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  1. I wonder what his next job will be?
  2. I join the won't be watching brigade on this one. No desire to put a penny in the pockets of the pretend outfit. In contrast, will probably every available other game throughout the season as I never dither when it comes to supporting our club.
  3. You can smell the money in that Stockport team, but again Wild's mob are full of grit and at the same time have created the best chances. County are far better than Daggers based on that 45. This one could go either way.
  4. That's where I pick out 'gritty'. I don't expect many, teams to be as flimsy as the daggers tbf
  5. I think the use of the word 'gritty' was a good choice. But next to that more composure from midfield. On the whole decent distribution from the back. I dare say that a full strength, tuned-in forward line might have bagged us another couple, although the late replacements gave a decent account of themselves. There is a bit of me that thinks the Daggers looked a little half arsed not quite up for the fight. Although they did have 2 or 3 very decent players, I did expect rather more from them. Our risk will always be the size of our squad which will require decent luck on the injury fro
  6. It was to simulate a toilet break. Zero buffering for me, via xbox into a big screen projector
  7. I think your proving the point again, you don't get what's wrong with condoning something that's a racist action. No point arguing it with because it really does either confirm you have a racist standpoint or that the significance of what you are saying just goes over your head. I do find offensive those suggestions that in some way diminish the feeling or impact that institutional racism creates. Far more so than Erik, or whoever, exchanging comedy insults with his mate. I don't think there is a place for racism, simple.
  8. I found the racist family more of issue, but that was argued away and I know they will be back as soon as we lose or draw. On that one, not realising they were racist seemed to be the excuse. Not sure that stands up.
  9. Do you think we would be? Tend to think it's the least of our worries.
  10. I doubt this season will complete to be fair, so much so that it feels quite obvious. We can only judge what we have to offer when proper football starts, it's all that matters. That's not rose tinted specs or sugar coated, it's just obvious. Same old brains spouting same old sh1te.
  11. £20m doesn't feel insignificant at our level. The key for me is equity. I do think that clubs who can't really afford to be at this level deserve what they get right now and hope it might snuff out the undersupported, oversubsidised mob. Yes it's sad for a couple of hundred die hard fans, but seriously, do we give a toss about the likes of Borehamwood?
  12. Will be interesting to see,I get the logic. Time for us to recruit some virtual Shaymen and offer enducements to away fans. Simple fact, if we win we will get support, if we lose a lot we won't
  13. I regard the current situation as a moment to support if you can. Clubs at this level will need a lot of goodwill to keep afloat regardless of subsidy. Get behind the club if you can.
  14. We are only discussing actual football clubs on this thread and not including hobbyists who don't actually have actual fans.
  15. Good lad, decent laker. He is the epitome of a non league journeyman.
  16. I would by a streaming season ticket for home games
  17. I still struggle to see the link between the premiership and football. It's like the sporting equivalent of ITV, I can't remember when I last watched that either. It's just not very exciting.
  18. The previous games teacher left his wife to be with one of the girls in the upper sixth.
  19. It was Crossleys pre merger, don't think Fleming came from Heath. I loved fives but I think they knocked the court down, which seems a big shame.
  20. I should have put a timer on that comment!
  21. We did actually persuade them to let us a run a football team at one point but we only had a few friendly games. Fleming didn't get anywhere near, the 'coach' was a maths teacher. This earlier than you Hoddie, around 77 up to 83. Gilly played in goals for us, am sure Skakey will have something to say about that!
  22. It's basically that thing about.. You can please some of the people all of the time etc. I once had a friend who complained about getting too many blow jobs, he is the only person I ever remember saying it but it was still his opinion.
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