps? To be fair, I liked Challinor as a player.
  20. His credit is higher, but it looks like he has only Rowe to hide behind, one injury and he is toast.
  21. yes, he has started slowly before. However, two 4-1 defeats on the bounce against low budget teams feels like a more serious issue than a slow start
  22. Feels like it. Smells of drink early in the day is the only thing I know about him...not a good place to start.
  23. Some shaky starts out there, which manager is most at risk? Challinor is clearly nervous, hence the stupid post match interview. Sheridan must be touching cloth, no excuse for that start. Any suggestions for the first one to be jobless?
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