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  1. I tell you what, all this talk of cricket doesn't help. Miss it same as Shay for different reasons. Chester le Street is no Scarborough though!
  2. You have just answered a question for me!! My mom said she sat next to a real Town fan at the dinner but she couldn't tell me who!!
  3. I did one finals day, I had a strong family interest with the nephew captaining, and it was a flat affair. So few actual fans there. On that day it was actually the returning stars who let the side down, Root and Bairstow. Proud moment nevertheless.
  4. How do you reckon yccc would have faired in the T20, with the move away from home grown talent? I was expecting a fail and the demise of Gale.
  5. I still pop in when we are not playing just to check it's still there!
  6. In this strange time I have reflected how my 'special place' in life is the Shay. Distance means I don't get there as often as I would like, but when I do, it's the only place I want to be. I watch the game with football mates who I have known for decades. We talk shite for a couple of hours, bask in victory when it happens, curse the ref if it doesn't. There is nothing else like it and no memories that match it. I remember results and goals from every decade back to the seventies. I never get bored with it and one way or another, it always evokes some emotion. It's not about success, formations, 'knowing football' or being fashionable. It's about loving this club that we are part of in a way that premiership fans can only dream of. God I miss it. Stand up if you love the Town.
  7. Am presuming that's a steam train?
  8. Can't see his bucket now
  9. I lost the battle long before regain was invented!
  10. He was busy applying regain to his scalp
  11. I think year on year we keep learning that you don't actually buy your way put of this league as a simple transaction. Just look at Barrow versus say Chesterfield, Fylde or Solihull. Not long since Macclesfield either. My feeling is that Stockport are the next Wrexham, stuck, always choosing the wrong manager and thinking its easier than it is.
  12. It's had the opposite effect on me. I had stopped visiting and looking pre virus because the half dozen resident experts had polluted almost every football thread with the usual misguided tripe. I expect I will dip out again as they start to re-emerge.
  13. One of the people in this scenario makes his living out of football. The other doesn't and never will. One of these is quite smart, the other the opposite.
  14. But not surprised...
  15. Some reight lakers in that team.
  16. Is he a poor man's Matty Pearson?
  17. As an ex Halifax league footballer I would piss it against all of our players and then pass it to TJ and watch it go in off his knee bone. He would celebrate like Ashley Stott and I would sigh with relief, hoping that one day he gets signed by Liversedge reserves (but knowing he wouldn't be good enough on any level).
  18. He has something but gets found out. Like all players, being in the right team with the right players around him is key. Stockport were never going to be that, they are a couple of managers away from getting it right. He needs to settle, develop and bin his agent.
  19. francisfirth


    I was worried that this was a thread about the death of Nicholas Lyndhurst.
  20. What a manager, looking back at the balance and playing style of that team still makes me smile today. Many games sound out the one I always remember was Yeovil at home. That night it felt like confirmation that we were serious.
  21. I can see Gilly sneaking into that one next to Billy. Lenny up front, many more familiar faces. It was one of the strangest days following Town, all those years avoiding disaster and then it smacks you in the face. Was in mourning for weeks.
  22. Oooh sorry, I missed it. Worth a play each week I think.
  23. possibly one of the best songs ever written
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