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  1. Sad news, nice man. RIP Jack
  2. But what about the days you go to the Shay?
  3. It's the barley wine talking.
  4. I have to say, that is a good retort lad!
  5. How many votes did you get Trev when you stood as an NF candidate?
  6. You going to have explain to Trev what conflated means, in telly tubby type langauge.
  7. Let's be honest Trev, your not in good shape these days, a bit portly, it's not muscle, so steady on. I do love how thick you are. Meet you behind the Skircoat and make you cry like a little nazi baby.
  8. All these years and people still get sucked into the world of a halfwit, failed National Front candidate. Leave the dullard talking to a wall in the corner, won't be long before the wall gets bored.
  9. I loved that line up, not Emma, the shaymen
  10. I like the cut of your jib it man, breath of fresh air.
  11. Watch your back bowing at your age!
  12. I didn't realise that, have lost touch a little recently, when did that happen?
  13. Fair point Erik, it's an exaggerated version on here. I have stopped coming, peeked in last week to see the same old bunch berating somebody for having an opinion. How you doing by the way? Well I hope?
  14. Don't think I am on that one, but got involved a couple of times. Those were the days. Not sure our fans have the stomach for it now, too busy playing championship manager and ganging up on each other. How did we get so many dullards these days??
  15. I have asked a few close to the club about what happened with JF and nobody has ever really answered. Only word was that he had lost dressing room and the players cheered the moment they knew he was gone.
  16. Makes you wonder why his game lacked goals up to joining us. Good tactics/coaching the difference??
  17. Agree, I think the bulk of his goals are about placement, which feels ridiculously precise.
  18. I sort of think Wild knows exactly what options he has and when to use them. I predict a win.
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