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  1. It's not fair that threads like these exclude the thick posters. Can't we have something about a programme off of ITV so they can contribute? 

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  2. 21 minutes ago, ITMAN said:

    Not sure where BHW can be described as a club with decent level of support? The average home gate last season was only 724, lowest in the NL. If you take off the away fans they would be lucky to average 500. 

    I think the suggestion is that Borehamwood are fake, which of course they are. I assume Wrexham because they have potential to be a North Wales Swansea. We are in a much more crowded market and don't have the same potential. 

  3. What a great bloke, sad to hear of his passing. He used to be at most southern games in the 90s when I lived in London for a decade, and when our southern game away followings were a small select bunch. He always had a smile on his face and beer related intelligence to share. 

    RIP Brian


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  4. 2 hours ago, bazza45 said:

    It's not the actual £2, it's the principal.  nobody likes to be ripped off.  If others can do it for a tenner why can't this lot?  I originally hoped that the streaming charge would be set by NL HQ and that all clubs had to charge the same, no gimmicks of "price for a month" or "free Programme"

    Totally agree, it feels cheeky. A single pricing structure would be very welcome. I think the streaming figures I have seen so far have been disappointing. I think we should be doing more to encourage people to commit. 

  5. 18 minutes ago, TJAshton said:

    Probably another managerial job :doh:

    More a question for me of does he go up the league as a manager. He is different to the likes of Wild in that his success relates to subsidy. That might put more serious teams off perhaps? It's on a par with Weaver, I wouldn't see clubs rushing to poach him, they probably couldn't afford him! 

  6. 7 minutes ago, Flea said:

    Horrible club are Boreham.

    I recall the first visit we made there. It was boiling hot and on walking up to the away entrance I was drinking from a bottle of water. I had TWO stewards approach me like I was trying to smuggle a cruise missile into the ground. I was told, very aggressively that I could not bring the water into the ground. When I asked why they said it was because it was a security risk and that it was possible I was trying to bring acid into the ground as there had been acid attacks in the area recently. I pointed out that as I had just drank from the bottle in front of them if it had acid in it then it would have been a pretty stupid thing to do...

    On an unrelated note, very colourful day. 

    I do remember that spate of acid attacks in the Isthmian League..... 

  7. 3 minutes ago, ITMAN said:

    Vinny, if you and many others do not feel happy at putting money into BHW coffers, then treat as an extension of the "virtual ticket" from the Project Playoffs fund raising and donate the £9.99 to the Supporters Club as part of the "Away Day Top Up" fund raiser. Or if you are feeling very happy after the result top it up to £20 of the Town players do the business. Almost like a Win bonus.:D

    Good idea, good we set a target by 2.55 tomorrow? Nice two fingered salute to hobbyist utd fc. I'm in for 20 regardless of the result. 

  8. 14 minutes ago, Roy Race said:

    If midfield play consistently to the level of Saturday we are where we needed to be for the last two/three seasons. The fact D&G looked half arsed was because we took the fight to them from the outset, in effect bullied them. Simply put they didn't like it up em:D

    That's where I pick out 'gritty'. I don't expect many, teams to be as flimsy as the daggers tbf

  9. 9 hours ago, woody said:

    Agreed, very balanced. To be fair, we never looked like losing as we looked stronger all over the pitch.

    Stockport might be in for a shock!

    I think the use of the word 'gritty' was a good choice. But next to that more composure from midfield. On the whole decent distribution from the back. I dare say that a full strength, tuned-in forward line might have bagged us another couple, although the late replacements gave a decent account of themselves.  There is a bit of me that thinks the Daggers looked a little half arsed not quite up for the fight.  Although they did have 2 or 3 very decent players, I did expect rather more from them. 

    Our risk will always be the size of our squad which will require decent luck on the injury front and some good judgement on short term signings. 

    Decent start with the bonus of some pretty decent streaming. 


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  10. 30 minutes ago, ashy1966 said:

    In your opinion it is racist. Just wish the reaction of a white policeman shot dead in Croydon had created such an outburst as a known criminal who held a gun to a  pregnant woman's stomach had created. 

    You can think what you want about me as a person. I really couldn't give a damn!! 

    And he proves it again! 

  11. 26 minutes ago, ashy1966 said:

    What a sad human being you are. You don't know the 1st thing about me. Strange how you only post your bile late at night. 

    Racist because I don't condemn a banner flying over a football ground. 


    I think your proving the point again, you don't get what's wrong with condoning something that's a racist action.  No point arguing it with because it really does either confirm you have a racist standpoint or that the significance of what you are saying just goes over your head. 

    I do find offensive those suggestions that in some way diminish the feeling or impact that institutional racism creates. Far more so than Erik, or whoever, exchanging comedy insults with his mate. I don't think there is a place for racism, simple. 


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  12. I found the racist family more of issue, but that was argued away and I know they will be back as soon as we lose or draw. On that one, not realising they were racist seemed to be the excuse. Not sure that stands up. 

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