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  1. 4 hours ago, Redcard said:

    They say the league table doesn’t lie . . . well, it does this season. We are sixth, but could be about 16th when other teams play games in hand. We’ve been hit by injuries and struggle for consistency and always have excuses with bad results. The fact is we are bang average for this division. We won’t go down, and we won’t make the play offs, never mind win them. Not saying there is anything wrong with that, with our revenue and living within our means, a promotion season is about a 50 to 1 chance.

    It's a strange season and this league is tighter than any I have seen. Anything could happen and we are still in the mix. On our day we would beat anybody in this league. A bit of luck in the injury front would go a long way. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, Papa Lazarou said:

    Not happening 

    I think that this type of insight tells me you are actually David Bosomworth. I have thought this for some time, consider yourself outed big Dave. 

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  3. 1 minute ago, Greggs said:

    No doubt money limits what we can do. However you can't tell me we only had the money to have 2 frontline strikers at the start of the season? I'm not saying that Wild's not a decent manager however not having more than 2 strikers has meant we are now heavily reliant on loan strikers. 

    Being able to sort that lies very much with Wild at this point as he did short side himself at the start. As you say we only have limited funds so why then have we gone 3 months so far paying a weekly wage to Nouble Lazurus. Why is he still here? 

    Why is Tear still picking up a wage when it's clear he isn't in the managers plans. 

    We have made some cracking signings this summer but it's gone hand in hand with some dead wood. Which at this point really needs to be cleared out. 

    Nouble Lazurus for one doesn't even show up on the post teamsheet injury reports anymore. 

    To be fair, I imagine those two lads are on peanuts. They wouldn't buy us a striker and they are punts at best. What did interest me is that wild said we couldn't afford nepo or gold pre season, we must have looked. Neither seems up there with the quality of our better players. Wild has got a good balance in his squad and generally decent quality, it's not perfect but he has most of it right. 

  4. That was a close game. Alty looked nice but were a little lightweight when it really counted. Their keeper was part of the difference, just not even at the races for the two goals from open play, from those distances you would expect more, even at this level. Penalties given not given,it levels out, remember Sutton?! Who cares, refs make mistakes, always will. 

    There is a bit of a reality check to be had. Since 1977, when I first walked through the turnstyles, we have lacked depth in most positions. Not everybody spots that, they think it's just about strikers. Not surprisingly it all links to the amount of money you have as a club, that's what limits us year on year. Today our forwards are injured, tomorrow it could be a midfield engine. We are always at risk of falling short in any position with a small squad, nothing new there. The quality of loan signings are key and so is a bit of luck. Same for 60% of the teams in this league. 

    In all of this our best asset is a good manager who can make something out of nothing. There are some who would have sacked ours several times already. Truth is, as long as we have Wild we have a chance. Reality is, he will get a better offer at some point. 

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  5. 2 hours ago, LeedsShaymen said:

    Still prefer Jonny Hedge personally but then he’s gone on to achieve little since he left the Shaymen. Not a lot wrong with Johnson, remember he’s in this league for a reason and for me as good as they come in this league

    Hedge was a good lad but to be fair he is a long way behind Sam. Hard not to like him but let's not lose sight of the different levels we are playing at here. 

  6. 8 minutes ago, Ash said:

    I don’t get the comments towards Johnson. He’s the best keeper in the league...end of!

    He saves us stacks of points every season and costs us hardly any!

    I suppose the point is Ashley that you do have to take into account who is leading the charge on the comments front.... 

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  7. I think the tier system is based, in some instances, on incomplete data. Those suburban southern enclaves are not really safer than anywhere else. But that's a separate debate. 

    As for us, I suspect we too would fail to observe the rules. Overall it is sad, the Shay is my church, nothing else feels like being there. 

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  8. 1 minute ago, ITMAN said:

    I had the same problem along with physics. Amazing how far you can go in life with only 3 O-Levels and no A stars....

    Don't even talk to me about physics, but I agree, it didn't hold me back one bit. Strangely I ended up using French and now to some, not those who know, I appear fluent. Not sure how that happened. 

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