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  1. 28 minutes ago, Erik Everhard said:

    It was a big rugby union pub at one time. 

    Yes, I worked there some 30 odd years ago. Rugger buggers came in at about 10pm, already very stewed and usually with a chicken leg up their arse as a bet. I felt humbled. 

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  2. So far, all comers are leaving out big Wayne, is that just because of super Geoff or is he really not good enough to get in the team? Hulme v Pearson, interesting debate, I suppose Pearson playing at a higher level career wise might sway it in his favour? Kevin Johnson pre broken leg was a real player, Davison was his replacement. Keegan always thought that Johnson was a better player than he was himself, little bit of luck here and there perhaps? I remember seeing Johnson in a charity cricket match up at Crossleys drinking a pint and smoking a fag, perhaps that was part of the issue? Holden remains one of the most exciting players I have ever seen at the Shay, full of skill, intelligence, nonchalance and humor, not many like him.

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  3. Just now, ITMAN said:

    Trev, of the copied post the majority I have sympathy with. I agree that the "herd immunity" idea was flawed and flew in the face of medical experts and evidence across the globe, only matched by President Trump's insistence that it was fake news.

    I agree that the NHS was woefully unprepared for the tsunami that was coming their way. This was due to a number of different factors, of which underfunding for 10 years has led to a very lean medical infrastructure which has little or no scope to expand services quickly. Unlike the healthcare economies in Germany and France for example, we have no over capacity, as our private healthcare economy is not as well developed.

    The bullshit and deceit we have been fed around ventilators and PPE will be uncovered after the event, as there is no doubt that a Royal Commission will be held and those accountable will be exposed.

    However, Article 50 and the time and money wasted on Brexit are nothing to do with the pandemic and should not be conflated with it. The Chinese government hid the scale of the virus until well into December. By then we had passed Article 50, had an election and were supposed to be on the road to the promised land. 

    You going to have explain to Trev what conflated means, in telly tubby type langauge. 

  4. Just now, Shaytrev said:

    Another brain blitzed, clueless idiot. Care to say that to my face? Dare you fk.

    Let's be honest Trev, your not in good shape these days, a bit portly, it's not muscle, so steady on.  I do love how thick you are. Meet you behind the Skircoat and make you cry like a little nazi baby. 

  5. All these years and people still get sucked into the world of a halfwit, failed National Front candidate. Leave the dullard talking to a wall in the corner, won't be long before the wall gets bored.


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  6. 13 minutes ago, chadders said:

    I will bow to your recollection of the Torquay team that day but are people on here really suggesting we beat them and had that decent start to the season despite Tobi playing rather than acknowledging his part in those victories ??

    Watch your back bowing at your age! 

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