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  1. 2 hours ago, Grayski said:

    Some people won't like this comment, and I'm not sure if anyone has thought similar however I've been trying to think outside the box.

    Could some of the offensive racist language on the tweets etc of been posted by BAME under a different alias in a way of rising tensions further?

    Was just a thought.....

    You can of course speculate that without any specific evidence, but I dont think the UK is so short on racists that it needs rogue BAME catalysts to get the hate flowing.

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  2. To be fair, Chesterfield are probably the value bet in there.   8/1 I think and for the first time in ages they seem to have made a reasonable decision on the manager front. I bet they have put all of their loans on that one, which is probably why they took them out.  Stockport, like all bankrolled teams, lack the heart and the club is just not stable as it burns money in the desperate scramble for promotion.  Stability and success in football are often linked. I expect it to all end in tears at Edgeley Park.

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  3. 51 minutes ago, riccardo259 said:

    One thing I find interesting about the table this season is that all the teams in the play offs are what you would traditionally call ‘big’ clubs at this level, with a history of league experience. The only exception being Sutton sitting in first. I feel like I’m the past few seasons it hasn’t been weighted like that so much, with many more ‘smaller’ (and bankrolled) clubs making up the spots - Harrogate, FGR, Salford, Boreham Wood, etc.

    Yes it is a sign of the current times I suppose, we do have a lot of teams in this league who are bigger than quite a few league 2 teams. I also keep wondering if there is there any link with a plastic pitch and league position, Harrogate last year, Sutton this year?  I know Bromley have one too, so it doesn't follow that it equals a promotion place.  Sutton haven't lost at home for a while and that gives you momentum.  Either way, if Sutton do stay the course, they won't last two minutes in the league and probably will land back down in Conference South within the next 5 years or so.  It is slightly embarrassing that they might go up.

    Back to us though, if we are at full strength, or close to that, for remainder of the season, then we should make the play offs. Again, if we go into the play offs at full strength, we will be a tricky team to beat and nobody will be wanting to play against us this time.  If we won the play offs, which is only a distant dream at this point, being realistic we would need a hell of  a refit to compete in league 2.






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  4. 6 minutes ago, Steve Lanzarote said:

    That´s it you´ll never get a day off again.😆

    Found that out already, my job list is quite long.....moving to my place in South West France when the moment is right, motorbike tours of the Pyrenees beckon (if I can get a quiet minute).  OK, I am not being realistic about that last bit am I?

  5. 7 minutes ago, Wilder Bollox said:

    Today has a Saturday feel for some strange reason, I've got to remember when I go to bed that tomorrow is Tuesday and I need to be up with the dawn chorus

    I started my very early retirement on Friday, I have to remember not to get up!


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  6. 6 minutes ago, townmad said:

    BTM is not joking he has been calling for his sacking most of the season. It would be interesting who he thinks we should appoint in place of him. B:doh:

    But even then I assumed he was just playing it for laughs?? I suppose only BTM can confirm. Either way he keeps paying his money, which suggests (like doe most of us) he does need professional help....

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  7. 3 hours ago, Wilder Bollox said:

    I can honestly say that I haven't got the foggiest who Stephen Woods was and don't remember playing against that Matlock lineup

    I was going to say the same thing exactly.  I remember Mallon playing for Matlock, that's about it. Always interesting to see a Town line up with Vardy, Gregory and younger Hogan in it.  Odd touch of quality there

  8. 12 minutes ago, ITMAN said:

    This should cheer you up, calm you down. Table minus Dover games after yesterday. All is not lost, our future is in our own hands if we still aspire to remain in the Play Off places.


    Teams just above us, Stockport and Wrexham, we have to play yet plus teams below us we also have to play.


    What's the story with Sutton. Just got lucky?  Not exactly a potential laden club, am assuming they aren't bank rolled.  

  9. Similar to my football knowledge, I don't know much about rugby league and didn't realise that Halifax RLFC were now called the Panthers, that must feel slightly embarrassing.  What would our franchise sport name be?

    Anyhow, is this defeat a bad result?  Are Batley equivalent to a Guiseley or a Brighouse or something?  Seriously I don't know.


  10. Just now, Hoddie said:

    If they were still at Thrum Hall there wouldn't be a problem. 

    I used to like going up there on a Sunday afternoon after a couple of pints, I didn't really get passionate about  the sport but liked being there.  I don't recognise the game now, its probably a lot better in technical terms but it does seem to have lost its soul a bit.

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  11. 12 hours ago, percy shaw said:

    What's your problem with Crane?

    Young lad who needs nurturing not dismissing like you seem to thrive on.

    I remember I had an uncle when I was growing up who was an expert in everything, his trade was a bin lorry driver, which is fine, but he wasn't really that experienced in anything he claimed to be expert about.  He once told us about the time he interjected in a training session outside Elland Road where he suggested the use of a tennis ball in place of a football to develop close control skills. Revie listened and LUFC were transformed.  We all called him Big Brains. I think people like that exist to keep the rest of us amused but we all accept that we don't consider their advice and insight particularly reliable.

  12. Just now, Steve Lanzarote said:

    He´s one player I find difficult to remember, some stand out like say Brooks others don´t.

    You get a real mixture, I remember some nightmares, but yes Brooks did stand out. I remember Marc Richards being with us in the Alan Little era and thinking how awful that lad was, he went on to have  a long career with a good goal return across the lower leagues.  With some players, its too early to tell what happens next for them.

  13. 1 hour ago, greygoose said:

    Torquay will be paying his wages no doubt as Chesterfield would have just left him on furlough if that wasn,t the case.

    Saying that, there are company's up and down the country taking full advantage of the furlough system whilst still having workers in, already estimated to have cost the taxpayer £3billion. There simply isn't the manpower to monitor it and sadly most of them will get away with no questions asked.

    The £3.5 billion is an assumption built into the planning based on the existing 'tax gap', it could range between 1.7 and 3.5 based on that assumption.  The system relies on trust, just like the tax system in normal times.   Like normal times, some people will be caught and some will get away with it.   It is impossible to control and that's not to do with resources really, its just too vast and its to do with some people thinking they are entitled to steal from the public purse whenever the opportunity arises. And all at a time when we are offering NHS staff an insulting pay increase.  


  14. 12 hours ago, andrich said:

    Highlights of yesterday’s game show Byrne’s clearance. https://www.thenationalleague.org.uk/match-info/match-centre/1-6405570

    What a clearance. I love the shout of 'Get in' as it was hit and then it was fished back out again before that utterly rubbish attempt to bag the rebound. It's a relief when these sort of games go in your favour, dead cat bounce is always dangerous.  Teams will come here to stop us playing, that is very much the point of football, so it's hard to be shocked when a team desperate for a win come at you.   

    All that said, it's nice to see pretend clubs like Solihull losing, whatever the circumstances.   They should put all the teams like that together in a mini league, Borehamwood, Fleetwood, Salford etc and the winners could go on to get free entry into the  Watney Cup.   It would be like the Scottish Premier.

    I was also just wondering, after that performance are we back to sacking Wild? I can't follow it because I don't read it (why would you?)


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