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  1. It's not fair that threads like these exclude the thick posters. Can't we have something about a programme off of ITV so they can contribute?
  2. I think the suggestion is that Borehamwood are fake, which of course they are. I assume Wrexham because they have potential to be a North Wales Swansea. We are in a much more crowded market and don't have the same potential.
  3. What a great bloke, sad to hear of his passing. He used to be at most southern games in the 90s when I lived in London for a decade, and when our southern game away followings were a small select bunch. He always had a smile on his face and beer related intelligence to share. RIP Brian
  4. It says football kits but they have included Forest Green, I don't get it.
  5. Hoddie says in the post that he has only got to 1943 so far
  6. Don't mention buckets or donations!!
  7. A mate of mine has links to Wilder and big Al and all last season they were waiting to get found out. I think they have the fight and the nouse to work themselves out of this start. They aren't your average Premier league failures.
  8. There are many ways to be prudent, the best I can think of is to invest in something that will grow. In football terms Vardy and Gregory were great examples. Roberts and Liam Hogan, similar but no cash.. Gardner of course and Judas Tuton. The point is, without backing and risk taking we wouldn't have had the financial cushion to eat into. We only spent the money because we had made good decisions to acquire it in the first place. How many other small, no hope non league clubs can claim the same track record? Let's not underestimate what got us to a point of financial stability that stands out
  9. Totally agree, it feels cheeky. A single pricing structure would be very welcome. I think the streaming figures I have seen so far have been disappointing. I think we should be doing more to encourage people to commit.
  10. Sorted, just donated £20 to the supporters club as I am not going to stream this one. Will be a tenner all other games.
  11. More a question for me of does he go up the league as a manager. He is different to the likes of Wild in that his success relates to subsidy. That might put more serious teams off perhaps? It's on a par with Weaver, I wouldn't see clubs rushing to poach him, they probably couldn't afford him!
  12. I do remember that spate of acid attacks in the Isthmian League.....
  13. Good idea, good we set a target by 2.55 tomorrow? Nice two fingered salute to hobbyist utd fc. I'm in for 20 regardless of the result.
  14. I wonder what his next job will be?
  15. I join the won't be watching brigade on this one. No desire to put a penny in the pockets of the pretend outfit. In contrast, will probably every available other game throughout the season as I never dither when it comes to supporting our club.
  16. You can smell the money in that Stockport team, but again Wild's mob are full of grit and at the same time have created the best chances. County are far better than Daggers based on that 45. This one could go either way.
  17. That's where I pick out 'gritty'. I don't expect many, teams to be as flimsy as the daggers tbf
  18. I think the use of the word 'gritty' was a good choice. But next to that more composure from midfield. On the whole decent distribution from the back. I dare say that a full strength, tuned-in forward line might have bagged us another couple, although the late replacements gave a decent account of themselves. There is a bit of me that thinks the Daggers looked a little half arsed not quite up for the fight. Although they did have 2 or 3 very decent players, I did expect rather more from them. Our risk will always be the size of our squad which will require decent luck on the injury fro
  19. It was to simulate a toilet break. Zero buffering for me, via xbox into a big screen projector
  20. I think your proving the point again, you don't get what's wrong with condoning something that's a racist action. No point arguing it with because it really does either confirm you have a racist standpoint or that the significance of what you are saying just goes over your head. I do find offensive those suggestions that in some way diminish the feeling or impact that institutional racism creates. Far more so than Erik, or whoever, exchanging comedy insults with his mate. I don't think there is a place for racism, simple.
  21. I found the racist family more of issue, but that was argued away and I know they will be back as soon as we lose or draw. On that one, not realising they were racist seemed to be the excuse. Not sure that stands up.
  22. Do you think we would be? Tend to think it's the least of our worries.
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