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  1. 1 hour ago, Hoddie said:

    That does surprise me - we did almost everything you can think of - tennis, badminton, javelin, discuss, shot putt, sprinting, hurdles, rugby union, touch rugby, cross country running, long-distance running, rope climbing, fives, cricket, basketball, squash, field hockey, gymnastics, circuits, swimming, long jump, high jump (apparently the highlight of the year for some lads who would giggle profusely at seeing girls in their gym knickers), even orienteering and on very rare occasions, football. And for some unknown reason the sports teachers used to take us for barn dancing as well. Fleming could barely get into his office because of all the equipment he had stashed in there, and there was a great big wooden hut just outside the music block full of stuff as well.

    I remember they spent a fortune bringing the swimming pool back into use, only for the ceiling to cave in and destroy it all. Took a few years but they repaired it while my cousin was there, but I understand it is again no longer used.

    At one point Fleming fell ill and missed a lot of the year, and they brought in this real creep to teach us sports - he took a really weird interest in one lad in particular, arms around his shoulders constantly, always looking at him, using him to demonstrate stuff (with hands all over him), stuff like that. Thinking back he was clearly smitten with the poor lad and was unable to hide it, but at the time it was just seriously creepy and weird, this adult slobbering all over a teenage boy. Well, it's still creepy. I think someone must have complained because he disappeared and other teachers filled in as best they could, which is when we usually ended up playing football.

    Crossley Heath suffered a bit with teachers perving while I was there - the IT teacher towards the end of my time there got into bother after being caught more than once with different girls. There were rumours about a couple of others too, though maybe that's all they were.

    The previous games teacher left his wife to be with one of the girls in the upper sixth. 

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Hoddie said:

    Was this Heath or Crossley & Porter? Never knew if Fleming came up from Heath or was already there. I was a massive disappointment to him :) My brother was an all-round sportsman, good at rugby, cricket and athletics, broke some records while he was there. I was the complete opposite, useless at everything. My best sport was, believe it or not, basketball, but my favourite was fives.

    It was Crossleys pre merger, don't think Fleming came from Heath. I loved fives but I think they knocked the court down, which seems a big shame. 

  3. 13 hours ago, Hoddie said:

    It was the same at Crossley-Heath. Mr Fleming wouldn't entertain anything on the moor except running, rugby union and on a couple of occasions whilst I was there, field hockey. Whenever he was on holiday though, and Mr Fielding took over, it was always soccer - no exceptions. The school had remarkable success with sports, particularly rugby union, often reaching the later stages of competitions alongside strong, southern schools, usually public schools. I can understand their reluctance to leave it behind. Assume it's still the same nowadays, even though it's now a language school?

    We did actually persuade them to let us a run a football team at one point but we only had a few friendly games. Fleming didn't get anywhere near, the 'coach' was a maths teacher. This earlier than you Hoddie, around 77 up to 83. Gilly played in goals for us, am sure Skakey will have something to say about that! 

  4. It's basically that thing about.. You can please some of the people all of the time etc. I once had a friend who complained about getting too many blow jobs, he is the only person I ever remember saying it but it was still his opinion. 

  5. This is a hard one, football hasn't felt that important at times over the last six months. Over the next six that might be the same and quite possibly more so. It's simple, do what you can afford, nobody should expect to be slagged off for not having enough brass in times like these. 

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  6. 2 hours ago, ITMAN said:

    Shows how much I know about betting then....still I suppose I will stick a fiver on.

    Betting is essentially abou losing money to criminals, you should bet at least a thousand and also use terms like 16s. Do you want to come to the bingo with me? 

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  7. Notts County without the parachute payment... I expect they might do a Wrexham and be one of those who end up with a new manager early doors.  Stockport have the cash but not the manager. Something points me to Hartlepool as the team to watch. Yeovil are naturally non league because they are an outpost of football. Borehamwood will hopefully go bust and end up in the Isthmian league where they belong, no place for teams like that in proper football.  Chesterfield need to go bust, it's a broken club. Solihull need some fans, although that didn't stop Harrogate. Daggers?? WTF? We need to ask TJ why they are being taken seriously, am sure he will have the SP on the whole of their team. 

  8. On 8/7/2020 at 12:30 PM, Erik Everhard said:

    If you need to say anything else say it in person........ on your own. 

    Erik, its not like you to get sucked in to disputes. You ok lad? 

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  9. 9 hours ago, Wilder Bollox said:

    Are we still believing that attended football will make an uninterrupted return on 3rd October ? I'm not bothered who we sign but I'm not rushing to pay to not watch them

    Same challenge for me WB re the need to get behind the club we love. There is a bit of me that expects cash we put in now through tickets is more like a donation. Covid restrictions are likely to come and go well into next spring. 

    I almost wonder if we go into the Flea and ITman suggested route of a supporters subscription. 10 to 20 pound per month donation under the banner of 'STID - sticking together'. A thousand of us doing that for 7 or 8 months, funding behind closed doors games. Donations would be better than buying live streams from a tax perspective. All games could be free to air via youtube if the donation scheme grew legs.

    We, and every other small club, need to get real around the possibility of live football just not being viable and find a way now to keep the engines running. 

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  10. It sums up football that the oldest professional club in the world have a play off game against a team who's ground capacity is lower than County's average attendance. That only happens because Notts are the epitomy of a mismanaged football club. Years of clown like behaviour have got them here. They should win of course but they are a team of overpaid journeymen versus a team of overpaid non leaguers.   It will be tight,  and it will be a sad day for the league if Harrogate pull it off. The least followed hobbyist club of league history. They would make teams like  Crawley and Forest Green look big. 

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  11. I was at Tamworth and Alsager, I was just glad we existed in some form or other. I also remember Alfreton and Gemmo eating pie and chips before the game. However, I paid around 60 quid towards this play off lark and now want a refund dating back to the days of Dorryl Proffitt, bloody garbage town. 

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  12. 9 hours ago, ITMAN said:

    Just a shame we have to have Stevenage back, as they do not hold out the promise of a big pay day. We will be lucky if they bring 100 to the Shay.

    York or Chester hold out the promise of more. If we can keep Notts County  and Yeovil down for another season, that will help, and if we have a resurgent Stockport we would have a good show from them as well. 

    Its getting to the point where half the National League are actually proper teams. Would be ideal to lose a hobbyist club this time around. 

  13. 7 hours ago, ashy1966 said:

    What a vile human being you are. You cannot help yourself with your constant jibes at me & my son. 

    You calling me a racist. Prove it!!!! 

    Read your own posts and those of your lad, you don't seem to get it. The assertions you made were either completely thoughtless, which is possible, or your ideas are simply 20 years out of date. To try and create a link between an act of terrorism and the questionable actions of an EDL type was quite offensive. To suggest that a terrorist incident was buried in news perhaps says most about the news sources you choose. I'm still reading about the Reading deaths, it remains prominent in a range of news sources. Think for a moment what the world is actually like for some folk based on skin colour and where your head is on the question of racism.  I don't understand how you can't grasp that the events in America are a symbolic moment that brings to the fore how institutional racism is a crippling aspect of many lives. 

    You don't know me by the way, vile no, principled yes.  Speak to somebody who knows me, I doubt you will find ditractors. Also reflect (seriously think about it) on the statements you  have made here and elsewhere. 

    Bottom line, you can spout tripe all day long about football. However, when it comes to more significant aspects of life, perhaps think a moment before you type. 

  14. 6 minutes ago, neilstewart said:

    So what you are saying is that anyone who isn’t employed ( or hasn’t ever been) as a football manager can’t have an opinion about football or footballers because It’s not their level of expertise. Better close down this forum then.

    No, not at all, am saying that the lads with the least amount upstairs constantly seem to know the best.  Bit of reasoned, informed debate on the other hand is a pretty useful aspect of a forum. 

  15. 8 hours ago, Greggs said:

    And before anyone has a go. That was totally unprovoked. I merely had an opinion. 

    Which is exactly why its OK to resort to abusive langauge and suggest somebody throws them self in front of a moving vehicle. Mmmm, let me mull that one over, could be just that on a general level you can't control that temper. 

    Here's the thing sunshine, you always know better, bit like the dim-witted racist father and son combo. Truth is, you have no real grasp of the complexities, personalities or choices that any 'incapable' , full time football manager (who gets paid) has to deal with in any situation that you choose to simplify. There may be some situations in life where you know better than others but football and personal conduct are not them. 

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