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  1. I am sure you are not baldy baldy
  2. There was one on windy Bank, John Noakes went there as part of a blue Peter feature
  3. I remember my first introduction to Buddy Holly was through a tribute act at Crosskeys club, shortly after it re opened as I'll Ingworth RLFC. Was my local at the time
  4. So in amongst my love of everything from Dean Martin to Melodic Death Metal from Gothenburg his crappy song never goes away. I don't know why
  5. Chadders looks a bit younger in that crowd shot!
  6. I am sure somebody will have had this one but we are in a loop at the minute
  7. My favourite track from this band, not one of the well known ones
  8. Tram shed of course and liked mention of Good Mood. Anybody got a list of bands who played there?
  9. Ring o bells, was dead if it wasn't for the ghosts.
  10. Yes, I worked there some 30 odd years ago. Rugger buggers came in at about 10pm, already very stewed and usually with a chicken leg up their arse as a bet. I felt humbled.
  11. Nobody mentioned the Westgate, always felt shut even when it was open.
  12. So far, all comers are leaving out big Wayne, is that just because of super Geoff or is he really not good enough to get in the team? Hulme v Pearson, interesting debate, I suppose Pearson playing at a higher level career wise might sway it in his favour? Kevin Johnson pre broken leg was a real player, Davison was his replacement. Keegan always thought that Johnson was a better player than he was himself, little bit of luck here and there perhaps? I remember seeing Johnson in a charity cricket match up at Crossleys drinking a pint and smoking a fag, perhaps that was part of the issue? Holden r
  13. Wonderful instrumental track from this Anglo Finnish melodic death metal band, it takes all types......give it a go, its nice neo classical stuff. Guitarist grew up in Bradford and is a vicar's son, that last bit is not very death metal.
  14. I was watching a zz top documentary on Netflix, briefly featured this band.
  15. I remember him talking about Steve Norris on Saint and Greavsie. What a great show that was.
  16. Thinned not thinning lad!!
  17. Sad news, nice man. RIP Jack
  18. But what about the days you go to the Shay?
  19. It's the barley wine talking.
  20. I have to say, that is a good retort lad!
  21. How many votes did you get Trev when you stood as an NF candidate?
  22. You going to have explain to Trev what conflated means, in telly tubby type langauge.
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