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  1. I didn't realise that, have lost touch a little recently, when did that happen?
  2. Fair point Erik, it's an exaggerated version on here. I have stopped coming, peeked in last week to see the same old bunch berating somebody for having an opinion. How you doing by the way? Well I hope?
  3. Don't think I am on that one, but got involved a couple of times. Those were the days. Not sure our fans have the stomach for it now, too busy playing championship manager and ganging up on each other. How did we get so many dullards these days??
  4. I have asked a few close to the club about what happened with JF and nobody has ever really answered. Only word was that he had lost dressing room and the players cheered the moment they knew he was gone.
  5. Makes you wonder why his game lacked goals up to joining us. Good tactics/coaching the difference??
  6. Agree, I think the bulk of his goals are about placement, which feels ridiculously precise.
  7. I sort of think Wild knows exactly what options he has and when to use them. I predict a win.
  8. Can't find the Barnet one anywhere. Am guessing 600?
  9. I think that's the point about the league we are in Erik, games are tight, they sway from domination to backs against the wall with not many clubs playing for anywhere near 90 mins. I thought Chesterfield, Barnet and Solihull all had spells in the game where they could have taken us, but didn't. There may be teams out there who will punish you during every flat spot but I think they are few and far between.
  10. Good way of avoiding the need for a new manager.
  11. Blah blah blah, I could have played for Ovenden West Riding, blah blah blah, listen to me I am an expert, blah blah blah blah, I know a lot so listen, blah blah blah, facts are best when made up
  12. who knows, I suppose their current positions says a lot about their ability to appoint the right managers......that said, margins feel very small in this league. Chesterfield for example, had they played for 40 minutes of the game against us, instead of 25 minutes, they could have got something from the game. Despite their terrible league position they feel like they are are short of 2 or 3 players, not a big gap with a bit of common sense applied.
  13. I think that some of the bigger clubs, particularly Chesterfield, Wrexham, Notts and Hartlepool are all likely to see managerial changes before the season is out. If some of those changes happen sooner rather than later we could see some of those clubs enter the competition.
  14. Only one way we will find out... His overall record suggests he might have it in him. If he plays and scores he will quickly be a hero, no goals and he will be back to Conference North. Wild will only play him if he thinks he has something to offer.
  15. Thought it was a Saturday game, I went on the bus via Rochdale and it seemed to take days. Scooter club had a bit of a scrap I remember.
  16. It's a much underrated sport, are playing numbers declining?
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